Village Students exhausted  due to lack of nap-time

Village Students exhausted due to lack of nap-time

By Dustin Schwartz

In the morning, almost every student wants to go back to sleep instead of getting to school. This makes most high schoolers drowsy during the first few class periods. This happens because of lack of sleep. Teenagers tend to go to bed around 11 to even 4 in the morning, sometimes studying for tests or finishing homework because of sport activities after school that send them home late. In all honesty I believe that high school students are up late on the internet, playing video games, or watching television. A few hours of missed sleep a night may not seem like a big deal, but it can create a noticeable sleep deficit over time. Therefore, I feel that Village School should have a period like this, where students can have a thirty to forty minute nap to reenergize. I fact, taking naps in school is an amazing idea that all American schools should adopt. And I’m not just saying that as someone who would benefit from them!

As it stands, when a student is caught for sleeping in class the student then spends the rest of the class period trying to keep themself from falling back asleep instead of listening or understanding anything the teacher is trying to explain. In Japan, a certain school focuses on a nap period. At Meizen High School, there is a designated nap time where teachers dim the lights and put on classical music. The school said it saw a large increase in test scores because of the sleep sessions, and other schools are following suit (The Augusta Chronicle).

In a review entitled, “How Much Sleep Do I Need”, published on, Mary L. Gavin, MD, gave an explanation, “Experts say that during the teen years, the body’s circadian rhythm (sort of like an internal biological clock) is temporarily reset, telling a person to fall asleep later and wake up later. This change might be due to the fact that the brain hormone melatonin is produced later at night for teens than it is for kids and adults. This can make it harder for teens to fall asleep early.”

Do you think naps would be beneficial? Comment below and let me know what you think.

A Human Prosthetic

By Christopher Helms

HandNew advances in prosthesis have resulted in the first prosthetic arm that can actually FEEL!

It works by attaching wires to the major nerves in your remaining arm. After a few weeks, the user can feel real sensations in over 20 places on the hand. Different textures, such as sand paper, become palpable. This robot arm brings another important benefit, it relieves the pain of phantom limbs. Many people who have lost limbs, especially in traumatic ways, feel intense, excruciating pain in the limb that is no longer there. Igor Spetic, one of the first recipients of the new prototype, had his hand crushed under a forging hammer while making an aircraft component.  He experienced extreme pain in a phantom fist, sometimes as intense as when he first lost his hand. Upon receiving his prosthetic, he felt his phantom fist unclench. Now, several months later, he says the phantom pain is more than 95% gone.

Most electronic prosthetics that the user can control depend on reading muscle contractions and electrical impulses, but this is the next advance in the rapidly advancing field of neuroprosthesis. In previous years researchers have been able to have a rat push a lever, have a monkey play a video game, and a quadriplegic patient drink coffee, all using neuroprosthesis. A Neuroprosthetic is controlled by the user thinking about the action that they wish to perform. But there was one major flaw. The user could not feel the object being manipulated. Allowing a patient to feel with an artificial limb is a dramatic breakthrough. Obviously it greatly improves the lives of patients.  And the development possibilities are exciting. Tasks that could not previously be performed by human operators due to extreme conditions could be performed with sensing prosthesis which do not have to communicate the same inputs as your hand, like severe pain, or extreme heat.

Class Profile: Anti-War Literature

Sam Yellis has been teaching a class that has caught the attention of many of our students. This class, Anti War Literature, has been an interesting experience for its students. I decided to find out a little bit more about this class, so I sat down with the man himself to ask him a few questions.

Sam Yellis, instructor of "Anti-War Literature".

Sam Yellis, instructor of “Anti-War Literature”.

James: What is this class all about?

Sam: It’s using books and poems and other forms of literature that have a distinctly anti-war theme that point out the folly of war.

James: What literature have you been examining?

Sam: So far we have been reading “Johnny Got His Gun” by Dalton Trombo and we have used that to Segway into the song “Marching to Waltzing Matilda”

James: Is any of the literature examined fiction?

Sam: Yes, Johnny Got His Gun is a novel.

James: Are there any particular wars you focus on?

Sam: So far World War I, it was a particularly noxious event that has been focused on by a lot of writers. But we will move forward not just into World War II, but Vietnam and our forays into Iraq.

James: What does a typical class look like?

Sam: There are times when we read from books aloud in class and discuss, as well as times where we just discuss various themes.

James: Does it ever get intense?

Sam: It’s always kind of intense… When you hear people singing about getting their legs blown off, it tends to leave an impression. I want it to be intense because I want to impart the idea that war is so intense that it needs to be avoided at all costs.

Sam’s students enjoy the class and actively participate in discussion. Many have strong opinions about the topic, and it becomes an interactive learning experience for everybody. Through this class, Village School students have been enriching their knowledge and understanding of the nature of war.

Student Profile: Eric Bernstein

Interview by Dustin Schwartz

Eric Bernstein was awarded the "Quintessential Student"  Board Award this year.

Eric Bernstein was awarded the “Quintessential Student” Board Award this year.

For this weeks Student Profile, I sat down with Eric to ask him about moving to Long Island and being a student-athlete.

Dustin: When did you start playing baseball?

Eric: When I was about three years old.

D: What position do you play?

E: I play second base or shortstop, depending on the team I’m on.

D: Do you intend to play in college?

E: I would love to play at North Carolina State.

D: What inspired you to pursue baseball?

E: Well my father played in college and he always encouraged me to continue.

D: What are the challenges you face when attending village and playing a sport at north at the same time?

E: Well, one, I do not have a locker to store stuff, and also I dont get news about my team as fast but its worth it, because I love my sport.

D: Did you grow up in Pennsylvania?

E: I did! I grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

D: What was it like moving from Pennsylvania to Long Island?

E: Leaving my old friends was pretty hard, but I made new friends pretty quickly.

D: Why did you move to Long Island?

E: Since my aunt and uncle live here, I heard about Village School and I thought it was a great opportunity for me.

D: What are your thoughts on Great Neck?

E: It’s a lot different from Harrisburg, people are more friendly.

D: How does Village School compare to your old school?

E: Village is really different from all the other schools I’ve been to. We do a lot of work and we sit in classes but still, it doesn’t feel like school- it’s actually

fun and interesting.

Breakfast Foods: More Dangerous Than Anyone Ever Thought

By Jonah Wolmark


This is not a banana.

Some people say that all bagels are safe. Well, they are sadly mistaken! Bagel actually stands for Benign Armadillos Group Everywhere in London, which has no relevance to anything at all. Wait, what was that? I think I heard a fnord! This is bad, really bad. Maybe if I kill two stones with one bird… [incoherent mumbling] No, not incoherent, just too purple. WAY TOO PURPLE! AAAAAUGH GET IT OFF! I’m better. Where was I, now? Ah, yes, that’s right. I was eating all of these sandwiches. Want some? Here, just download them. Just make sure to not get crumbs into your disk drive. Hey, why did the chicken cross the road? Yep! No, that’s not how that went… Ah, music to my elbow! Can you hear it? Me neither. Asdhfhkjlasdfjklsarfgihlsdjkfsfhjf. You wipe that smile off your shirt! It’ll stain. Hub cap hub cap hub cap. I hope there’s lots of spaghetti! No, not spaghetti. More like spaghetti. You must open your heart and mind to accept the squirrel. Or reject it. Or eat it. Mmmmm, fried doorknob. Especially with a side of spice, and rice, and mice, and lice, and nice, and slice, and vice, and pistachios. Pistachios? I was a pistachio once. I died there. That was a fun day. Now, collect up your banana peels, ‘cause we’re going on an adventure! To the mystical lands of over there! In that corner. Not sure why. I like that corner. It’s got weird cylindrical things. And then the horse exploded. But wait, there’s more!


Suffolk County Police Department Scandal: Racial Profiling and Theft

By Jon Roshan

Scott Greene leaves court in Central Islip after an appearance on March 6, 2014

Scott Greene leaves court in Central Islip after an appearance on March 6, 2014

Police officers are meant to be a symbol of protection and are meant to enforce laws. Sergeant Scott A. Greene, from Suffolk County Police Department, has done exactly the opposite. He supposedly has been targeting Latino drivers and stealing their money. An undercover investigator, who is Latino, was driving past Sgt. Greene and when they both reached a red light the officer looked into the undercover investigators car and proceeded to pull him over when the light turned green. Surveillance videos from the investigators car showed Sergeant Greene taking money out of a envelope and proceeding to put the bill in his sleeve. On Friday January 21, he was in handcuffs as he was in court facing charges of petty larceny, and official misconduct. Sergeant Greene is accused of stealing from at least three Latino drivers and more people are stepping forward and are reporting that he has stolen from them as well. Police are checking to see all of the traffic stops that Greene has made to see if there is a pattern of pulling over Latino drivers. For now, this causes many to wonder who is left to trust if we cannot trust those who are sworn to protect us?

2014 Academy Awards

By Eric Bernstein 

The 86th Academy Awards well-known "Selfie" moment

The 86th Academy Awards well-known “Selfie” moment

This past Sunday, the 86th Annual Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, was held in Los Angeles and critics are giving Ellen Degeneres a mixed review. Despite her great opening monologue, the Oscars got off to a very slow start.  It picked up later on with some really great moments such as the giant celebrity filled “selfie” and the delivery of pizza to stars starving in the front rows. Cate Blanchett, who won the award for Best Actress, did something amazing when she praised the other nominees’ performances she managed to compliment each woman in specific, sincere fashion. And then of course, there was the darling of the ceremony, Lupita Nyong’o, who, in her acceptance speech for the Best Supporting Actress for her work in 12 Years a Slave, reminded viewers that there’s a long history behind how she got to that stage- from Nairobi to Yale to Oscar.  Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto were also first time nominees and winners who won over the Academy with their performances in Dallas Buyers Club.

Through the Finish Line Without Pain

By Peter Leonardo

Kayla Montgomery is a runner with M.S

Kayla Montgomery is a runner with M.S

Three years ago, in Winston-Salem, N.C. Kayla Montgomery 18, was diagnosed with M.S. (Multiple-Sclerosis). She has gone on to become one of the fastest young distance runners in the country-one who cannot stay on her feet after crossing the finish line.

Because M.S. blocks nerve signals from Montgomery’s legs to her brain, her body temperture increases and she can move at steady speeds that causes other runners pain she cannot sense. In this way, the symtoms of her disease might actually give her an athletic advantage.

But intense exercise can also triger weakness and instability– when Montgomery goes numb in races, she can continue moving foward as if on autopilot, but any disruption, like stopping, makes her lose control.

Montgomery says,”When I finish it feels like there’s nothing there”. She also said, “I start out feeling normal and then my legs go gradually go numb.I’ve trained myself to think about other things while I race, but when I brake the motion, I can’t control them and I fall.”

A Half- Serious Examination of Scene Queens

By Jared Gomberg

Alert to scene queens: "Of Mice & Men" aren not punk rock.

Alert to scene queens: “Of Mice & Men” aren not punk rock.

I’m sure most of you have met at least one scene queen. If you don’t know what a scene queen is, here’s a definition: scene queen (seen • kween) (n) – One who constantly complains to, annoys and expects sympathy from those who either don’t care, don’t want to get involved, or just anyone they can make feel bad for them.

 Scene kids claim to be “what’s left of the punk scene,” but I doubt it. First of all, there’s still some punk rock out there. Not only that, the punk scene never died. I myself dress punk, like punk rock, etc., but that doesn’t make me “scene”.  No, scene queens don’t even listen to punk rock. Black Veil Brides, Sleeping with Sirens, Of Mice & Men and blessthefall aren’t punk rock. I recall being at the mall, watching three teens, obviously scene due to their glam-style semi-punk look combined with the band t-shirts they were wearing. They looked as if they were trying to look punk, one was sitting on the railing in the food court, and worst of all, they were wearing glamcore band shirts, thinking they were wearing metal/punk/metalcore t-shirts, but glamcore is far from punk rock. They looked like posers.

I don’t hate scene queens, they just annoy me with their constant whining about things like “oh, my life is so hard, my mom didn’t let me go to that ‘Rip my Heart out and Eat it’ concert. I’m gonna go sit and cry because I want someone to feel bad and comfort me.” Please, if you see scene queens, don’t speak to them, they are very sensitive and may or may not be offended and cry.

Don’t be scene.


*Scene queen is not a sexist term, scene queens are both male/female*

Review: NYSC in Great Neck

By Jacob Tal

NYSC is a quality gym with lots of options.

NYSC is a quality gym with lots of options.

The gym I go to is New York Sports Club.They have a lot of equipment and because a lot of people use the treadmill and elliptical machine, many of the machines and weights are free to use. I’ve found that the best time to go to the gym is after school because the weights and other machines are empty and it only gets crowded later in the night. A lot of the adults work out in the morning, probably because they have to go work later on. When I joined, the membership for a student was $20.00 with gym time limited from the time it opened through 4 pm. Unfortunately, that deal is no longer being offered. As of now, a membership costs $60.00 a month. The start up fee is $115. As for the locker room, it’s a safe place to leave your stuff, but the staff made a new rule which states that a lock can’t be left on overnight, so long term storage isn’t possible. There is no pool at the gym, but they do have a sauna.  Group classes like yoga and boxing  are also offered, at no additional charge. Overall, NYSC is a good fit for me and will meet most people’s needs.