Introducing Spot: A New Breed of Robot Dog

By Tyler Plakstis

Spot and his brother climbing a hill.

Spot and his brother climbing a hill.

Do you want a dog but don’t want the responsibility of feeding it or cleaning up dog poop? ¬†Well, meet Spot. He is the first all electric powered piston driven dog robot machine. He weighs in at 160 lbs or 73 kg, and weighing that much, Spot is no lap dog. Spot was created by the people at Boston Dynamics who also created “Big Dog”, the company’s 240- pound gas powered robot dog, and “ls3”, who can throw cinder blocks. Spot can have civilian and military uses such as helping the blind or carrying equipment for troops. Spot can happily tackle steep slopes, steps, and rough terrain, and even recover after a hard kick to the ribs.

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