Police Brutality Calls for Total Overhaul of Towns Police

After a New Year’s party ends in a black citizen being forced to the ground and tased, members of the majority white town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, are speaking up against the police of the town, calling for a total overhaul of the police force.

The Town of Yellow Springs, Ohio

The Town of Yellow Springs, Ohio

On New Year’s eve the residents of the small town of Yellow Springs gathered in the streets to watch as a disco ball was dropped to the pavement, Something that the residents of this town have been doing for years. Just after midnight the police started to break up the crowd, something that they usually waited around 45 minutes to do. They did this by driving their cruisers through the crowd, lights flashing and horns buzzing. Tensions grew and several residents approached the officers to ask what they were doing. One individual was said to be drunk and disorderly, slamming his fists on the police cruiser, a claim that his lawyer says is not true. After being asked to step back officers tackled the man to the ground, after he got up and tried to run away officers tried to taze him with multiple civilians stepping in the way in order to block the taser. After this there were many different viewpoints of why the incident occurred, with the white members of community blaming it on just the fact that there was no connection from police to the people and minorities claiming that it was a racial incident, either way both parties are calling for the same thing, a big change in the town’s police.

Since this happened proposals for dealing with the situation range from replacing officers with social workers to providing subsidies to officers who come from the town, as many of them are not from the area. As a result the town has appointed one of their officers as the chief until a permanent replacement can be found.

The HBC’s Plans For the Budget and Why It’s Harmful to the Future of America

Congress recently released what they want the federal budget to be for the next 10 years. With the U.S. approaching nearly $20 trillion dollars in debt, Congress is doing everything it can to try to balance the budget and reduce this burden of debt as fast as possible. The budget deficit of Fiscal Year 2016 was $587 billion. This year it is set to be around $443 billion and be exactly the same for 2020 and not balance it until 2026. This plan would accumulate more debt than we have accumulated in the past 8 years. This is only if we follow the same tax plan as we have followed under Obama and Trump plans to cut taxes for everyone – so this will most likely be much, much worse. The three things the U.S. government spent the most on in 2016 are healthcare, Social Security and Unemployment Benefits, and the military which add up to 76% of the budget. You would think the HBC would want to start making cuts to these or try and find out how to carry out these programs in in cheaper, yet still efficient way. But no, they do not. $120 billion is added to military, no changes to Social Security are made to try and control the increased spending every year, and Medicaid spending is cut slightly while Medicare spending is still being allowed to expand every year with no changes to the program. Major cuts however are made to education (2% of the budget), public broadcasting (> 1% of the budget), and agriculture (3% of the budget).

The purple is where US troops are stationed

The purple is where US troops are stationed.

There are countless ways to balance the budget in faster and more efficient ways. In 2016 the US spent more on military than the next seven countries behind us combined. The next country behind us, China spent $155.6 billion dollars on military last year, just a little more than 1/4th of our $585 billion dollars spent. Adding $120 billion to this will make us spend more than the next 10 countries combined. Some might say that this is necessary for defense against terrorism. They should see where our troops are stationed. The US has troops stationed in six out of seven continents on the globe and in 74 countries. We could put more troops in the Middle East and still fight terrorism more than we need to and still cut military spending almost in half. We even spend $5.9 billion dollars a year paying for the military of other countries.

The US also spends the most in the world on healthcare. This might come as a surprise to you, considering the US does not have universal healthcare like many other countries in the world. I’m sure the first thing that just popped into your head is, “Well our population is higher than those countries”. That is a natural thing to think and would be a good argument if it made a difference. The US federal healthcare spending is 17.7% of our overall GDP and 9% of the US is uninsured. The next country behind us, The Netherlands’ federal healthcare spending is 11.9% of their GDP and has universal healthcare. Many politicians say that to solve these problems we should build on Medicaid. The US has the second longest waiting time in the world for healthcare (behind Canada), we spend the most in the world on healthcare by far and we have 9% uninsured. So why are we looking to continue this? Many politicians would say it’s because starting from scratch will be hard to do. But building on a clearly failing system will not be easy either. Switzerland has achieved universal healthcare through giving tax breaks for those who cannot afford healthcare and subsidizing it for those who still cannot afford it rather than making an entire government run healthcare program. Their spending on healthcare is 11% of their GDP (7th highest in world) and their life expectancy for average citizens there is 82.8 years as opposed to our 78.7 years. A 2015 Euro health consumer index survey rated Switzerland’s system as the second best in the world (after The Netherlands). The US can follow this system and save a lot of money while still having very high quality insurance. While making cuts to Social Security is not wanted by most people and is immoral, we can stop the growth of Social Security spending by raising the retirement age from 62 to 66 or higher. Critics of raising the retirement age would say its not right to give people a longer working life and take less time away from their retirement. If Social Security is going insolvent soon, then it is better for this generation to get less than for every generation 20 years from now to get none.

If the US were to do all outlined above and raise individual income taxes on the upper middle class and up, balancing the budget would be no problem. Cutting taxes when $19 trillion dollars in debt is plain irresponsible. This is not fiscally conservative. Cutting back on education spending is going to do little to nothing to reduce the deficit and will be harmful for America’s children. The HBC needs to cut back on what we actually spend excessively on and possibly reinstate PART (Program Rating Assessment Tool) in order to get rid of waste and balance the budget. While private citizens have no say in the budget we can vote in people who can vote on the budget. Our next chance is in 2018; vote safely and smartly.

America’s Cutest Competition

One of the greatest highlights of Super Bowl Sunday is putting everyone’s differences aside, gathering in front of the TV, and watching a bunch of puppies run around a tiny football field. While some may enjoy watching actual humans play football, others choose to watch the canine version, known as the Puppy Bowl. The Puppy Bowl began in 2005 and was originally conceived to be like the Yule Log, filming puppies playing around with dog toys in a small football field for twelve straight hours. However, the program garnered an unexpected 5.8 million viewers. Since then, the Puppy Bowl went from a simple program to a full-on annual event, and went through many changes. For example, the Puppy Bowl is still aired on Animal Planet for twelve hours, but much of that time is spent on the pregame or on replaying the Bowl. It is initially aired from 3 to 5 p.m. so that it does not conflict with the Super Bowl. Many new features have been added throughout the years, such as the Kitten Halftime Show, a Dairy Queen-sponsored Kiss Cam, animal cheerleaders (such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and chickens), a live-tweeting bird named Meep, and competition between Teams Ruff and Fluff, which has been in place for three years so far. It is also sponsored by many companies, from Geico to Subaru to Pedigree. The Bowl is pre-recorded three months in advance and shot for two full days, so what viewers see on television is only the best of what happened during the shoot. Nowadays, the event often gets over ten million viewers each year and is one of Animal Planet’s most-watched events.

Teams Ruff and Fluff compete in the Puppy Bowl XIII.

This year, the Puppy Bowl made significant history in many ways. Team Fluff ended Team Ruff’s two-year winning streak, beating them for the first time with an unprecedented ninety-three points. Tucker, an Australian Shepherd mix and the captain of Team Fluff, took home the Lombarky Trophy, one of the many new additions of this year’s Bowl. Some other new features included mascots for each of the teams (a screech owl for Ruff and a chinchilla for Fluff) and the inclusion of three dogs with special needs: Winston, a hearing and sight impaired Australian Shepherd; Doobert, a deaf English Pointer; and Lucky, a three-legged terrier who was also the recipient of the Underdog Award. A Cocker Spaniel/Bichon Frise mix named Nikita also made history by becoming the first dog to use the referee’s flag to score a touchdown, and she also scored two other touchdowns and one field goal. She was a strong contender for MVP (Most Valuable Pup), yet lost to a Poodle mix named Rory who scored three touchdowns early on in the game.

All of the puppies that participate in the Puppy Bowl are living in either shelters or foster homes and are seeking a “forever home.” The ultimate goal is to get all of the participating puppies adopted every year, and oftentimes this goal has been achieved. This year, Animal Planet has brought attention to dogs with special needs, reminding viewers that they are no less worthy of adoption than their able-bodied peers. Although most of the dogs who compete have already been adopted before the Bowl airs, people can still adopt their siblings if they are still available for adoption. But overall, adopting any puppy from a shelter is important. When Animal Planet puts adorable, adoptable puppies on the small screen, it raises awareness of animal adoption and prompts people to adopt dogs in need of a loving home.

A Final Word From Your Editors

The newspaper editors would like to thank all of our readers and participants this past semester. This year we were able revolutionize our consistency in posting articles as well as cover a much wider variety of topics. We had articles about reviews, satire, world news, music, along with political and moral issues. Words cannot express our appreciation to our staff with their eagerness to cover relevant issues. This, along with our readers constantly supplying positive feedback and taking part in our polls made the Village School Newspaper more interactive than it ever has been in the past. We hope you all enjoyed our content as much as we did providing it.

Once again, thank you everyone for an amazing year.

Don’t Press that Button!

imagesHave you ever stopped to notice the button that you can push before you cross the street? Nearly everyone at one point or another has attempted to press these buttons to cross the street, and most likely have been frustrated. Here’s where the frustration comes from:

In the book, The Works, by Kate Ascher, which was published in 2005, Ascher states that more than ¾ of NYC’s sidewalk buttons are reported as not working. The buttons were originally intended to speed things up. But, as more and more people flooded into the city that never sleeps, there was more and more traffic. This makes the buttons inefficient. But now, the buttons serve no purpose and actually slow things down because people tend to get frustrated. This can cause jaywalking, which causes accidents. Accidents slow things down. The reason that the city just doesn’t remove them is because it would cost taxpayers a fortune to do so. 

What will you do when you see a crosswalk button? Will you press it? Or will you ignore it? 

A Brief Peek Into the Story of Vince Staples

To perfectly picture and encapsulate the message of the man named Vince Staples is a task that can easily be perceived as overwhelming. 22 years breathing, his demeanor commands respect due to his ability to articulate his intuition creatively.

Vince was born on July 2, 1993 in Long Beach, California. Vince has often voiced his love for his hometown and depicts it as the laid back ghetto, being as it is not as wild as Compton but still maintains the qualifications of the hood. This being said, Vince has made an active effort to make sure the culture of violence and drugs is not glorified, as artists like Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar do similarly.30bedd30

Vince had never imagined himself to be an artist of any sorts in the past. As a child, his only concern was enjoying his environment. He became a crip affiliate and eventually dropped out of high school. In his earlier years, Vince describes his lifestyle as enjoyable, as it provided a sense of community and it was standard for the resident colored men of Long Beach. It wasn’t until the summer of 2006 that Vince saw the lifestyle rear up its ugly head. As friends began to pass away and the violence became more commonplace, Staples saw the culture as it really was. However, he did not let the realization of such harsh reality curb his loyalty. To this day, Vince voices his allegiance to the set but also makes a point of stating that the lifestyle is not one to desire.

As time began pass, Vince had no idea as to what he should do with himself. He found he had no specific ambitions and as a result began to experiment with different hobbies. A friend that would later become his manager suggested rap, and after realizing his natural affinity for the craft and a constant urging by fans, Vince took the ball and ran with it.hypebeast-tv-vince-staples-in-disneyland-000

Due to manager’s reputation in the hip-hop world, it was not difficult for Vince to find fellow artists to work with. He started out with features on tracks with Odd Future and eventually spread his name throughout the world of rap, working with Artists like Common, Future, and Mac Miller along with producers such as No ID.

Vince uses the platform he has as a rapper to tell stories about his experiences as well as speak through his own perspective. He released his debut album Summertime ‘06 to critical acclaim on June 30 of 2015.

Vince Staples’ artistry has only started to blossom. His unique and mature view of his surroundings will continue to propel him to greater heights.

How to Survive High School as a Hot Mess

High school is hard enough as it for most students: Homework, stress, SAT, more stress, making friends, did I mention stress? And these examples are only a portion of the troubles students face. Now, take that student and add an expert level of procrastination, very believable excuses, a severe case of forgetfulness, little to no sleep, poor hand-eye coordination, overcompensation, the occasional mental breakdown, word vomit, a coffee addiction, a wardrobe that consists of 90% sweatpants/pajama pants, and a messy bun or hat to cover up theHot mess fact that they woke up 5 minutes before the bus.

If you are reading this and can relate to at least 4 of the 10 things listed, congratulations, you’re a hot mess. Now don’t freak out, while it may not be curable, it isn’t a death sentence. You can live your life and to make things easier for you, I’m going to give you a few pointers on how to survive high school as a hot mess.

Tip #1: Picking out your outfit.

  • Yes I know, the majority of your wardrobe is sweatpants, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stressful to pick an outfit. You may be a mess and really lazy, but you aren’t a slob, so at least have an outfit that matches. That leads us to my first piece of advice: always wear a black shirt. Black matches with almost everything and it’s easy to throw on while you’re simultaneously brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, eating breakfast and running to catch your bus.

Tip #2: Sleeping Habits and Coffee Addictions.

  • If you’re like me, you spend more time on Netflix and YouTube than you spend starbucks-confessionalsleeping. (Who needs sleep when you can binge watch Grey’s Anatomy?) Sleeping at night is for the weak. After all, that’s why we have coffee. Coffee is what gives a hot mess life; it makes it so we can function slightly more like a human instead of a zombie. If you’re reading this and coffee isn’t your best friend, I suggest you make a few adjustments to that friend group. On the other hand, if you’re reading this and you have a Starbucks gold card, I can bet you that I’ve spent more money there in the last month than you did in the last year.


Tip #3: Procrastination and Excuses.

  • *Disclaimer: I would’ve spent more time writing this tip, but I completely forgot. I had a really important thing (Netflix) to do last night, and I was running around all morning (woke up five minutes ago), and didn’t have time to do it. 😉 

Tip #4: Forgetfulness.

  • Everyone forgets things every once in a while, hot messes are just more prone to catch a case of forgetfulness. Here is some stuff I do in the morning to remember what I need to do: 1) If you need to remember something put it on top of something you never leave the house without. That way, when you run around your house looking for it, you’ll also find your visual to- do list for the day. 2) Set as many alarms as possible. It’ll annoy you to the point that you want to throw your phone at the wall, but at least you’ll remember what you need. This may vary considering I still sleep through 10 of my 15 alarms in the morning but hey, it may work for you. 3) I forgot this step, but that means it probably wasn’t important.

Tip #5: Breakdowns.

  • As much as we don’t want to experience breakdowns, it’s bound to inevitably happen to you more than you might want to admit. Some of the time you can’t help them and other times they are preventable or not necessary. So calm down, yes it’s okay to have them every so often but if you’re going to freak out over small things it’s going to help no one. Distract yourself from the problem: Talk to someone, read a book, binge Netflix, go for a run, and if all else fails go home and stuff your face with chocolate because chocolate fixes everything.

Tip #6: Be yourself!

  • Last but not least, be yourself not what others want you to be! Don’t let labels define who you are, so what you’re a hot mess? In the end it’s just a word, if-im-going-to-be-a-mess-i-might-as-well-be-a-hot-mess-quote-1you are who you want to be and should embrace it. If someone is going to judge you for the way you look and act, they don’t deserve your time or stress. Being a hot mess isn’t a bad thing, it’s just another thing that makes you who you are. So go ahead, rock those sweatpants, throw your hair up in that messy bun, binge on netflix, have that occasional meltdown, be voted most likely to have a child born addicted to starbuck in your yearbook (….okay that last one may only apply to me but still it’s possible for you too!), and most importantly be yourself!


If you follow these six tips, you’re all set to survive high school. Oh and one last thing, congratulations, you’re a hot mess!

Uber Joins The Race For Driverless Cars!

As of May 20th, Uber has joined the race in utilizing driverless cars in their business. While driverless cars have already been invented, it is still a very new thing and is rarely seen. Now, Uber is going to be one of the first to actually test these driverless cars. Testing will occur on the streets of Pittsburgh, PA. The car, which is a hybrid Ford Fusion, will be collecting mapping data and all while testing its self driving capabilities. Also, self driving cars have the potential to simageave millions of lives. 1.3 million people die every year in car accidents — 94% of those accidents involve human error. “From the first steel mills to the laboratories at Pitt and Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh has a long history of innovation. Now we’re taking another step forward, this time as home to Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center, where some of the world’s leading innovators are helping to shape the future of transportation. We’re excited that Uber has chosen the Steel City as they explore new technologies that can improve people’s lives — through increased road safety, less congestion, and more efficient and smarter cities.” -William Peduto, Mayor of Pittsburgh

Muhammad Ali is Dead


Muhammad Ali with the Beatles.

Muhammad Ali with the Beatles.

Muhammad Ali, a legendary boxer who retired in 1981, died of septic shock on Friday, June 3rd, at the age of 74. Muhammad Ali was a three time world champion heavyweight, and only lost 5 of the 61 fights he participated in during his career. Tragedy struck shortly after his retirement when, in 1984, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome. It is believed that he developed the syndrome, in part, due to head trauma sustained during boxing. Despite this setback, he remained active in the public eye for years after. He endorsed Ronald Reagan in 1984, published an oral history of his life, traveled to Iraq during the Gulf War to negotiate with Saddam Hussein, and lit the flame at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. These notable appearances gradually diminished over time, and halted entirely when he began to confront serious health problems in 2013.

Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., on January 17th, 1942. He began boxing at 12 years old, and 10 years later he became world heavyweight champion after an upset victory over Sonny Liston. He quickly gained a reputation for his endearing bravado and impressive results. In the ring, he was notable for having great reflexes and mobility, especially in comparison to other heavyweights. He constantly moved about, circling his opponent, jabbing, and dancing about to avoid punches; thus it is apropos that his most famous catchphrase would be “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. After defeating Sonny Liston he converted to Islam under the guidance of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the same organization that Malcolm X belonged to before his assassination, who gave him the name for which he is now famous. This, along with his refusal to be drafted into the Vietnam war, antagonized the white political establishment. He became a counterculture icon in the process, but he was arrested and stripped of his boxing titles. Although he appealed successfully in 1971, he had lost 4 peak years of his athletic career. He regained his title in what was certainly the most dramatic, and probably the most famous, boxing match in history dubbed “The Rumble in the Jungle”.
In addition to his impressive professional achievements, he also maintained an active family life. He was married four times and had 9 children, two sons and seven daughters. One of his surviving daughters is now a retired professional boxer herself. Muhammad Ali was a great man and we should all mourn his death.