The Many Flavors of Zac Brown Band

imageOn April 28th, Zac Brown Band came out with their new album called Jekyll and Hyde. The name of the album has to do with the book called a Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

In the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are actually the same person. One is a sane doctor and the other is a crazy man and the album is set up the same way. There are many different types of songs like Castaway, which is an island-type song about drinking and having fun. Then, there is Young and Wild which is an nostalgia song where Zac sings about when he was younger and the things he used to do. Lastly, there is the song Homegrown which is a country song about a small town that feels like he was born there and he wants to die there.

The album is very good gift for someone If you don’t know their taste in music. And if you are trying to get into country music, you should start with buying this album because it has many different sounds and styles.

Check out the lyrics video below for Homegrown, the first single off the album.

10 Reasons You Should Get the Apple Watch

Older people think that there’s no point to having your phone on your wrist, but that’s because they’re old and don’t know anything. They can’t understand the laziness of this generation and how it’s hard to take your phone out of your pocket when you get a call or message. But many people would really like to have the Apple Watch– especially the lazy ones. So here’s ten reasons why old people should want the Apple Watch. (Because the younger ones already want one).


  1. If you’re in a meeting or somewhere where you can’t take out your phone or start texting or look through your mail, you can simply just look at your wrist and have everything right there.
  2. If you’re in bed taking a nap during the day and someone calls you but your phone is five feet away on your table, you can just answer the call from your watch.
  3. When shopping, you don’t have to go digging through your bag to get your credit card. You can simply pay through your watch thanks to Apple pay.
  4. If you’re a runner, you can have your watch track your daily exercise and see how much you’ve ran. The Apple Watch also tracks your heart rate.
  5. Old people want to be healthy, so the apple watch can tell you if you’ve been sitting for too long. So stand up, walk around and sit right back down in a minute or two.
  6. Send new live emojis that move. Send a thumbs, a smiley face, or a heart face emoji.
  7. Tap on your friends’ names and draw on your screen. Whatever you draw on your screen will appear on your friend’s Apple Watch. Draw a flower or heart to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  8. Share your heartbeat with someone special or even a friend. Tap on their name, then hold two fingers on your screen. Your heartbeat will appear on their screen.
  9. Don’t have time to text back? Leave a quick voice message and have your watch translate it into words or just send it as a recording.
  10. Have a question? Well now you can ask Siri anything right on your wrist. Just say “Hey Siri”.

The Early Man Woke Up

Sweaty came to kill and he’s still hungry. I’m obviously talking about Earl Sweatshirt, probably one of the world’s most underrated lyricists.

sweatshirt in a sweatshirt

sweatshirt in a sweatshirt



Thebe Neruda Kgositsile, professionally known as rapper Earl Sweatshirt, is arguably one of the most interesting cases to ever reach hip-hop’s doorstep. Earl was first recognized at the age of 15, under the name Sly Tendencies, by upcoming artist, producer, and director Tyler the Creator. At this point Tyler’s empire was still at its foundation stages, but eventually his hip-hop collective Odd Future made its name known. OF gained recognition for their music that tended to flirt with every boundary, putting out depressive tracks, to angry and almost violent audiography.

Earl released his debut album “Earl” at the age of sixteen under the Odd Future label. Although listeners weren’t as numerous as they are now, the audience was shocked by the talent of the young Earl. He boasted an unrivaled vocabulary and a flow that had the ability to draw any ear. His messages had a bipolarity to them that was owned and first put together by Odd Future themselves. Earl spit mercilessly, going between suicidal thoughts to bitter break ups to violent urges that he wrote almost in competition with Tyler.

However, just as quickly as Earl made his claim to power, he suddenly disappeared. Odd Future started up chants screaming “Free Earl,” while fans were scratching their heads trying to figure out the whereabouts of the Early Man. Thebe finally appeared in Samoa in an academy for troubled youth. Apparently, his mother had shipped him off due to Earl’s questionable behavior that continues to remain quite vague. Although Earl was able to get his act together in this two-year hiatus, he missed Odd Future’s rise to the forefront, headlined by Tyler’s “Goblin.”

Earl made his return as abruptly as his departure. At the age of eighteen, he had fans waiting in eager anticipation for new work, along with learning to adjust to OF’s newly found fame. Thebe hit the studio and in August of 2013, “Doris” was released. The album demonstrated Earl’s thoughtfulness and displayed a newly found maturity that hadn’t been present in “Earl.” The new album also removed the violent urges, although it continued the pattern of bipolarity. Listeners bounce between the self-hatred outlined in tracks like “Chum” to the resentful and bitter sound of tracks like “Molasses” and “Burgundy.”

Thebe’s success and popularity skyrocketed, though the mastermind himself was not happy. Earl started popping painkillers and increased his cannabis consumption to keep him kind of happy. He started a downward spiral, that eventually led to Earl being bedridden for three weeks because of medical exhaustion. Following this collapse, Earl went quiet for a while. He continued to tour and make appearances on the Odd Future show “Loiter Squad,” but remained lowkey until late March of 2015, with the release of “I Don’t Like S***, I Don’t Go Outside.” The title, though being explicit, was so accurate it was funny, according to Thebe. The album finds a way to get to an even darker and depressing level that leaves listeners quiet and in an almost meditative state. Barely hitting a full 30 minutes, Earl’s talent is undoubtedly continuing to grow and mature. One might worry about him due to ideas expressed in “Grief,” but Earl is just figuring himself out, and admits that this is his “most honest release.” Earl also released a ten-minute compilation named “Solace,” allegedly dedicated to the turbulent relationship with his mother. “Solace” leaves listeners in a state of appreciative euphoria, so beware.

Earl’s genius is still waiting to be explored, as he isn’t even close to his peak yet. Watch out for Sweaty.

Celebrating a 200 Year Anniversary


The Great Neck School District 7 was created in 1814 which was about 200 years ago. This means we have an old district; two years after New York was started to have a statewide public school system. In this time period, it was common practice for schools to be open for 6 days instead of 5 for the whole year, so the students could divide their school year into quarters. This way they could drop out for a few months during crop season to help their family or friends.

Fairview Aveunue school, used from 1840- 1869.

Fairview Aveunue school, used from 1840- 1869.

Arrandale, which was originally Fairview Avenue School, was pretty interesting. Since paper was scarce, students had to bring in their own slate and sponge for their work, sitting in double-row desks and seats. The things that they learned consisted of reading, writing and arithmetic. The recreational time that the kids had were separated between girls and boys with a fence in between their spaces. Also, if they got thirsty some student had to get a bucket and go to the well.

In January 1895, the district became a Union free school district. Moses R. Schenck, who was the first chairman, served a few years before being succeeded by John C. Baker. His wife, Elizabeth M. Baker, was an ex-schoolteacher who joined after her husband resigned and later became board president. On October 7, 1895, the first high school in this district was created! The district bought a $29 microscope and models of the human eye, ear and heart to offer its first science class just to qualify for Regents certification.

In 1900, the district spent $24,000 to make a new 3-story building in Arrandale from grades 1-12. It was a nice school but sadly burnt down in the 1920’s. Great Neck’s population began to rise due to the opening from the Queensboro Bridge and the building of the Long Island Railroad.

In 1914, the district built a gymnasium which was one of the the nicest gyms in the country. The school didn’t have a gym teacher but the students still made a football team and played their home games on a cow pasture.

The Kensington school was built in 1921 and during this time period, many actors, artists and writers lived in the community.  This included F. Scott Fitzgerald, George M. Cohan, Ed Wynn, Groucho Marx and Eddie Cantor.



Great Neck North was made with a $1,500,000 bond issue and opened in 1929. The structure was created so nicely that it caught newspapers’ eyes. The same time, Lakeville school opened in District 8 (Lakeville). Lakeville and district 7 (Great Neck common school) combined to make the district we have today.

May 12, 1938, was the most debatable day in history of Great Neck. About 800-1200 students left their classrooms to go to the auditorium to hear student leader speech’s about the administrators decisions to get rid of teachers that had been working there for many years. The reporters were there. Two hours later the principal tried telling everyone to go to class but it drew an even bigger crowd of about 1,500 people and parents. The Board of Education wanted to fire the four teachers, the principal and the dean met, so they met 11 times in two weeks and made parent teacher investigation committees. Later that fall, the New York State Tenure took effect and created the Great Neck Teacher Association.

After World War 2, John L. Miller had to deal with four times the amount of students than in the preceding 20 years, and still only had four schools. New schools were built within the next ten years.


banner200With the 200 year celebration just over a week ago, schools in the district are holding special events. Our principal, Steve, told me that here, at Village, we are having a bbq with trivia and some traditional food that was eaten 200 years ago.  Hopefully, people will enjoy it! North High made an episode on the Guide Post. South Middle School’s TV production crew created a film on the history of the Great Neck Schools. Steve also mentioned how this past Sunday, all the high schools: North, South, and Village, chose an alumnus that represents the population; they made speeches and introduced themselves to everyone.


What makes Great Neck so great to celebrate?

“I’ve been working in this district for 20 years, and with everyone I have ever spoken to in 20 years, that worked anywhere else, it’s just not the same. Great Neck education can open doors to kids. This is a district that is, I think, ranked third in the country, but in my opinion, best in the country because of its attitude and the way that it thinks. So what we’re dealing with here is, kids go to good colleges, everything from Ivy League to community colleges and everything in between, and there are programs and schools like Village School, SEAL or the ACE program at North or [The] Peak [Experience Program] at South. Every kid that exists in this town, has a place to go to, where they can feel like the place was just about created for them which gives them confidence, [and] sets them on the right path after high school. And the reason that all these programs exist is not because of any political reasons, but because Great Neck cares for their kids, and it really does. It’s an educated community, it’s wonderful educators who want to be in this community, and all of this to me, makes the school district worth celebrating.”


There are common misconceptions that come to mind about the topic of feminism. Just like there are different opinions on most controversial ideas, feminism has its different points of views. America as a society has come a long way from its stereotypical gender roles.

For decades, people have suffered their fair share of being degraded and having their rights taken away. From the earliest of times, women would be the ones to bear children, cook, clean, and keep their husbands happy. So all of this ranting, and I think it’s fair to say that most people don’t know what feminism actually is. Feminism isn’t the hatred of men, feminism is the want to equal the standards and have the same opportunities as them. Men who state what they want and don’t let anyone stop them are seen as determined and head-strong, but when a woman acts like that she’s seen as stubborn and agressive. What prompts us to view people like this? Just because of our anatomy, it changes how we treat people?

Women’s right to vote wasn’t put into place until 1920. That’s only 95 years of “equality” for women. History is a huge part of how life is today. All over the world from the earliest of times, there have been standards that women had to strive to reach. We had to look pretty, act proper, speak well, and take care of our families. Being a women myself, I look up to so many female figures that are the epitome of power and breaking out of the restraints of society such as Jane Austen, Malala Yousafzai, and J.K. Rowling. All these strong inspirational women have stood up for what they believed in and broken boundaries of gender standards. Feminism is important to me because the idea gives me a sense of empowerment and pushes me to fight for other women in the world such as Saudi Arabia.

Overall, feminism is a beautiful thing that women should feel proud to be a part of. I’m proud to be a feminist and to be someone who recognizes the harsh realities of what certain people have gone through. No matter what gender, race, ethnicity, or sexuality, I believe that the rights we have as a human beings shouldn’t be any less acceptable just because of traits we can’t control. I am proud to be a feminist.

Waka Flocka For President

For the 2016 election, one of our potential candidates is Juaquin James Malphurs, better known to us by his stage name “Waka Flocka Flame”.

For those who don’t know of Mr. Flocka, he is a rapper born in Jamaica, Queens and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

imageFor his presidency he, only wants to make 3 subtle changes to our current laws:

1. To legalize marijuana consumption

2 To make animal presence in restaurants illegal

3. To make the presence of feet, size 13  or larger, illegal on public streets.
Individuals with large feet can however, still use means of public transportation such as busses and cabs.

Flocka believes that in schools, the students should be taught more trade skills and practical skills as well as all of his lyrics. In fact, those who don’t know his lyrics before high school graduation would have to start school again from the third grade.

Flocka also plans on raising minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour (from our current 8.75 dollars in New York)

His view on women’s rights can is that women already have equal rights and that women in this day and age are tough. Not fighting for women’s rights, he says, is more of a respect thing.

As for meetings with Congress, Flocka plans on wearing a tank top and flips flops, instead of a suit and dress shoes, due to comfort and respect issues.

Even with somewhat reasonable requests and a wide fan base that would definitely vote for him, he is still only 28 years old and can not actually run for president because the minimum age requirement is 35.


The Soviet Sniper

The beautiful and deadly, Roza Shanina.

The beautiful and deadly, Roza Shanina.

There are a lot of people that you may know who were around in 1941 such as Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra, and Walt Disney.  But here is someone you might not know.
Her name was Roza Shanina and she was a college- educated kindergarten teacher during World War II. In 1941, her first brother was killed on the front line, so Roza decided to enlist. Initially, she was turned away because of how hot it was in the front.

But after loosing two more siblings in 1942, she finally succeeded in joining the Soviet Army as a female sniper. Roza made it through Central Female Sniper Academy with no problem.The Soviet military believed that women made good snipers because of their greater flexibility, patience, and ability to endure combat hardships better than their male counterparts.

In April 1944,  Roza killed her first Nazi soldier and within a month she killed about 17 more. One brisk day, when Roza was under heavy artillery fire and her commanders told her to withdrawal but she ignored the orders and continued to support the advancing infantry. Roza was a fighter and that’s where she felt at home. She excelled at shooting doublets, which means hitting two targets in rapid succession. Her bravery earned her military commendations and wide renown among her countrymen.

Before she died, Roza had killed 59 people in a 8 month span when stacked up with other great snipers, she had the most kills in the least amount of time. In comparison, Carlos Hathcock who was a American fighting in the Vietnam war killed 96 people in a 2 year period and Chris Kyle who fought in Fallujah and Ramadi, killed 255 people in 10 years.

Rosa’s short tour of duty finally came to an end On January 27, 1945 when she was severely injured while shielding a wounded artillery officer. She was found by two soldiers disemboweled, with her chest torn open by a shell fragment.

And that is the story of the young, beautiful and extremely deadly Roza Shanina.


imageA 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal near the capital of Kathmandu. More than 4,000 people were killed and 2,000 remain to be in serious conditions. Thousands of people are shaken from the event, forced to sleep in the open due to the fact that their homes have been destroyed. Others are afraid to stay in buildings that may be vulnerable to aftershocks. Aid groups have not been able to reach remote areas near the quake’s epicenter, which could in fact may be among the places most severely hit. There are many ways you are able to help relieve and prevent future occurrences in Nepal.

  • To donate to Nepal Earthquake’s Children’s Relief fund, click here.
  • To donate to Global Giving Nepal Earthquake Relief fund, click here.
  • To donate to Lutheran World Relief organization, click here.
  • Doctors without borders have sent eight teams to Nepal to assist those in need, including a highly-skilled surgical team that will set up mobile clinics in the hopes of reaching people in remote areas. If you want to donate, click here.
  • Clean water is also a very important thing at a time like this. People in Nepal need significant help accessing clean water. To send clean water, click here.

Other options that do not require monetary donations include spreading awareness to others through social media. The people of Nepal need our help.

The Biggest Scam In the Galaxy?

imageI’ve already reported about the Mars One Mission Company, but is it possibly all a scam? So far, only one finalist has spoken out about this problem, but we can’t help but wonder if it is. The contestant says that the media had been telling the wrong story.

Joseph Roche, the contestant in question, claims that there was never 200,000 applicants, but 2,761. As well as not having insuffiecient psychological/ psychometric testing, the “ranks” that either brough a contestant up or down the list, were earned by how much money was donated. Roche also brings up a point system, (which ironically is pointless). The way you earn points, is buying merchandise from the company… Although he was chosen to be in the final 100, he had never met anyone from Mars One face to face. The galactical experiment was supposedly going to become a reality tv show as well, but the production company pulled out of the contract that was supposed to make $6 billion. Coincedential? Gerard Hooft, a former adviser for Mars One had mentioned that the actual launch date was 100 years away, instead of 10 years away. But Mars One CEO, Bas Lansdorp, (it’s a Dutch company) denies all of these statements. Some speculators have been saying, instead of going through the trouble of trying to create a livable space on Mars, why don’t we just fix up Earth? Opinions have been circulating and we’re waiting for updates on that…

Drowsy Critic

Sleeplessness is a drug that a growing number of people continue to get hooked on. As the world gets more busy, sleep becomes a lot more difficult to follow up on, so many just supplement with caffeine. I’m here to bring to your attention a more than decent list of films that you should probably watch while you’re twiddling your thumbs on the edge of your bed, waiting for the clock’s hands to swing around. All of these titles are sure to keep you awake and reevaluating your life for a good couple days.

Now, I’m not going to front on you and act like these are just suggestions. No, these are the commandments of the Drowsy Critic, so you should probably listen.

  1. The Machinist – Dark and twisted, step into the sleepless mania of a man who doesn’t understand what’s happening to him.

    Nightmare Time

    Nightmare Time

  1. Se7en  – Two Investigators follow the case of a serial killer still at large who justifies his slaughtering of human life with the seven deadly sins. Brace yourself for the end though, it’s a killer.
  1. American Psycho – This film is a lot more enjoyable when it is treated and watched like a comedy. Although the plot is nothing to laugh at, if you take it too seriously, you might feel disgusted with the film by the end.
  1. Requiem For a Dream – Beautiful piece of work depicting the uncontrollable spiral that a couple of New York drug pushers fall into. A tragedy, the film will not fail to leave its mark on you.
  1. Oh you wanted to sleep tonight?

    Oh you wanted to sleep tonight?

    Shutter Island – The lost mind of a marshal visiting a facility for the criminally insane. Probably will mess with your mind on a level deeper than you wanted it to, so be prepared for that.

  1. Silence of the Lambs – Thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Detective employs the help of an incarcerated murderer to help her solve an ongoing investigation. The ending is very satisfying and you fall in love with Hannibal (murderer) by the conclusion, almost forgetting his animalistic tendencies.

* I am not responsible for any permanent trauma.  Juicy won’t be sorry son.