Mr. Scatter Brain

I shamefully admit that this article has taken me two weeks to write, as I have the attention span of a chicken nugget. However, the direction of this piece is to outline the frustration that is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD. ADHD is a frustrating challenge that inhibits one’s ability to focus. There are multiple strains of the disorder, as some have the attention deficiency, but lack the hyperactivity. In recent years, many have called out ADD and ADHD diagnoses, saying that medication is prescribed to any child that seems to have trouble paying attention. Years ago, this was simply called daydreaming.
However, this standpoint is arguable as some genuinely need medication in order to direct focus and complete even the simplest of tasks.

Thas right we lit

Thas right we lit

Those stricken with the condition often identify similar frustrations, stating that they can forget what they’re talking about as they’re speaking, along with countless other challenges; the difficulty can become overwhelming. While an opposing stance to the disorder’s validity can be correct in certain instances, it is simply wrong to say that ADD/ADHD blatantly doesn’t exist. Doing so doesn’t do justice to those class clowns who rely on humor to cover up the disgruntlement that plagues them as they sit in class exerting every bit of effort possible to just watch themselves fail, weighed down by the burdens of impending self-destruction, as it is nearly impossible to complete anything that they’ve started.
It is important not to downplay the needs of those who need to be constantly pumped with medication, in hopes they might be able to complete even the smallest of tasks. For some, it isn’t until later in life that they are able to harbor and channel enough focus to even put a puzzle together. There truly is a enormous gap between frequent daydreamers and ADHD. Being able to distinguish between such problems is crucial to being able to fulfill the needs of both groups.

American Horror Story: The Fifth Season

The internet is stirring with news and rumors about what American Horror Story fans can expect from the new season, “Hotel”, which debuts in October. So far what we know is that one of the starring roles is pop sensation Lady Gaga. A news publication, Christian Post, reported that the fifth season would be based on an actual real-life hotel and the mysterious activities that have happened inside of it”.  Jessica Lange, unfortunately,

The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles

The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles

will not be continuing with American Horror Story. She has been in American Horror Story for four seasons. “I’m done,” Lange told the crowd. “We’ve had a great run here. I have absolutely loved doing these four characters that I’ve had the opportunity to play, and in all madness, I love the writers and Ryan and the insanity of shooting it,” she said.
“I’ve done four great characters,” she continued before adding, finally, “it’s enough.”

Although the show is losing such a well-known actress, AHS will be gaining quite a few more popular actors. This Cecil Hotel, where the show is taking place, is notorious for its history of accidents and crimes, including multiple suicides in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as a few bizarre deaths and serial killers. Elizabeth Short, also known as Black Dahlia, was last spotted at the hotel before her gruesome murder in 1947. There was reported to be a few deaths with people drowning in the hotel’s water tank. Some people are convinced they still see a little girl haunting the elevators and hallways. This season is said to be similar to A&E’s series,”Bates Motel”, with a similar plot.

The Future Frontier

People of all backgrounds, languages, and beliefs are headed towards Mars– about 100 people, to be specific. A nimageon-profit Dutch organization is sending people on a mission to the “red planet” to create the next livable planet, if we actually do end up killing planet Earth. However, these 100 souls are not returning, since there isn’t enough funding to support the trip back from Mars. If you’re wondering if any of this is legal, it is. NASA approved the plan; they had planned to do this themselves, but not until 2030.

The first trip costs $6 billion, and two men and women are being sent up to Mars. Now, we, personally, will probably not be able to live on Mars, because the organization doesn’t plan its first trip happening before 2024. But maybe, just maybe, our great-great-great grandchildren will build their lives on the red rocked planet.

It’s actually quite complicated; the first group of people won’t be up there until 2024, but in 2018 there will be a small craft test landing to test the communication quality and dependability. Where the spacecraft lands is actually extremely important. It has to be north enough for watering purposes and close enough to the “equator” area for sunlight. In 2022, the company is sending a rover and two living spaces and two life support units. These will be powered by solar energy, and in the life support unit, there will be some sort of a machine that will make breathable oxygen as well as 120 kg of oxygen and 3000 liters of water just in case.

50 Year Anniversary of Bloody Sunday

President Obama gives a speech in Selma.

In 1965, three Selma to Montgomery marches were made as part of the Selma Voting Rights Movement which led to the the Voting Rights Act being passed that year. This was a landmark federal achievement of the 1960s American Civil Rights Movement.

50 years later, last week, on March 7th, thousands of people swarmed the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama to commemorate this day this some in song, some in prayer and some with locked arms.

Police said there were between fifteen and twenty thousand people on the bridge. Many important government officials were there as such as president Obama and former President Bush, which is not surprising considering what this day means in our country’s history.


Album Review: Lost Isles

Ocean Ate Alaska

Lost Isles, the new album.

In the latest album from Ocean Ate Alaska, it is quite apparent that the music from the band has evolved a lot since the beginning of their career. In their older songs such as “Clocks” or “To Catch a Flame,” compared to a newer song like “Blood Brother” or “Linger,” the difference between the lyrics as they put meaning into the songs is very apparent: “If you fell down we would fall together/ Like a sinking ship in stormy weather/ You’re the bones to our flesh and skin/ But now that you’re gone/ It’s time to rethink without you.” But even coupled with such lyrics, the music doesn’t get any softer; it actually gets heavier with additional tones to the song.

Even though the band has been working on the album for two years, they finally made it and finished satisfied saying, “We hit so many brick walls during the process of creating this album, however to now hear it start to finish we literally couldn’t be any more proud.” My favorite songs from them were the ones I discussed from before (Clocks, To Catch a Flame, Blood Brothers, Linger).

In my opinion, I think it is a better album just because it’s a little heavier and that’s kind of the type of music I like personally prefer. For a newer type of band, I think Ocean Ate Alaska are going in a good direction and will hopefully expand their fan base throughout the years.

Nascar Origins

Nascar started in the early 1920s by bootleggers who souped up their cars to be faster than the police cruisers, but boys will be boys, and soon souping up cars turned into full-blown highway races. After racing on the highways, Big Bill France came up with the great idea of putting these cars on a timagerack, and so the sport of Nascar was born. Big Bill France organized the meetings of the drivers on the race days. In 1959, the first ever Daytona 500 was held, which was won by Lee Petty- not to be confused with the singer Tom Petty, of course.

Now, the Daytona 500 is the first race of every Nascar season. Throughout the 1950s, 60s, and 70s the types of cars have changed. Cars like Plymouth Superbirds, Dodge Chargers, Chevy Camaros, and Ford Mustangs, are used, which if you ask me, is the pinnacle of cool. Both the 1970 Plymouth Superbird and the 1969 Dodge Charger were the one of the fastest cars in that time period, and they weren’t bad looking either. The 1969 Dodge Charger was a two door muscle car that came with a 440 cu In (7.2L) v8 magnum engine. The 440 made 375 hp with 480 lb ft torque. In Generation Three (1981 to 1991), the wheelbase was reduced to 110, and all body panels were purchased from manufactures. Today, Generation Six (2013-) the cars need manufacturing, with unique body panels placed on existing chassis. This design puts the “stock” back in stock car racing.

Comic Review: Saga (#1)

WARNING: NOT FOR YOUNG CHILDREN (Violence, Nudity, Colorful Language)


Saga, Chapter One

The comic series Saga seems to be a great series that I may get into. After reading the first issue, the abnormality of the theme took me by surprise. Unlike most comics, the narrator wasn’t some some disembodied voice; she was an actual character involved in the plot-line speaking about the past. She was the child of a foot soldier from the planet “Cleave,” a man with ram’s horns, and a woman with wings on her back who was assigned as a guard in the prison where he was being kept. They escaped together and had a baby: the narrator, whose name had not been decided yet.

The first aspect to look at is the story. The circumstances in which the reader begins reading are intense; there’s been a heated war going on for a long time, and a couple who have just had a child and two runaway soldiers from opposite sides in the war are trying to escape. The scene opens at a warehouse in where the woman is giving birth to a child. After the child is born and a few touching words are exchanged between the couple, robot soldiers come bursting through the door. There’s shooting, smoke, and deaths, but the couple and child survive. A dying (speaking) ape, whom the couple seems to have known from somewhere, was the one who reported their location to the monarchy of robots. Now apologetic about his decision, he gives the couple and child a map to a rocket, so they can use it to escape Cleave. At the end of the first issue, the couple discovers the bridge marked on the map. As the robots hunt them down, and they wander through the night, trying to avoid the horrors of the dark (vicious creatures known for killing wanderers in the night) without picking up a blade, they find hope that they can escape for the sake of each other and their brand new child.

The overall tone of the comics is very mature. With graphic illustrations and some nudity that isn’t really relevant to the story, the series isn’t for the immature or young. It’s obvious that these comics are for adults; the vocabulary, themes, and plot would be hard for children or people with no knowledge of comics to understand, so this isn’t a good series for someone who’s not familiar with comic books.

All in all, if you’re looking for a good series to get into, Saga has my endorsement.

Naked and Unarmed

By Anthony McCarthy

The use of excessive force by police officers has become a central national controversy and discussion in recent months. Much of the conversation has focused on stories involving the deaths of unarmed black men. This can be seen in many different ways according to each case. Some view it as an indirect hate crime against persons of color, while others say the police officers in question were acting in self-defense during aggressive struggles.

Residents look on

Residents look on

Most recently, on March 9th, a man was killed in an Atlanta, Georgia apartment complex. Naked and unarmed, he was said to be mentally disabled. The policeman responding to the 911 call fired 2 shots to the chest killing the African American, disabled man. Some people claim that the victim, being dangerous, justifies forgiving the officer for shooting him on sight. In the officer’s defense, he got a call regarding this man, stating he had been acting strangely and disrupting residents in the complex. In my opinion, this is not an extreme enough reason for ending the mentally ill man’s life. This case however, can go a few ways. Obviously, the word of a policeman will hold more weight than the word of the deceased, who is voiceless. Unfortunately, I believe the police officer will most likely get off for killing an unarmed, naked, disabled black man without further investigation, creating a further rift between police and the community.

What’s your opinion on the matter? Leave a comment below.

My Bittersweet BookCon Experience

BookCon 2014

The second annual Book Con this year will be held at Manhattan’s Javits Center on May 30th-31st. BookCon is, as its title suggests, a book convention that provides an immersive experience  which allows readers to interact with famous authors, publishers and celebrities. Attendees get an exclusive glimpse at books that have yet to be released and up close and personal Q&A sessions during authors’ panels.

BookCon and BEA, or BookExpo America, are commonly confused with one another since they are both held in the same building. However, Bookcon is more geared towards consumers and people interested in seeing sneak peeks of new books, while BEA is for publishers and people in the literary business. Bookcon last year for me was extremely overwhelming. It was way more crowded than I initially anticipated. There were long waits to enter a panel. Due to the insane lines and my unwillingness to wake up two hours earlier than usual, I was unable to attend John Green’s panel or meet Grumpy Cat, something I am still distraught over. However, I was able to see attend the brief Q&A of Tumblr’s creators, as well as Brandon Staton’s panel, where he spoke about his popular photoblog, Humans of New York.

Coming home with over twenty free, autographed books definitely made up for the unnaturally, long lines. But if you are planning on going to BookCon this year, I recommend you plan out your time there so you won’t miss out on anything you were hoping to check out. All time slots with its respective events are listed on the site. In addition, I would recommend arriving an hour or so before it opens so you aren’t last in line or caught in the mass of fellow readers. (This will also lessen the chances of you getting trampled by crazy fangirls.) A couple people to look forward to seeing at BookCon this year is Julianne Moore, Nick Offerman, Rainbow Rowel, Sherman Alexie, and Gayle Forman.