Bulldozers Destroy One of Belize’s Oldest and Largest Pyramids

By Tyler Plaksis

A Bulldozer plowing through ancient ruins.

A Bulldozer plowing through ancient ruins.

Today in Belize, while building a road, construction workers stumbled upon a Mayan pyramid buried in the hillside they were ripping apart. The company constructing the road claimed the workers did not recognize what they were tearing through until they found a hollowed out tunnel in side of the hill that they where demoing.”This is one of the worst [wreckages] I have seen in my entire 25 years of archaeology in Belize,” John Morris, an archaeologist with the Institute of Archaeology stated. Jaime Awe, director of the Institute of Archaeology, said he was sickened by the destruction. Morris said that the construction company must have been aware of the site’s significance. “There is absolutely no way that they would not know that these are Maya Mounds… even for you guys as laypeople can look and you’ll see the building,” he said. So now, because of construction workers’ ignorance and accused disregard for history, there is one less Mayan pyramid.

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