Google’s CEO

1749_5021594_origHave you ever wondered who the CEO of Google is? Well, his name is Sundar Pichai and he wants to change the world. He was born in Madurai, Tamil, India. He lived most of his childhood in Chennai. His father was an electrical engineer at GE. His father owned a two room apartment in Chennai, and Sundar Pichai grew up in this apartment. He received his degree from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering. Later, he came to U.S to study at Stanford University.

He started to work at Google in 2004. He was working on incorporating Google as the default search engine on the toolbar in Internet Explorer and Firefox. He took over the Chrome project and brought it to the world in 2008. He was a major contributor to the creation of Google Drive and Chrome OS. He was put in charge of Android and is working on mobile carriers.
Currently, he is working on artificial intelligence, and how it can change the way we ask questions. Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google, had a dream that questions could be answered before being asked. It sounds weird, but think of the possibilities. For example, an A.I. assistant might say, “Father’s Day is coming up– here are some ideas.”  These helpful tips would occur even before you asked about Father’s Day. With inventions like that, the future for Sundar Pichai seems endless. He is in charge of so many projects from Google, many of which can change the world.

Captain America 3: Civil War Review-WARNING SPOILER ALERT


Marvel’s new movie, Captain America 3: Civil War is a brilliant movie. The plot is extremely engaging with fights scenes throughout the entire film. It wasn’t one of those movies where heroes fight for only a few scenes – Batman V. Superman– *cough cough*. The story was different than the comic book story, but it was still well done. There aren’t many flashbacks, but there are references to the past. These references might click for some people, but they didn’t for me until the end. The movie is witty, well planned, and masterfully arranged.

The movie starts off with Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, and Falcon trying to capture Crossbones in Wakanda. It turns out Crossbones was wearing a suicide vest and exploded next to Captain America. However, Scarlet Witch contains the explosion, but struggles to move it out of the away. She ends up releasing the explosion near a building filled with people, killing several of them. The Sokovia Accords are meant to control the Avengers. This is necessary because they are currently “loose,” and need to be under strict supervision.

This is where the disagreements starts. Iron Man wants to go through with the signing of the Accords, but Captain America refuses to sign. When the U.N. meets for the passing of the Sokovia Accords, the whole building blows up, and Winter Soldier is blamed for it. Black Panther gets angry at Winter Soldier, because his father, King of Wakanda, died in the explosion. Captain America finds the Winter Soldier and comes to believe that he didn’t blow up the building. Captain America has faith and hope in his old friend that he will return back to normal. He never stops helping the Winter Soldier, even when his fellow Avengers try to get him to give the Winter Soldier up. I admired his dedication to his best friend. Even with the world against them, he still continued to fight with him. But, this causes the separation between Tony and Steve. After being controlled again, Bucky goes crazy and attacks people. After calming down, he engages in the final fight against Iron Man. Captain America joins Bucky, and in the end, Tony STANK is beaten. The “Civil War” refers to the fighting within the Avengers. Our heroes’ views are so different that Tony needs to capture Steve’s team and have them put behind reinforced bars. As a viewer, I fully understood that both sides were fighting for reasons that they believed in. The struggle between the characters is heartbreaking, yet understandable.

Check out what other Village School-ers thought of the film: 
Cindy- The movie shows the inner turmoil. Iron man is being driven by his ego,  while Captain America is driven by what he thinks is right based on his friends. Iron Man is reactive. Captain America thinks before he acts- he broke rules for good intent.  After disagreement, Captain America wants to help Tony if he ever wants it.The comedy was funny. Cindy’s favorite scene is the helicopter scene. Cindy is team Cap.
MaxThe movie was amazing and different from the typical Marvel movie. It brought the Avengers in the movie without the title of ‘Avengers’. This movie shows them more as humans than completely unrelatable heroes. Max’s favorite scene was the final fight. Max is team Cap. He read the comics and was and still is team Captain America. 

Project Fi

Google's new project

Google’s new project.

Google is in charge of many innovative ideas and projects. Their ideas range from making the fastest internet to spreading the internet through balloons and planes. Google tries to push companies to be more helpful to the consumers. One of the new projects that is striving toward this goal is called Project Fi. Project Fi is a network for phones to connect to in order to get better reception.

Project Fi combines two big networks, Sprint and T-Mobile. Project Fi’s network is now even bigger than Sprint or T-Mobile alone. ‘Wi-Fi Assistant’ is a built-in program in the sim card, which enables the phone to automatically, and securely, connect to open Wi-Fi networks. This happens seamlessly, and the connection is completely encrypted in order to prevent people from stealing passwords and other valuable information. Since the sim card allows phones to have two networks, the phone switches to the network with a stronger connection, which prevents dropped calls. The whole idea for this is to improve cellular connection at a reasonable price. The one downside is that a Nexus phone (Nexus 5, 6, or 6P) is needed in order to start using it; the sim card doesn’t work with other phones like iPhones or most android phones. Google said they’re trying to get more phones compatible, but hasn’t happened yet.

The plan for Project Fi  is unlimited talk and text for $20.  Data plans work in a different way. As it stands now, major network companies charge people ridiculous fees for overusing their data and if they don’t use up all the data they paid for, they don’t receive a credit to their account. But with Project Fi, the data plans aren’t set in stone. If a subscriber uses less data than he or she paid for, money gets returned for the unused data. If a subscriber goes over the data limit, then he or she only pays for the extra datea used. For example, if Kylar’s data limit is 2.0 GB and he uses 2.6 GB, then he would pay the 2.0 GB of data as well as the .6 GB of data. The plans start $10 per gigabyte of data. My recommendation, if you are planning to try out Project Fi, is to get the $20 plan for the talk and text, and add $10 for 1 GB of data.

These sim cards are easier to get in our area than Google Fiber. Project Fi is currently only accepting subscribers through invites. If you sign up on their website, then wait a week, and you’ll be able to get a sim card that has all of the capabilities of switching networks at a sensible price. The Project Fi app also breaks down your bill, so it is easier to understand. 

The Art of Card Throwing

Many people probably have either heard of or seen X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but do you remember,Gambit, the card- creating and manipulating mutant? He literally made cards explode and threw them like ninja stars.  When Wolverine tried to extract information from him, Gambit took the cards on the table and shot them out. Did you ever wonder if that was actually possible? While many might think this potentially cool party trick can’t be done, it is possible!  Except for the exploding cards part, of course. But people can, in fact, throw cards with such force that it could penetrate things.  People have been seen cutting vegetables with just a playing card. People have held celery and card throwers have cut the celery down in pieces. Carrots were chopped off and balloons were popped off! To be able to control cards in a way where they could cut things and travel distances not thought possible is an art worth mastering. 

Everyone usually thinks the key to doing this is power, but actually the key is the spin. The faster the spin, the more revolutions that take place, and the more revolutions, the more cutting power. The spin helps the card to go further and stabilize better. This aids in accuracy and distance for cards. I’ve already thrown a card in school and it landed in an amazing spot that hopefully you’ll all be able to see. Now, after a lot of practice, my card throwing techniques got better. The cards will either rip, chip, or fold whenever I throw them into something. These cards hold a lot of power, but you can also use them in other ways with less power. For example, the boomerang effect lets you throw a card in the air and when it comes back, you’ll  be able to catch it without moving your position too much. The techniques for these effects are all based on spin.

There are many masters of this art, but my favorite is Rick Smith Jr., who is featured in the video above. To set the world record for card-throwing distance, he threw the card in an arena in order to capture how far the card flew. At first, he tried to go for the longest distance, but the air conditioning system was running. So, he was unable to go as far as he wanted. When he realized the A/C was running, he was able to turn it off and finally reach the world record of 65.96 meters. I know I need more practice in this field in order to get better, and I’m willing to work on it to improve my art of card throwing. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Even if nobody is perfect, then why not get close? Eventually, you’ll see yourself throwing cards like Gambit.

The Zika Virus

Aedes Mosquito

Aedes Mosquito

There is a virus going around, and it quickly gained infamy for the immense amount of people who became infected by the virus. The Zika virus was first isolated in The Zika forest, In Uganda, a rhesus monkey in 1947 was found having this virus and it was found later in humans in 1954. The Zika virus is spreading far and at a high rate. The virus outbreak has occurred in many places like South America, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Pacific Islands, and Cape Verde. People travelling to these places are sometimes coming back with the virus could cause more outbreaks happen at different places. There already are alerts for people travelling to these places. These alerts are to restrict the spread of the virus. Brazil had a major outbreak in May 2015. People traveling there are on high alert. This virus is causing many people emotional and physical suffering.

The transmission of this virus has many mediums of getting to people. The main way is through mosquitoes. Mosquitoes spread this disease when drinking the blood of infected people. These mosquitoes are called Aedes mosquitoes, and they are aggressive daytime biters. Another way of being transmitted is sexual activities. Since the virus stays longer in semen than blood. The illness from this virus is usually mild with symptoms lasting for many days. People don’t get so sick enough that they would choose to go to hospitals. States are starting to get Zika virus cases, and Texas hospitals are developing quick Zika virus detection tests.

A Baby with an undersized head.

A Baby with an undersized head.

There are many symptoms that form from the virus. The most common symptoms of the Zika virus are fever, rash, joint pain, muscle pain, red eyes, loss of appetite, vomiting, chills, sweating, fatigue, and headache. Fevers around 101.3 degrees and swelling of small joints in fingers and feet. Inflammation in the surface of the eye causing conjunctivitis. This causes stickiness and pain. The rash creates red spots to form and generally they are clumped together in one place. They don’t leave any long term marks and heals when the virus heals as well. This virus can cause more issues for pregnant women. The mothers can give birth to babies with birth defects called microcephaly. This causes babies to have much smaller heads than expected. This happens when the brain doesn’t develop properly during pregnancy. The Zika virus would first infect to the pregnant woman and then it would be passed down to her fetus. When the Zika virus goes through the placental barrier then the development is at risk. The small head could cause brain damage to the babies either during or after pregnancy. This causes people emotional pain when they see their child going through this.
Treatments for this virus are not cures, and there are no vaccines for people. To treat the symptoms get plenty of rest. Drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration. Take medicine like Tylenol to help with the fever and the pain. Aspirin shouldn’t be taken. Also if required, talk to your doctor for any more additional medicine. To prevent the transmission of the virus make sure to spray yourselves with EPA insect repellent. Also try to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. When going to sleep, the CDC recommends getting a bed net to prevent mosquitoes from biting you in your sleep. The Zika virus may be difficult for some people to tolerate, but people shouldn’t just give up on trying to go against the virus.

Who is Manoj Bhargava?

Manoj Bhargava

Manoj Bhargava

Manoj Bhargava is an Indian American businessman and philanthropist who has given 90% of his wealth towards many great causes, and also pledged to give 99% of his money in 2015 for philanthropic causes. Charities and programs he’s funded include free lunches at underprivileged schools and teaching women how to take care of themselves in businesses. Manoj Bhargava also heads foundations such as The Hans Foundation and Rural India Supporting Trust. And, he has earned a billion dollars in sales from a product he invented. Figured it out yet? Have you heard of 5- Hour ENERGY? Well, Manoj Bhargava is the founder and CEO of the 5- Hour ENERGY company. There are many wealthy people out there who, in my opinion, aren’t doing the most they can with their money for the benefit of others.

Bhargava was born in Lucknow, India, and moved to United States as a teenager. He lived in an impoverished neighborhood in Philadelphia. His family rented a house for $80 a month and used to split a coca cola for four people as a treat. He attended a prestigious boarding school, Hill School, and excelled in mathematics early in his academic career. He was a student at Hill School before going to Princeton. He dropped out of Princeton after one year, because he didn’t find himself fit for the lifestyle of a Princeton student. He also didn’t find the learning challenging enough. So, he dropped out without getting a college degree. Afterwards, Bhargava didn’t get any job offers he wanted. Manoj did some office work and construction jobs. He did these jobs until he went back to India and became an ashram monk.

After a decade in India he ended up permanently moving to America to help his parents’ plastics business. He wasn’t enthusiastic about running the family business. So he used the business and his skills to buy manufacturing plants and make them more efficient. He then sold the company in 2006 for $20 million, and went into the energy drink business. He made a huge success in his business. He funds many projects in order to help the world around him.


Manoj Bhargava constantly works towards a better future for people in need of water and electricity. He had a team invent a hybrid bicycle. Basically, if you pedal this bicycle for an hour you will have electricity for 24 hours. They call this, “Free electricity.” In many other countries electricity isn’t stable. Even in the U.S. the electricity can go out after a natural disaster. There isn’t  any pollution being produced by this machine. He also recognizes the need of water everywhere. A project called Rainmaker, which turns seawater or any dirty water into drinkable water. The Rainmaker can make a thousand gallons per hour. This is efficient for people who have trouble getting drinking water on a regular basis. This could help places like California that suffer drought problems. He is always looking for inventions that could change the world and chooses to help the project by funding them and hiring people to work in them. These inventions could eventually change how the world runs.
Being an ashram monk, he learned that excessive consumption can harm you, while a simple life could have you better off. He doesn’t even have a second house, because he already has, “Enough problems with his first house.” He believes that if you have wealth, then it is your obligation to help those who are in need. These goals he has developed aren’t just for himself, but for the benefit of others. If there were more billionaires like Manoj Bhargava, then maybe our world would be easier to live in.