Sports Update

By Tyler Plaksis


What a comeback for the Islanders! Their win two nights ago tied up the series against the Penguins after the Islanders had been at a 0-2 game deficit. The series is now tied 2-2.  Last night, the Rangers beat Washington 4-3 to tie up their series 2-2.

NCAA Boys Lacrosse

North Carolina is in the lead with a 12-3 record. Marcus Holman is the leading goal scorer and he is number 4 in the ranking for points per game. But at number two is New York- with Cornell maintaining a 12-2 record. Rob Pannell is the leading point man in third place with 5.36 per game and Steve Mock is the leading goal scorer in second place with 3.46 goals per game.

NCAA Girls Lacrosse

Maryland is in first place in the standings with a 19-0 record and Florida is in second place with a 16-1 record.


In the rankings, as of right now, North Carolina is in first with 45-2 record. In second place is Vanderbilt college with 39-6 record.

NFL Draft

There many top picks in the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft of 2013 began on Thursday, April 25 and ended on Saturday, April 27. The first pick in the draft was Eric Fisher to the Kansas City Chiefs.The fourth pick was Lane Johnson for the Philadelphia Eagles. The nineteenth pick was to the New York Giants, Justin Pugh.

NBA Playoffs

The Bulls beat the Heat in a crushing loss with a fourth string the end score to the game 93 to 86 in game one of the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

The Knicks beat the Pacers in game 2 with a score of 105 to 79.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (Under $25)

By BrittAnnie Spuhler


Mother’s Day is this Sunday. For those of you who are last minute shoppers, here are a few ideas for inexpensive gifts that will make mom smile.


Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 1.46.55 PMWhat’s more relaxing than scented lotions and candles? Stop by a Bath & Body Works and pick up assorted lotions, candles, bubble baths, perfumes, and more. They often have deals where you can get things like 3 small candles for $10 or 2 lotions for $10. You can mix and match scents. They also have great gift baskets like this one ($16.50). If you’re not sure what she would like, you can always buy her a gift card.


Every woman likes to be pampered. Stop by the local nail salon and pick her up a gift certificate for a pedicure. Normally, pedicures run from $12-$20. If you want to make her feel extra-special, throw in a manicure too for $8.


Photo 2013-05-03 01.56.30 PMOne word: JEWELRY! Check out local boutiques or even clothing stores. You can always find something for under $25. Bonus points: if she has a charm bracelet buy her a charm to put on it. Every time she wears it she’ll think of you.


Buy her a nice bouquet of flowers. You can stop by a flower shop, your local grocery store, or even CVS. You can’t go wrong with flowers, it doesn’t even matter what kind you get for her. But, you should ask what her favorites are and try to get those.


Brit photo 2Homemade gifts are easy, economical, and something she’ll cherish. Try something like a duct tape wallet. It’s something that will impress her and will certainly be useful. You can buy all different colors or patterns of duct tape. Try Michael’s Arts & Crafts Store for a lot of different options. Check out this link for instructions:


Something she’ll really appreciate is a home cooked meal. You can surprise her with breakfast in bed- just make sure you’re awake before her! Or, cook her favorite dinner. Its cheaper than taking her to a restaurant and definitely a lot more sentimental. If that sounds too difficult, try pasta. It’s easy, quick, and a tasty bottle of marinara will do most the work for you.


Brit photo 3Give her the day off and clean up the house! It’s free and will show her you care. Just watch out, because she may expect you to start cleaning up more often!

Laugh at My Pain

A Column by Eli Cohen

On a northbound Metro-North train, Joe toughens up, much to Eli's horror.

On a northbound Metro-North train, Joe toughens up, much to Eli’s horror.

“Cousin Joe”

I have this chicken of a cousin named Joseph. We call him Joe for short. Joe is about ten years older than me, and I always saw him as an older brother. He was the guy I could go to and talk to him about things that I felt I couldn’t talk to others about. We shared a lot of interests as well. He was into music just like me. In fact, when I was young, he was the one who introduced me to the guitar, and now, when he visits during the summers, we both play duets together around the bonfire. He’s an amazing skateboarder, and he let me borrow a couple of his longboards at times and I thought it was cool of him to do so. He introduced me to so many movies and books that now hold a special place in my heart.

You’d think he’d be awesome to have around, but there’s one fatal flaw from which he suffers. Joe is a freakin’ wimp! He is scared of anybody who poses a threat to him. If someone were to push him around and say, “Give me your money- or die!”, and this person was just ten years old, Joe would comply to avoid being hurt in any way. Now, don’t get me wrong, I consider myself a pacifist, and there’s no way that violence is the answer to any problem, but there’s a difference in being nonviolent because you think it’s wrong and sticking up for yourself when you have to.

He can’t even talk smack to anyone who’s messing with him, at least not properly that is. Some of his best disses include “Shut up! Your mother’s a woman.” and “Your father married his wife!” and let’s not forget “Do you have two dads? Oh, you don’t!? Well then, I guess you must have no parents.” Yeah…. truly terrifying. I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap out a statement that made more sense than that last one. It feels at times that he would freeze up in a life and death situation that could be averted if he were just brave for once.

As for me, I was sick and tired of watching people walking all over this kind hearted fellow. I felt as if I had an obligation to help him out, so I decided to toughen him up before he became somebody’s new rug. I began teaching Joe how to fight back an opposing foe, without needing to get physical. He learned more ‘threatening’ remarks thanks to my tongue being a forte in that matter. After teaching him how to sound tough, I taught him on how to sound believable. I taught him that he needed to get mad. Get real mad! I also taught him about stances, how to look dangerous, and even how to throw a couple of punches. I told him to get physical only when he’d exhausted every other possibility.

I gave him weeks worth of lessons until I felt like he was ready. For a while though, I never knew if my teachings paid off because all was good– no one was bothering Joe. However, one day, Joe and I needed to go pick up his sister from college and bring her home for summer vacation. She goes to Cornell and we had no car, so we needed to take a train to her campus. We got on the train and noticed there weren’t any empty seats in the car, so we both stood holding on to those handrails connected to the ceiling. Our backs faced each other, so I couldn’t see what Joe was doing, but I could hear him. For a while, everything was normal. I just enjoyed my view of the countryside through the giant window panes. But, all of the sudden, I heard my cousin screaming at the tops of his lungs. “You wretched piece of garbage! I’m gonna’ kill you! You piece of crap! Why, I oughta’…” He screamed a bunch of other things but they are too profane for this story’s own good. You get the idea though. Hearing Joe, the same guy who gets scared everytime he sees Swiper the Fox on T.V., going to town on some tough guy who thought he was too much of a weakling to do anything about it, made me so proud!

I then turned around to see the poor sucker’s face, and noticed…that Joe was screaming insults to a man who had no arms or legs. I couldn’t even make this up if I tried. Right there, was a man sitting in a wheelchair, consisting of only a torso and a head red with anger. My cousin then raised a fist. I screamed at him to stop, and grabbed his arm, preventing what may have come next. The train made a stop, and I pushed him off. It wasn’t our stop, but I didn’t care, we needed to get out of there. While I pushed him outside, I could here the amputated man screaming, “Man, I wish I had just one finger! God dammit!” After we got off, I asked my cousin why he started fighting a man who posed no physical threat. He said it was because the man had called him “stupid”. Well, if you’re gonna’ start a fight with an amputee, you deserve the title. We hoofed toward Cornell for a while, just because it was a better alternative to walk the next few miles than wait for the next train, which wasn’t set to arrive for another two hours.

That day, I realized something–I shouldn’t have tried to change my cousin. I should have let him be. While I don’t like seeing others walk all over him, it’s better than him causing larger, more complicated problems. One year later, I went to visit Joe again. He was in a really great place. His new girlfriend (who was once a lesbian) toughened him up a bit and in the proper way. But luckily, he’s never had to use his new skills, and who could blame him. If you knew my cousin Joe, you’d realize he had a big heart, something I had failed to recognize as all that matters.

Jason Collins: Setting a Precedent

In an article written by himself, Jason Collins came out in the May 6th issue of Sports Illustrated.  The story was posted online on April 29, 2013.

In an article written by himself, Jason Collins came out in the May 6th issue of Sports Illustrated. The story was posted online on April 29, 2013.

By Solomon Shapiro

Last week, the first active American Major League player to come out as openly gay was center Jason Collins, who at the end of last season with the Washington Wizards, became a free agent in more ways than one. Collins stated that he “wants to continue to play basketball”, but more importantly that he wants to be “genuine and authentic and truthful [about who he is]”. Collins’s coming out will not affect how teams look at him as a prospect, or his endorsements with companies. Collins is a “Nike athlete” which is a company “committed to diversity and inclusion”. Lately, there have been rumors that at least one NFL player will also be coming out, as well as athletes in other major league sports. These undisclosed athletes now have an open door through which to walk, instead of having to break through on their own. Since sports, and more importantly, athletes, have such a large impact on the fans, when an respected elite athlete does something like this, the general public takes note. And, in some cases, individual perspectives and beliefs are adjusted. In this way, Mr. Collins has contributed another strong and positive voice to the LGBTQ movement.