North Korean Threat

North Korea has always made threats against the USA and the western way of life; lately however, things are getting much scarier. Recent missile tests proved they have the capability to reach the USA with ground-based missiles. There have been a lot of failed tests coming from the north lately, either failure to launch, missiles disintegrating mid-air, or something else. This led North Korean officials to believe that the USA was sabotaging them. The most recent test, however, proves a different point. North Korea is well on its way to developing nuclear warheads capable of taking out American cities. With a trajectory that was vertical, the newly tested missile reached an altitude of approximately 1,300 miles, estimated to reach 3,000 miles with a horizontal trajectory. With the approximate trajectory of 3,000 miles, and the US military base in Guam only 2,200 miles away, many US officials are on high alert, ready for anything.

Clash Of Rulers

Clash Of Rulers

Many speculate that the test was to see how high they could get a missile to go because the higher it goes, the faster and more violent the reentry is. This is related to a ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) warhead and while it was as intense as one, the duration was shorter. The threat of North Korea having ICBM warheads that could reach the Continental United States is fairly scary to think about. They never had any weapons that were a major threat to the USA, but now with these new developments, there is a possibility of war within the next few years.

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