Villagers guide on how NOT to earn credit

Credit guide

Sleeping on the job: Recommended for students who look to earn zero credit!

At Village School, we have a diverse student body and a clear path to earning credit for classes: attendance, effort, and work completion. There are, however, many paths to earning zero credit. As someone who did just that in his first semester at Village, I am expert on this topic.  If you, too, are interested in earning little to no credit in your classes, follow this simple guide.  I guarantee success!

In the beginning of the semester, you might find yourself worrying about all your classes.  My advice? DROP IT!  Just stop caring about most of your classes. This is the one key factor that a lot of people get mixed up on, they just seem to care too much about every class they take. This isn’t necessary! The only classes that you should give any sort of thought to are your ‘Regents’ courses. The reason behind this is that you need to retain information from these classes for state- mandated tests, which are required for graduation (if that’s your plan, that is.) As for your other electives, do the bare minimum and hope you get by. You probably won’t.

Another thing people tend to do is actually go to class.  This is the worst thing you can do if you want to earn little to no credit. Teachers love students that not only do well on their assessments, but also regularly attend school.  That is a sure way to earn full credit in any class, which is not what you want.  My recommendation? Don’t come to school- especially if you have some kind of project, test, or quiz that has to be done that day. If you must come to school because of parents or whoever making you, be sure to avoid teachers by cutting class, snoozing, spending an excessive amount of time in the bathroom- whatever it takes!  And getting into trouble for those things is just a bonus on the pathway to zero credit.

So to cover the bases:

  • DO NOT do work unless for Regents classes (which is still optional)
  • Only come to school if you are forced to by someone at home
  • And if you do make it to school, be sure to hide in the Commons or participate very little.  But the best thing to do is to just fall asleep.

Captain America 3: Civil War Review-WARNING SPOILER ALERT


Marvel’s new movie, Captain America 3: Civil War is a brilliant movie. The plot is extremely engaging with fights scenes throughout the entire film. It wasn’t one of those movies where heroes fight for only a few scenes – Batman V. Superman– *cough cough*. The story was different than the comic book story, but it was still well done. There aren’t many flashbacks, but there are references to the past. These references might click for some people, but they didn’t for me until the end. The movie is witty, well planned, and masterfully arranged.

The movie starts off with Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Falcon trying to capture Crossbones in Wakanda. It turns out Crossbones was wearing a suicide vest and exploded next to Captain America. However, Scarlet Witch contains the explosion, but struggles to move it out of the away. She ends up releasing the explosion near a building filled with people, killing several of them. The Sokovia Accords are meant to control the Avengers. This is necessary because they are currently “loose,” and need to be under strict supervision.

This is where the disagreements starts. Iron Man wants to go through with the signing of the Accords, but Captain America refuses to sign. When the U.N. meets for the passing of the Sokovia Accords, the whole building blows up, and Winter Soldier is blamed for it. Black Panther gets angry at Winter Soldier, because his father, King of Wakanda, died in the explosion. Captain America finds the Winter Soldier and comes to believe that he didn’t blow up the building. Captain America has faith and hope in his old friend that he will return back to normal. He never stops helping the Winter Soldier, even when his fellow Avengers try to get him to give the Winter Soldier up. I admired his dedication to his best friend. Even with the world against them, he still continued to fight with him. But, this causes the separation between Tony and Steve. After being controlled again, Bucky goes crazy and attacks people. After calming down, he engages in the final fight against Iron Man. Captain America joins Bucky, and in the end, Tony STANK is beaten. The “Civil War” refers to the fighting within the Avengers. Our heroes’ views are so different that Tony needs to capture Steve’s team and have them put behind reinforced bars. As a viewer, I fully understood that both sides were fighting for reasons that they believed in. The struggle between the characters is heartbreaking, yet understandable.

Check out what other Village School-ers thought of the film: 
Cindy- The movie shows the inner turmoil. Iron man is being driven by his ego,  while Captain America is driven by what he thinks is right based on his friends. Iron Man is reactive. Captain America thinks before he acts- he broke rules for good intent.  After disagreement, Captain America wants to help Tony if he ever wants it.The comedy was funny. Cindy’s favorite scene is the helicopter scene. Cindy is team Cap.
MaxThe movie was amazing and different from the typical Marvel movie. It brought the Avengers in the movie without the title of ‘Avengers’. This movie shows them more as humans than completely unrelatable heroes. Max’s favorite scene was the final fight. Max is team Cap. He read the comics and was and still is team Captain America. 

Is a Harley Quinn Spinoff in the Works?


Even though the release of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros.’s much anticipated movie, Suicide Squad is months away, word of a Harley Quinn movie starring Margot Robbie has started to spread over the last three days. As a Suicide Squad spinoff, not only would Margot Robbie return to reprise her role as Harley Quinn, but she would also produce the film. Early reports about the film say it has a female screenwriter attached, rumored to be Tina Fey, though this has not yet been confirmed.

Very few details are known about the project, but The Hollywood Reporter states in an exclusive article about the project that, “In an interesting twist, the project is not a Quinn solo movie. Rather, it would focus on several of DC’s female heroes and villains, with names such as Batgirl and Birds of Prey surfacing.” DC has a strong line of heroines and ‘villainesses’ and has began to focus more on these characters as their female readership and fanbase has risen. The company recently released a line of comics and products called DC Superhero Girls in hope of targeting the young female demographic. The comics feature Quinn and other characters such as Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Katana, Harley’s fellow member of the Suicide Squad, plus many more iconic DC heroes and villains. With this new branch of DC, it is very possible that some of these characters may make an appearance in the movie. Suicide-Squad-Margot-Robbie-Harley-Quinn-e1460354047360With all the history and popularity of Harley Quinn, the movie is a no- brainer for Warner Brothers.

Harley was originally created by writer Paul Dini as the sidekick and girlfriend of the joker, but to the surprise of many, she won the hearts of readers and has become one of DC’s most popular characters, out selling Wonder Woman in comics and merchandise. So even though the film has yet to be confirmed, fans can at least look forward to August 5, when Suicide Squad hits theaters.


3D Printing Copyright , Patent or Free



3d printing brings up new issues with patent and copyright law.

3d printing has changed the manufacturing process of goods. There is a 3d printing revolution taking place as we speak. But how users will be able to copyright intellectual property such as 3d printed designs stored on a computer using maker software? Copywriting has always been a complicated issue and coming to a consensus will not be easy. Laws need to be put in place in order for the industry to advance in the right way.

Some 3D Printing creations are eligible for patents, others are eligible for copyrights. Functional items, such as hinges and handles are covered by patents. Other items are covered by copyright such as decorative items. But Copyrighting and Patenting is a grey area, in respect to how it will be enforced. People will be able to 3d print anything copyrighted, patented, or not. But this presents a problem: 3d scanners and printers functions are combined together, which will cause a black market to emerge because items can easily be replicated from the comfort of users’ own homes.

So, laws need to be put in place and software developed to restrict users from easily obtaining things that they shouldn’t have by just pressing a few buttons.


Village School Mockingbirds


Toby Hatten, Village School science teacher, discovered a beautiful feat of nature a couple of days ago. What started as hearing little squeaks to following a mother mockingbird bring food to her babies, the science class found a nest of four baby birds newly hatched. The birds were identified as grey Northern Mockingbirds. These species of birds are usually characterized by two white stripes on their wings.

It is predicted that these birds will probably stay here during their lifetime. Northern Mockingbirds are native to where the baby birds hatch. The birth of these birds are the first of it’s kind in Village history. In a couple month’s time, the birds will learn to fly, and if you take a moment to look, you may see them flapping from the trees, as part of perfect spring scenery.


U.S Missile Defense System Sparks Controversy

Putin cries all the time, in this institution:

Putin cries all the time, in this institution:

On March 12th, the U.S launched a long-anticipated 800 million dollar missile defense system in Romania, sparking international controversy. An additional system is currently being built in Poland, which is expected to become operational in 2018. The missile defense system, also known as the “Aegis ashore system”, will be operated by NATO, historically a coalition against the Soviet Union, and has already been certified for operations by Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. In the same address, the Secretary General also insisted that the system is purely for defense purposes. U.S officials say that is intended for defense specifically against “rogue states”, such as Iran.

The fortuitous timing of the defense system’s completion coincides with recent controversy over Russian aggression in Ukraine and Georgia, among other threatened bordering nations. In spite of these recent imbroglios, Russian officials have shifted the blame to the U.S, claiming that the missile defense system violates the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, which was a bilateral agreement between the U.S and the USSR. In fact, there is no evidence that the Obama administration has any plans to challenge Russia in the immediate future; back in 2009, Obama canceled a similar Bush-era plan to station land-based interceptors in Poland and the Czech Republic. At the time, many members of NATO were concerned that the U.S had totally abandoned the missile defense project. It is speculated by experts that the Obama administration was in the process of trying to repair relations with Russia by signing an arms reduction treaty, also known as the “New START” treaty, thus signalling that the missile defense system truly was not directed towards it.
It seems that Russia was not convinced by Obama’s gesture of good faith, and has already responded by implementing a railroad-based missile system. Russia has also drawn support from Belarus, which pledges to aid Russia in countering NATO’s missile defense program. Belarus and Russia have already established a “union state” and continue to strengthen military ties. The Belarusian foreign minister simply recited concerns similar to those posed by the Russians, saying that NATO actions have only increased tensions.

Rob Ford: They Thought He Was Back, However…

Rob Ford, Ex-Mayor of Toronto

Rob Ford, Ex-Mayor of Toronto

Robert Bruce “Rob” Ford was taken from this world on March 22, 2016. He died of cancer. The Canadian Mayor of Toronto, who was known for his consumption of copious amounts of cocaine, was a great man and was remembered for the wrong things. Remembered, that is, until he was believed to be with us once more.

Rob Ford’s body was found to be missing from his grave on May 11, 2016, and Canada’s top minds were baffled. They’d never seen anything like this before. “He obviously wasn’t stolen, this is Canada!” Justin Trudeau, Canada’s current prime minister boldly claimed in an interview. “We don’t have those kinds of people here!” When Canada’s top logistical theorist, Hugh Jundys, declared that due to the fact that nobody in Canada has the evil in them to steal anything, even a corpse, Mayor Ford must have come back to life.

“We investigated the hell out of the case,” Michel Coulombe, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), revealed in an interview. “We searched all over Canada, we went to the States, up to Yukon and the North.” CSIS found the body three graves down, and they figured out when he’d been buried. “April 1st, it was just a prank! We knew a Canadian could never do something so mean, it was just a light-hearted joke.”

G-Unit Reunion?

It is quite possible the beef between longtime rivals The Game and 50 Cent has been squashed. Both artists were reportedly at the video shoot for Dj Drama’s “Wishing” along with multiple Instagram posts by Pharaoh Jackson suggesting that the feud between these two rap icons had been settled. This being said, it would be a dream come true for hip-hop fans if a collaboration could make its way into the works. However, it is more than possible that the situation is still quite delicate and the production of another project could easily strain such untried repairs.


A collaboration could also bring about unwelcome nostalgia between Game and 50. It was The Game’s first album The Documentary that set the stage for G-Unit’s historic breakup. There had already been tension between the two, and upon the album’s release, the stress boiled over. 50 claimed he had written 6 of the songs on The Documentary, which Game quickly denied. This, along with a member of Game’s entourage being shot at the Hot 97 studio in New York City, significantly distancing these members of the Unit.

Bitterness after the split continued, including The Game’s boycott of G-Unit known as “G-Unot,” and the “300 Bars and Runnin” diss.

Fortunately, as time passed, the drama died down and mutual “ceasefires” were agreed to by both parties. Ties withstood the test of time, although the strength of certain connections were strained.
A G-Unit reunion would allow for the healing of a significant wound in the world of hip-hop, and that would be more than a blessing.  

A Short Article

Many people are cGraphic-showing-taller-people-less-likely-to-get-heart-disease-than-short-peopleonsidered to be short: Martin Freeman, Tyrion Lannister- (the little person on Game of Thrones, played by Peter Dinklage), and the author of this (terribly short) article. But what are the qualifications of “short?” Wikipedia says that in the United States, an individual is considered short if he or she measures under 5’2″. But man or woman, they say that what society defines as short is debatable.


There are a number of things that can lead to short stature.  The first place to look is at one’s genes. Thergotta-hand-it-to-short-peoplee really isn’t too much someone can do to subvert genetics, although jeans can be tailored to accommodate any height.

Outside of genetic predisposition, chronic or prolonged hormone deficiency, malnutrition, disease of a major organ system, drugs during fetal development, certain drugs for treatment of a disease, and osteoporosis can cause “Short Stature.”


Shorts: Worn in warm weather or when participating in sweat-inducing activities

Apparently, short stature could result in “sudden death.” So at any moment, I could drop dea–




But despite all that, statistics say that short people, on average, live longer. Every additional 4 inches increases your chances for (any type of) cancer by 13%. And, we can laugh at you when you fall over: shorter people have a lower center of gravity, so less chance of falling down. And laughter is great for the body!