North Korean Threat

North Korea has always made threats against the USA and the western way of life; lately however, things are getting much scarier. Recent missile tests proved they have the capability to reach the USA with ground-based missiles. There have been a lot of failed tests coming from the north lately, either failure to launch, missiles disintegrating mid-air, or something else. This led North Korean officials to believe that the USA was sabotaging them. The most recent test, however, proves a different point. North Korea is well on its way to developing nuclear warheads capable of taking out American cities. With a trajectory that was vertical, the newly tested missile reached an altitude of approximately 1,300 miles, estimated to reach 3,000 miles with a horizontal trajectory. With the approximate trajectory of 3,000 miles, and the US military base in Guam only 2,200 miles away, many US officials are on high alert, ready for anything.

Clash Of Rulers

Clash Of Rulers

Many speculate that the test was to see how high they could get a missile to go because the higher it goes, the faster and more violent the reentry is. This is related to a ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) warhead and while it was as intense as one, the duration was shorter. The threat of North Korea having ICBM warheads that could reach the Continental United States is fairly scary to think about. They never had any weapons that were a major threat to the USA, but now with these new developments, there is a possibility of war within the next few years.

The Uber, the Bad and the Ugly

The well known start up company Uber has been flagged lately with a lot of controversy, from not paying workers what they deserve to the stealing of intellectual property. The seemingly squeaky clean company may have a few dark secrets.

Uber is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice because of a tool they built to help their drivers avoid law enforcement in states where Uber is not currently legal. “We support the criminal investigation by the United States Department of Justice into Uber’s use of the Greyball tool to evade regulators, and will continue to move forward with our own efforts to subpoena the requested records from Uber,” Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman said in a statement.

Uber is also currently in the courtroom for charges that they stole trade secrets and intellectual property for its self-driving car business from Google’s (GOOGL, Tech30) Waymo. The case may prove Uber officials wrong with what they call “potentially … the most lucrative business in history.” There are many things currently putting Uber at risk of losing customers and potentially even their legal standing.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick recently bailed on appearing at a big tech conference amid an ongoing internal investigation into sexual harassment allegations made by a former employee. This may be one of the worst suits currently facing Uber, not from a legal standpoint, but from the bad publicity that could cause them to lose many of their clients.

Once a booming startup, Uber is now losing consumers support because of multiple law suits and bad headlines. Not to mention the fact that there are now competitors that cost less and have fewer dirty secrets. “Public perception is shaken,” Mike Walsh, an early Uber investor told CNNTech, “But I’m hopeful and confident that’ll come back.” The damage has been months in the making. Uber was hit by a viral boycott in late January after it was perceived as breaking up a strike of taxi drivers who were protesting President Trump’s travel ban. The next month it launched an “urgent” investigation in response to sexual harassment allegations. Weeks later, Kalanick was caught on camera arguing with an Uber driver.

Along the way, there have been a series of executive departures, including president Jeff Jones, who quit because of concerns over the firm’s management culture, and Rachel Whetstone, head of policy and communications. It “sends a bad signal to other employees and potential hires,” Walsh said. “A company can’t grow and excel without top talent, so this is concerning to me.” Meanwhile, some of Uber’s competitors are benefiting from its stumbles. Lyft, Uber’s top rival in the U.S., recently raised $600 million in funding and said it experienced a 60% increase in new passenger signups the week after the Uber boycott. “Lyft was doing well before Uber shot itself in the foot,” Michael Moe, a Lyft investor, told CNNTech in an interview last month. “But certainly those issues at Uber… have created an acceleration to Lyft’s business.”

That doesn’t mean Uber’s drivers are suddenly fleeing the service. Harry Campbell, a driver for Uber and Lyft who runs a popular blog for drivers in the industry, said “Uber is just as busy as ever for drivers.”

“Too” by FIDLAR review -Zach Mirsky

Band Members

Band Members

The name FIDLAR stands for “F*** It Dog, Life’s A Risk,” and the name seems quite fitting for the music and lyrics. To sum up their latest album, “Too” is about getting sober and all the struggles and setbacks that come with it. Zac Carper, who has recently become sober, got the worst phone call in his life on May 18, 2013. “I was with this girl, and we were both drug addicts,” says Carper. “She was pregnant, and she overdosed on heroin while I was on tour.” She died from a staph infection, presumably from a dirty needle. “That day, I found out that my girlfriend was dead,” he recalls, covering his eyes with his hand. “I felt such guilt and shame over it. I was the one who introduced her to getting high. She had a miscarriage with my kid. I didn’t know what to do besides drink my life away.”

Carper’s addiction almost ended the band and his life several times. When talking about the new record “Too,” he says, “Dude, life for me is … hard and I use drugs to get over that. Now you take the medicine away, which was drugs, then I’m like a crazy person. I’m like psychotic now. I have mood swings. The only way I can deal with it is to write.”



Enough background, let’s talk about the music. This album has grown on me in such a short amount of time, to the point where for the most part, there are not many complaints about it. This album opens up with a banger, “40oz On Repeat,” a song that really paints a picture of an awkward kid with horrible anxiety and who is just isolated, painted by lines like “I don’t know why it’s so difficult for me talk to somebody I don’t know/Well I tried to ask you out about a thousand times/But in my head you just always say ‘no.’” The song title shouts out Sublime with their track “40oz To Freedom.” Then the song “Punks,” a song with intense screeched vocals, a (VERY) catchy and fuzzy guitar riff, and even a super bluesy organ sandwiched in there somewhere. That then leads to the song “West Coast,” a super fun and catchy skate punk song about skipping school, failing, and having fun. The classic subject: teenage debauchery. My favorite song on the album is “Bad Habits,” which is super relatable and very dark, lyrically. That was the first song written for the album and was sketched out when Carper was in rehab.

Favs: Bad Habits; Leave Me Alone; Sober; Overdose

Least Favs: Bad Medicine; Drone

Album Rating: 8/10

A Leap in the Legalization of Cannabis

According to the CBC, Canada’s liberal government will announce legislation this month that will nationally legalize marijuana by next summer. Provinces will have the right to decide how the marijuana is distributed and sold, what prices are appropriate and what age to sell to. College age voters are the most important in this upcoming vote to nationally legalize cannabis use in Canada. The University of Michigan reports that more than 38 percent of college students used marijuana in 2015 and since then the use of alcohol, tobacco and narcotics has declined. There are already 25 states that have legalized medicinal marijuana, against federal law, to treat a large number of illnesses from insomnia to epilepsy and even to help prevent opioid overdose. On a larger scale, government taxation on marijuana could provide new funds for the economy, with Colorado showing a increase of about $2.4 billion in 2015 alone. The legalization of marijuana would also greatly reduce the US’s incarceration rate. With 8.2 million arrests in the last 10 years for marijuana, and 88 percent of those arrests being just for possession, trying to uphold marijuana regulation costs states over $3 billion, money that would be of much better use for public interests. If there are already a large number of young people invested in the industry, then the public and government officials better start listening because otherwise The United States might just go up in smoke. Not to mention that the marijuana industry is the fastest growing industry in The United States. If it continues to grow at the same rate, as the federal prohibition is lifted, then the amount of taxes that could be collected from the industry would help the nation’s economy significantly.

Harmless Flowering Plant

Harmless Flowering Plant

E.P.A. Cuts

Back in 2014, a town in Ohio found a green substance in their water supply, rendering the drinking water for nearly half a million residents unsafe. Toledo’s environmental agency sent samples of the water to the E.P.A. lab in Cincinnati and they found that the water contained microcystin, a rare but toxic substance that is produced by algae blooms in water and causes liver damage in humans. The funding that allowed the E.P.A. to respond to the situation is now being threatened by Trump’s 2018 fiscal year budget. With the E.P.A. receiving a 31% cut, larger than any other agency, problems like these will have no way to be solved. Many environmental problems that need help from the E.P.A. will no longer be funded, such as oil and chemical spills to name a couple. Trump’s new budget would cut the E.P.A. from a current budget of $8.1 billion to $5.7 billion and cut 3,200 jobs from their current 15,000 employees.EPA

Former E.P.A. officials say that in cases of responding to emergencies like the one that affected Toledo’s water supply, states often lack the resources and expertise to clean up these problems, and without the help from E.P.A. they would not be able to. Mr. Butler, the director of Ohio’s environmental agency, said, “I’m a huge fan of cooperative federalism… This process of reviewing the federal budget and removing programs that are duplicative is completely appropriate.” But he added, “Where that message conflicts with the president’s budget is where they say, ‘Hey, states, we want you to do this work, but we’re going to cut your budget to do it.’”

Trump wants to cut E.P.A. funding and have states do their own environmental work, but is making it impossible because most of the funding for states’ environmental agencies comes from the E.P.A.

Trump’s Dual Roles Collide with Presidency

Donald J. Trump, the recently sworn in president of the United States of America, has gone against the constitution and he does not care, and as it seems neither do the American people. Trump has been taking money directly from foreign world leaders in return for access to do business in the USA.

Mr. Trump’s multinational corporation has been making deals in foreign countries with people in the government. This is in direct violation of the constitution which states that the president is not allowed to accept anything from foreign leaders. This has raised the question of whether or not what he is doing is really unconstitutional, seeing as most of the deals that have recently gone through were in their beginning stages before Trump became president. However, Trump has not only made deals with these people, but he has also accepted a multitude of gifts, and this has made many people believe that these were in return for total control over the US economy. There have already been reports of foreign leaders buying land in the US in order to start the construction of “Super Hedge Fund” sites. Basically, they built factories on the land and start producing goods. From there they will build towns and shops that only sell goods made in these factories. You may ask, wouldn’t that be a monopoly? It is, however; with Trump’s executive order, he has made it legal for anyone that is a business partner of his to create such monopolies.

Trump, plotting against America

Trump, Plotting against America

This wouldn’t be all bad if it was from allied countries, but so far Trump has only signed with countries that we currently have conflict with. This leads many to believe that he, is in fact, a Russian spy sent to take over the US and make it into Putin’s own personal sandbox. Reports found from American Intelligence Officers, or AIO, have shown that Trump does have major ties to Russia. This has led to many believing that his wife, Melania, was sent by the Russian government to keep an eye on Trump and make sure that everything he is doing is up to par with what the Russians are asking of him.

There is no real way to tell  if these claims are true yet, but speculation has led to the belief that they are and that the American people are now being led by Russia and other foreign powers. Trump’s paranoia has led him to make some very large claims against the Obama administration. He is claiming that they wire tapped his phones and bugged his house. People are starting to question Trump’s legitimacy and many people have stated that claims as serious as these can be grounds for impeachment if they turn out to not be true.

So we now have a president who is possibly a Russian spy, making deals with our enemies, who goes directly against the constitution, and is so paranoid that he just made a claim against former president Barack Obama that could lead to his own impeachment. All this being said most of it is not true and was written to try and fool you by making crazy outlandish claims.  

Hugh Jackman Leaves roll as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has played the role of Wolverine in Marvel’s The X-Men for about 17 years now ever since his first appearance in the original X-Men back in 2000. But after years of tiring work Jackman is ready to call it a wrap, with Marvel’s Logan being one of the last films that he expects to play in the role of Wolverine. Hugh Jackman states that he is uncomfortable leaving the role, as it has been a major part of his life for such a long time. He also states that “there’s been a gnawing turmoil that I hadn’t really nailed it, fully — either story or performance or whatever,” but not with Logan


Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Logan is the real story behind Wolverine, with his life as a hero falling into darkness and torment. The idea was thought up by Jackman himself after being asked if he had to do one last movie and what would it be. After “a few wines” he blurted something out and then went home and went to sleep. He then later woke up to send a voice memo, and that became the basis for the plot.


The director of Logan James Mangold said in an interview, “By thinking of this as his curtain call, he arrived every day on set electric. I don’t think anyone can see this film and call it a paycheck film for him.” Hugh Jackman was not going to leave the tale of Wolverine half finished or done poorly, so he gave it his all every day in hopes that his spectacular performance would give the character of Wolverine a good ending point, one that people will remember.


Mr. Jackman said that he knew that the role would eventually get passed on and there would be a new Wolverine and that he was at peace with that, but then jokingly said, “unless Daniel Day-Lewis plays him and wins the Oscar — then I might have a little problem.”


He recently spent a lot of time in New York filming The Greatest Showman which he did not intend to pivot from The X-Men franchise, but he had been working to help develop it for some time. In this movie, he plays a showboating, larger-than-life impresario, who is almost an opposite of his role as Wolverine.


Hugh Jackman has decided that the newest film, Logan would be his last performance as Wolverine, and he is at peace that his role will be taken over by someone else and that he will have to see the role that he played for years being played by someone else.


Police Brutality Calls for Total Overhaul of Towns Police

After a New Year’s party ends in a black citizen being forced to the ground and tased, members of the majority white town of Yellow Springs, Ohio, are speaking up against the police of the town, calling for a total overhaul of the police force.

The Town of Yellow Springs, Ohio

The Town of Yellow Springs, Ohio

On New Year’s eve the residents of the small town of Yellow Springs gathered in the streets to watch as a disco ball was dropped to the pavement, Something that the residents of this town have been doing for years. Just after midnight the police started to break up the crowd, something that they usually waited around 45 minutes to do. They did this by driving their cruisers through the crowd, lights flashing and horns buzzing. Tensions grew and several residents approached the officers to ask what they were doing. One individual was said to be drunk and disorderly, slamming his fists on the police cruiser, a claim that his lawyer says is not true. After being asked to step back officers tackled the man to the ground, after he got up and tried to run away officers tried to taze him with multiple civilians stepping in the way in order to block the taser. After this there were many different viewpoints of why the incident occurred, with the white members of community blaming it on just the fact that there was no connection from police to the people and minorities claiming that it was a racial incident, either way both parties are calling for the same thing, a big change in the town’s police.

Since this happened proposals for dealing with the situation range from replacing officers with social workers to providing subsidies to officers who come from the town, as many of them are not from the area. As a result the town has appointed one of their officers as the chief until a permanent replacement can be found.

I Will Not Stand

I will not stand with a society that ridicules men for not being “manly”. I will not stand with you if you shut down others and degrade them for what they believe, what color their skin is, or for the country in which they live. A society that allows people to be discriminated against because of who they love, is something for which I will not stand.

We are the movement. We must change this society.

We are the movement. We must change this society.

If a woman walks down the street and is constantly harassed and this is viewed as acceptable, will not stand with you. In a world filled with so much hate, I will not stand with those who add to it.

In a world where my ability to take a single test determines the rest of my life, where smart individuals are shunned for not testing well, I will not stand. We live in a world where a fish’s intelligence is judged by it’s ability to climb a tree, and for this I can not stand.

We live in a world where women are afraid to walk home alone at night and we don’t teach boys not to rape, but rather, teach girls not to wear certain clothes which might provoke attackers.

This society is so beyond the point of “I Will Not Stand” we have reached a point where people are leaving the country in order to escape the madness only to find out it is just as bad everywhere else. 

I will not stand with those who think it is ok to massacre people based on their beliefs, where a Muslim man is stopped and strip searched at an airport, or a Mexican man is stopped at a checkpoint and needs to prove his right to be in this country.

I will not stand with a society in which a woman gets paid less just because she is a woman, where a man is judged by who he brings to bed with him at night, where a woman’s skin can’t be exposed without being called a whore or a slut or a skank and is sent home from school if her shoulder is exposed, or where those who lie and cheat are rewarded with powerful political positions.

I will not stand with the top 80 people of the world retaining 90% of the world’s wealth, while men, women, and children starve in the streets.  Where the wealthiest among us live in mansions bigger than the White House and own cars worth more than a man’s life salary.  With that I CAN NOT STAND.

I cannot stand with a society where the freedom of expression no longer exists because a man who wears feminine clothes is called a sissy and freak and a woman who wears masculine clothing is seen the same way, where what God you believe in determines how you will be treated by others.

Where collecting a professional team’s gear, screaming at a TV every Sunday night, and painting your body for the game is seen as socially acceptable, but if someone wears an ESports team jersey, he is called a nerd.

In this world there is no right or wrong, however it is made to be.  We should be able to believe what we want, wear what we want, and be who we want. It is up to us to fix it: we must change how we think and accept people for who they are.  That is a society for which I can stand. 

Villagers guide on how NOT to earn credit

Credit guide

Sleeping on the job: Recommended for students who look to earn zero credit!

At Village School, we have a diverse student body and a clear path to earning credit for classes: attendance, effort, and work completion. There are, however, many paths to earning zero credit. As someone who did just that in his first semester at Village, I am expert on this topic.  If you, too, are interested in earning little to no credit in your classes, follow this simple guide.  I guarantee success!

In the beginning of the semester, you might find yourself worrying about all your classes.  My advice? DROP IT!  Just stop caring about most of your classes. This is the one key factor that a lot of people get mixed up on, they just seem to care too much about every class they take. This isn’t necessary! The only classes that you should give any sort of thought to are your ‘Regents’ courses. The reason behind this is that you need to retain information from these classes for state- mandated tests, which are required for graduation (if that’s your plan, that is.) As for your other electives, do the bare minimum and hope you get by. You probably won’t.

Another thing people tend to do is actually go to class.  This is the worst thing you can do if you want to earn little to no credit. Teachers love students that not only do well on their assessments, but also regularly attend school.  That is a sure way to earn full credit in any class, which is not what you want.  My recommendation? Don’t come to school- especially if you have some kind of project, test, or quiz that has to be done that day. If you must come to school because of parents or whoever making you, be sure to avoid teachers by cutting class, snoozing, spending an excessive amount of time in the bathroom- whatever it takes!  And getting into trouble for those things is just a bonus on the pathway to zero credit.

So to cover the bases:

  • DO NOT do work unless for Regents classes (which is still optional)
  • Only come to school if you are forced to by someone at home
  • And if you do make it to school, be sure to hide in the Commons or participate very little.  But the best thing to do is to just fall asleep.