How to Art: Art School

Art is a hard field of work to make it big in, so if you have aspirations to become the next Leonardo da Vinci, you’re chances are extremely miniscule. On the other hand, you can always refine your skills in order to pursue that field.

Think about things. Is this something you can do and want to do. You know?

That being said, there are many professions having to do with art. Museum guide, museum curator, museum art preservation, graphic designer, graphic artist, architect, illustrator, fashion designer, gastronomist, art therapy, advertisement, chef, anime artist, manga artists, composer, singer, dancer, actor, writer, playwright, director, interior designer, and many many more.

Whether you’re considering going to art school or not, have a portfolio. At some point you might be asked to show some work and having it ready may save some otherwise missed opportunities. Also, before deciding to attend art school, speak to people who have already been through art school and people with experience if possible. (May or may not be beneficial. I just looked up this stuff, man…..)

Attend art college fairs, apply to art college programs, but during this time, continue to make art. Its easy to loose site of thing, but keeping the passion for art alive can help you remain grounded (again, I just searched for this stuff online….)


And hopefully you’ll be able to make a living.. Just do you or whatever..

Why YKK?



YKK. If you look for it, more often than not, it’s there on you.  If you’re wearing clothes/accessories with zippers and or fastenings, that is.  YKK is the largest zipper producer in the world. It’s actually a Japanese manufacturing group of companies, named after Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushiki gaisha. Which translates to Yoshida Manufacturing Shareholding Company. Yoshida comes from the name of the founder, Tadao Yoshida. Mr. Tadao founded YKK in 1934 in Tokyo.



YKK produces about half of the world’s zippers. Why is YKK everywhere and what makes it so popular? Apparently, the quality of YKK zippers beats out the competition. Tadao personally designed the machines and brought every part of the process of making zippers into his design: smelting its own brass, weaving the dyed cloth and forging the zipper teeth. YKK even makes the boxes they are shipped off in.  YKK handles all aspects of the production process. Dependable quality and delivery, and only a few cents higher than the competition.





A Short Article

Many people are cGraphic-showing-taller-people-less-likely-to-get-heart-disease-than-short-peopleonsidered to be short: Martin Freeman, Tyrion Lannister- (the little person on Game of Thrones, played by Peter Dinklage), and the author of this (terribly short) article. But what are the qualifications of “short?” Wikipedia says that in the United States, an individual is considered short if he or she measures under 5’2″. But man or woman, they say that what society defines as short is debatable.


There are a number of things that can lead to short stature.  The first place to look is at one’s genes. Thergotta-hand-it-to-short-peoplee really isn’t too much someone can do to subvert genetics, although jeans can be tailored to accommodate any height.

Outside of genetic predisposition, chronic or prolonged hormone deficiency, malnutrition, disease of a major organ system, drugs during fetal development, certain drugs for treatment of a disease, and osteoporosis can cause “Short Stature.”


Shorts: Worn in warm weather or when participating in sweat-inducing activities

Apparently, short stature could result in “sudden death.” So at any moment, I could drop dea–




But despite all that, statistics say that short people, on average, live longer. Every additional 4 inches increases your chances for (any type of) cancer by 13%. And, we can laugh at you when you fall over: shorter people have a lower center of gravity, so less chance of falling down. And laughter is great for the body!


North Korea Strikes (like twice)


Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, defied the UN by firing two “medium” missiles into the Sea of Japan. Rumors have circulated that they were meant to attack Japan/ South Korea (allies of the US, though relations between the two aren’t friendly.) Either way, the North Korean government could be trying to provoke the US. Since then, more sanctions have been put in place and strengthened by the US. It’s estimated that North Korea has 10 to 16 nuclear warheads, and currently working on an intercontinental ballistic to deliver them.

UPDATE: Five more missiles were launched into the Sea of Japan. They were short range and North Korea plans on putting more nuclear tests into action. China, North Korea’s only large supporter, is advising them to stop.

The UN is very upset and has demanded that North Korea completely and irreversibly dismantle their nuclear missile testing program. Apparently they have been testing missiles for a while until they were found by the US- sanction representatives to have a large amount of uranium in their possession.

Are Superfoods even Super?

imageA superfood is typically know as some sort of produce that is supposed to give extreme (or “super”) efficient health benefits. This concept of “super foods” is not new at all; eastern cooking has ingredients like ginseng, turmeric, buckwheat, etc. that are staples, and seen as holy ingredients. Lately, though, superfoods has been sensationalized by advertisers.

Superfoods include blueberries (antioxidants, phytonutrients, lowers chance of cancer, slows age related diseases i.e. Alzheimer’s, Dementia), tomatoes (lycopene, vitamin C, potassium, lowers chance of cancer, fiber, and lowers cholesterol), kale (phytonutrients, lowers chance of cancer/ decreases levels of cancer causing liquids), black beans (protein without artery clogging substances, antioxidants, fiber, iron), broccoli (Folic acid, vitamin C, and suppresses tumor growth/ reduces risk of cancer), Salmon (despite the Mercury, omega 3 that reduces inflammation, betters circulation, and balances good and bad cholesterol. B vitamins, and Selenium that prevent cell damage which helps with preventing cancer), and oats (potassium, fiber, magnesium, phytonutrients, lowers cholesterol and prevent heart disease).

To check out more superfoods, here’s a list of 52 of them:

Whether you believe in the representation of superfoods of being “super,” doesn’t really matter. Science has proven a healthy diet creates a healthier body. The choice is up to you.

Kpop Background

imageKpop (Korean pop) is a music genre associated with South Korea. It’s basically pop music in Korean, and less lazy. There is almost always a specific and original dance routine to each song (not including ballads), which fans learn. The songs can range from cute, sexy, angsty, etc./ or be a combination of all. Kpop is not to be confused with non- pop music. Kpop isn’t the only genre of music in Korea, it’s just the one that’s most well known amongst Korean music.

The Korean music industry is ruled by the Korean government. They approve all official idols. The top three most well known agencies are JYP, YG, and SM. They tend to have eccentric personalities. Korean people tend to look on the companies as well, because they tend to be quite comedic, rich, and eccentric men. And they sometimes get involved with each group’s reality show. These companies also have their hands in a lot of other industries as well; food, sports, modeling, management (for celebrities), etc.

They hold the contracts to some of the biggest Kpop stars in the industry. For example, JYP owns 2pm (boyband), Miss A (girl band), Wonder Girls (girl band), Got7 (boyband) and a lot of others. More than that he holds artists that are in hip hop, R&B, Electronic, Dance, and Rock as well. Run by Park Jin-Young. The company is named after his initials. (In Korea and in a lot of other Asian countries the last/ family name is first. But he chose to put it first name to last.)

Again named after the company owner’s initials, Yang Goon. Has artists in all the same genres, but started its company roots with hip hop. His personality is somewhat shown when his group BIG BANG (boyband), in an interview where they do impressions of him and talk about his behaviors. They mention his new want for attention. He now makes public appearances on TV, when previously he had refused to be shown on camera for the past couple of years.

Founder, Lee Soo Man, (again with the initials thing.) He owns a large amount of the biggest Kpop girl groups. Girl’s Generation, f(X), Red Velvet, and BoA. And boy bands; Shinee and EXO. Some of these groups have around for roughly a decade and still look perfectly youthful, and execute dance routine with experience and grace. Girls Generation didn’t even go through a too terrible 2000’s faze, like most other artists.

Sometimes proper management is questioned, but that’s up to everyone’s own opinion.

Class Spotlight: Big Issues

Picture of the map found in the classroom where the Big Issues class is held.

Picture of the map found in the classroom where the Big Issues class is held.

Out of the ever changing list of Village School electives, 2016’s spring semester features a Village favorite: Big Issues. Taught by Jeff Bernstein, students learn about some (big) issues happening in the world. This year, we started by learning LD (Lincoln Douglas Debate), a technique that helps us argue our points of view with supporting facts. The topics we discuss in class are chosen by students. For each topic, we are introduced to several examples, hold class discussions, and then complete writing assignments. The class is purposely set up in a way that forces students to depend entirely on the facts, rather than our opinions or personal biases.

A Village school senior, Jared Gomberg, who is currently enrolled in this class and has taken it before, says it is his favorite social studies elective. So far, his favorite part of class was an LD debate about whether or not violent crime against an oppressive government is okay. Other topics he is looking forward to exploring in debates are controversial issues such as abortion, gun control, the criminal justice system, the death penalty, and police brutality.

Top 15 Anime Shows Availiable on Netflix

Netflix is a service that offers seasons of television shows, movies, and anime. Anime, Japanese film and television animation. I applaud Netflix’s anime selection, because it has a few amazing ones that are some of the most beloved and recommended.

Attack on Titan Despite its strange and interesting opening appearance, after the first few episodes, it demands to be finished. Originally, it was called Shingeki no Kyogin. This show, like most others, was originally a popular manga. (Manga- Japanese style comic books aim towards children and or adults.) The show depicts the battle between humanity and Titans. When the show opens, humanity is living like cattle, at the Titan’s mercy. After a few episodes, the catchy opening usually has fans singing along.

Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai.) Being that this is quite a new anime, it does have a different style.. The epic squad of Seven Sins is made up of seven members. The first member is their leader, Meliodas, the Dragon sin of Wrath. Originally, the seven members were part of a group of knights, but due to misunderstandings the kingdom turned their backs on them. Everywhere they go they end up helping, all the while of bearing the weight of their sins. All of the Deadly Sins have committed a terrible sin, and what differentiates them from other sinners was best explained from Ban the Fox sin of Greed. “A real sin… can’t be erased no matter whaaaaat you do.”- Ban, The Seven Deadly Sins.

Hunter X Hunter is about three kids and a man-child take on a dangerous feat. The first season is based on the Hunter exam. A dangerous, life threatening test that grants a Hunter License in the end. Hunters are known as a wide variety of people who are strong and able. They can even kill without consequence. You can read more about it here.

Blue Exorcist is a story of a family of exorcists, (here’s the twist) the children are literally the spawn of satan. The main characters, Rin and Yukio are twins, with the resolve to beat Satan (their father.) This show is a crowd pleaser, due to the interesting family relations.

Death Note is a murder mystery following Light Yagami. He is a highschool student planning world domination, and almost succeeds. Famous for its notebook. The Death Note is a physical notebook, that gets in the hands of Light Yagami. On the outside, he’s seen as a quiet genius, who doesn’t have particular interests, but eventually he is revealed as who he genuinely was.

Black Butler is a light hearted comedy with dark twist. Ciel Phantomhive, a royal orphan who can’t let go of his past. He holds on to his rage and carefully plots against his enemies. In the series, he’s twelve years old, which limits his physical abilities. Sebastian Michaelis comes in to fix that. Ciel makes a contract with a demon butler in order to exact his revenge. Despite the darkness, this anime has many light hearted moments, due to the the comedic quartet of the other “human” butlers.

Noragami requires just a little bit of knowledge of the Japanese language, traditions, and folklore. The show is focused around an obscure local god, that is desperate for his own shrine (He does odd jobs). Contrary to his enthusiasm and hard effort he was originally a very violent god of war. Due to the modernization of Tokyo and lack of assassination prayers, he lost his following and therefore his power. He tries to rebuild his following in order to live in luxury.

Red Data Girl is better when you already have a general idea about Japanese history and folklore, or have a general understanding of the culture surrounding gods in Japan. Izumiko is a girl who comes from a long line of shrine maiden that every so often is possessed by the Hime-Gami, which means princess deity. In Japanese history/ folklore, its known that the princess deity is the destroyer of humanity.

Full Metal Alchemist will not disappoint, this is another crowd pleaser. It comes in two different television programs, and two movies were released so far. This one also started out as a manga, and now well known and praised. A story of two brothers, who are alchemists. On the search to find the answers while doing the right thing, sends them on a journey all across the continent. (This is will probably make you cry.)

Fairytail, a story of a particular wizard guild that fights off other guilds and fulfills requests. The one similarity in all of the variety of Fairytail members, is their love for Fairytail. Fairytail is family for most members, especially recommended for loners because members are always willing to fight for Fairytail no matter how hurt, bloody, or exhausted they are.

Devil is a Part Timer is one you should especially watch, because it’s light hearted and nice to break up between such amazing anime that mess up your emotions. It’s still great quality while making the viewers laugh.

Soul Eater takes place at a school that trains students to fight against evil. They fight in partners and focus on matching up their souls with their partners. The show focuses on three groups, the main one being Maka and Soul. They struggle to make Soul into a weapon worthy of the Grim Reaper, who is the headmaster at this school.

Silver spoon is lighthearted compared to some of the others, it’s based on the adventures at an alternative agricultural school in Japan. It’s made relatable, because the main character in from the suburbs and HATES studying.

Magi is full of adventure and fun. A big child, a small child, and an even smaller child roam the world. Of course, being that this is an anime, they are not ordinary children. Morgiana, a member of the Faunalis, a tribe that were enslaved for their extraordinarily strong legs and hunting skills. The reincarnation of Solomon, and a runaway peasant-king.

Deadman Wonderland This is the show I recommend to people who say anime is for kids; one young boy is misplaced and ends up somehow surviving multiple fights. Its quite gruesome, but it does go by a classic anime style with some evil person or group trying to take over the world.