The (Better Late than Never) Story of Aaron Hernandez

Do you live under a rock? If so, here’s story for you!!

Hernandez, in happier times.

Hernandez, in happier times.

Aaron Hernandez, 25 years old, was recently sentenced to life without parole after being found guilty of first-degree in the murder of Odin Lloyd, his fiancee’s sister’s boyfriend.

When he heard the verdict, he appeared frustrated and told the jury they were wrong. A former NFL player, fans of his were really shocked when they heard the news because he was such a young superstar and had so much going for him. Before these charges, he had been getting in trouble with failing drug tests and other questionable behavior off the field.

And if you think it looks bad for him now, there’s this: Hernandez also faces two murder charges for the 2012 shooting deaths of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, who he claims, “disrespected him” after bumping into him in a club, causing Hernandez to spill his drink.

Earth Day 2015

It is time to commemorate International Earth Day today! Every year over a billion people in 190 countries take action for Earth Day. From planting trees to cleaning up their communities to turning off electronics for only an hour, Earth Day is considered the biggest environmental event in the world. Earth Day raises awareness for many environmental challenges. As climate change and other environmental problems become increasingly more of an issue, days like Earth Day educate people, transform our cities, and forge a sustainable future. Nothing is more powerful than the collective action of a billion people.

Here are a couple tools and resources for you to get involved with Earth Day in your community:

  • Plant a tree: Planting trees helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, clean pollution, secure soil in place to prevent erosion, and provide homes for a lot of biodiversity.
  • Build a birdhouse: Encourage the local bird population!
  • Educate yourself and others: Think about the issues that concern you the most and research ways you can help.
  • Join a local group: Look for groups or clubs in your community that undertake activities to help protect the environment.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Buy as little as possible and avoid items that come in lots of packaging, especially on Earth Day. Don’t use any disposable plates or cutlery. Recycle all the things you use for the day. Bring a cloth bag to your local supermarket to avoid the use of plastic bags.
  • Support local growers: Locally grown food retains nutrients because it gets to you faster rather than a mass produced supermarket.
  • Unplug!: For at least one hour go outside and sign off your electronics. Get active!
  • Turn off lights: Remember to turn off the lights before leaving a room. Using as little electricity as possible on this day is important!
  • Donate: Donate your old toys and clothing to other children who can make use of them.
  • Clean up litter: Get rid of litter from roadways and sidewalks in your community. Put on a pair of gloves and get a bag to clean-up. Once you have collected as much trash as possible, place recycled bags along the road.
  • Check the label!: Make sure before buying cleaning supplies you check the labels for any harmful chemicals. Earth-friendly cleaning products.

Rand Paul’s Position on Drugs

Official Portrait

Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky

Rand Paul has spoken a lot about criminal justice reform. He believes that a ten-year jail sentence for someone possessing marijuana is ridiculous. When asked about the unintentional outcomes of the war on drugs, Paul stated one of them was racial problems. He acknowledged that three out of four people in prison from nonviolent drug use are black or brown. However, he also pointed out that according to surveys, young white people are doing drugs at an equal rate, and they are a much bigger part of the population.

So, why are the prisons full of black and brown kids? A simple answer is it’s easier to arrest them. It is easier to convict them. Because a higher proportion of black or brown people live in areas of poverty, they aren’t able to hire the best of attorneys. And, frankly, they live in the city more than in the suburbs, and the police are patrol the city much more vigilantly. But, all of this is unfair. The war on drugs has had a racial outcome of inequality. Rand Paul says this consequence was unintentional and he wants to try to fix it.

Paul, who believes in the legalization of medical marijuana, does point out that he is not arguing for the legalization of drugs altogether, but does believe that those charged with possession should not be incarcerated for extended periods of time. In partnership with Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Paul has proposed a bill on mandatory minimums. Currently, there are people in jail for up to 50 years for nonviolent crimes.  Our prisons are full of nonviolent criminals, and that’s a huge mistake that costs taxpayers a lot of money.

Paul’s bill also changes some drug laws in order to try to even out the punishment for similar drugs. He also promotes community treatment instead of federal anti-drug programs. Senator Paul is sticking with his position that communities—not federal programs—should take the lead in stemming drug abuse & providing treatment for addicts. There are a lot of young people who engage in drug use and rather than be placed in jail, could be a given a chance at life again.

“New Science Things That You (Probably) Didn’t Know About” List

First things first. Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, a deadly cancer, now has a cure. Not only that, scientists have been able to turn the cancerous cells into tumor fighting cells. In the midst of studying this particular cancer cell, they “added a transcription factor to the patient’s immune system.” Then, the cells began to transform into disease -fighting white blood cells. imageMaybe someday, cancer will be a thing of the past.

On a more “caring” note, scientists have created a pill that makes you a more caring individual. The Berkeley and San Francisco branches of University of California researched the effects of extending the effects of dopamine. It resulted in people being more sensitive to inequality. The contents of the capsule includes tolcapone. It’s FDA approved and used on Parkinson’s disease patients. Tolcapone is the active ingredient that prolongs the feeling of dopamine.

And for the final thing on this list, now, peanut allergies can be prevented. The effects of peanut allergies range from minor irritation to death. But an early death can be prevented by exposing babies to peanuts, thus building an immunity toward the allergy early on.

The times are advancing at a rapid pace, and we’ve arrived at a point in history where deathly diseases are prevented with a couple ounces of liquid and cars can drive without human assistance, which is pretty cool. The progression of science is kind of like a relay race, with each generation going further than the last could ever think of. When the adults in your life talk about how this generation’s kids are “spending too much time on the internet,” explain to them that this is our backyard/ neighborhood/wherever kids hung out before. We can see nearly every inch of the world, meet people we could never meet otherwise. In a way, advances in science support this new definition of childhood and everyday life. And that’s pretty cool.

Stay Strong, Bobby Brown

Shoutout to Bobby Brown, who forced himself on stage, so he could thank his supporters for all the love he’s been showered with over the past couple of extremely difficult and draining weeks.

Bobby with his daughter, Bobbi Kristina

Bobby with his daughter, Bobbi Kristina

This appearance is Bobby’s first since his daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, was found unresponsive in her bathtub. She was later reported to have been put into a medically induced coma once she had been hospitalized.

Sadly, this tragedy reminds the public all too well of Whitney Houston’s death back in 2012; Bobbi Kristina, Whitney’s only child with Brown, died under such similar circumstances that they seem too coincidental to be true. Fans can only pray for a miracle at this point.

Brown states he’s giving the situation “to God,” as there’s not much he can do at this moment other than hope Bobbi Kristina will wake up.

Stay Strong, Bobby Brown.

Exclusive: iPhone 7 Preview

Rumor has the word for the new iPhone 7. Yes, it’s going to happen.

Insider report this phone will be another inch bigger, so it will be a perfect fit for users with big fingers. And, for clumsy people, like most of us are sometimes, the phone will now be water proof, soimage no more complaints about a water damaged phone. One new feature on the phone will be a weight app, where the user can connect your phone to a new product, the iBelt.  The iBelt can be put around your stomach and gives you the power to control the sensitivity of the vibration that helps you lose weight and get the body you want.

Another app to be installed on the iPhone 7 is the air conditioning app, “Air Time”.  So, if you ever get hot during the summer, you can lift the bottom of the phone toward your face where a decent amount of cool air will rush out. No more sweaty selfies!

With a bigger phone, obviously there is going to be more space, reported to be about 500GB, which is nearly 4 times more than the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Really, there’s no reason why Apple can’t make the storages bigger, they just restrict on us just so you would buy more storage which is more money for them.

But, the newest feature, the iBreathe, allows the user to  blow onto the mic and it will tell read your BAC level, to tell you if you’re intoxicated or not, so be careful, because those will be recorded.

Teachers will look to get the new phone as they can use the laser pointer features and connect to smart boards and TVs instantly. And if you’re an average trouble-making teen, you can turn on the iGone app and it makes phone invisible/transparent so your parents can’t take it away at the dinner table, or you can take a picture of that cute girl you saw in the park without anyone knowing!

Overall, this phone can do many new things that everyone will enjoy. It’s a phone of the future and it’s coming next year, so have fun waiting.

Nike Air Mags: What We Know So Far

So this year, the Nike Air Mags are supposed to be re- released.

The Nike Air Mags are the shoes that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future 2 when himagee travelled to 2015.

In honor of the year and film, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield says they are going to release the model again.

The were originally 1,500 pairs which were auctioned off in 2011 on ebay and the proceeds went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease research.

These pairs auctioned off in 2011 had functioning lights and came with a charger and magnetic box.

The 2015 model allegedly also come with a functioning auto- lacing system.

The 2011 models sold on auction from anywhere from three to six thousand dollars and buying a pair now would cost between six and nine thousand dollars.

No one knows the retail cost or release dates so far, or how limited and difficult they will be to get. Some speculate the new model will be re-released on  the 21st of October because that is the exact day Marty traveled to.

The Breakfast Club Turns 30: 10 Things You Never Knew About the Film

The renowned John Hughes film, The Breakfast Club is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The movie was screened across the country from March 26th and March 31th this year. Trapped in a day-long Saturday detention in their high school library, five strangers begin their day with nothing in common. Each student bound to different high school cliques, manage to bond when faced with their malicious principal. They end up realizing that they have more in common than they may think and that they are more than their respective stereotype. Critics consider it one of the greatest high school films, as well as one of Hughes’ most memorable and recognizable works. If you have not seen this movie, it should definitely be next on your must-sees!

  1. The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off were both shot at the same high school.
  2. John Hughes only took two days to write a draft of the screenplay for the film.
  3. Actress Molly Ringwald was originally cast as Allison.
  4. Working titles include “The Lunch Bunch” and “Library Revolution.”
  5. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds was written specifically for the film.
  6. It was so hot on the upper level of the set that cast and crew would often pass out in the heat.
  7. The marijuana they smoke in the film was actually oregano.
  8. The scene in which the students share their detention stories is mostly improvised.
  9. Both John Cusack and Nicolas Cage were considered for the role of Bender.
  10. Judd Nelson ad-libbed the most iconic frame of the movie, the closing fist-pump.