Great Neck and Manhasset Students Win Rep. Souzzi’s Art Contest

On May 9th, three students who go attend schools on the north shore of Long Island were winners of the Congressional Art Competition. The awards were presented by national representative, Tom Suozzi.

Kyra McLaughlin standing with Souzzi as she receives her certificate.

Kyra McLaughlin, a student at Manhasset High School, won the first prize. The painting was oil on wood and called it “Ticky-tac?” McLaughlin described her painting as “a crying boy sitting next to his Grandpa who, in his thick Italian accent, is offering him a ‘ticky-tac’ to cheer him up.” The painting also has special meaning to her, “My grandpa always carried tic-tacs around with him, and often used them to brighten our spirits.”

McLaughlin’s painting will be on display in the Capitol Building for one year.

Emphasizing the importance of the competition, Suozzi commented that, “Artists play an important role in society, and it turns out we have some pretty talented young artists right here in our district.” He continued, “All of the parents and teachers should take pride in themselves for supporting the artists in their lives.”

This special event took place in Dix Hills, at the Art League of Long Island. The teachers of the students who won, the parents, and school administrators came to the ceremony. There were thirty-nine contenders from sixteen different schools.

Honorable mentions were given to Isabelle Lin and and Sarah Tang. Isabelle Lin is a student at Manhasset High School. Sarah Tang goes to Great Neck North High School.

Isabelle Lin with her painting, “Who Am I / Who Am I?”

Isabelle Lin created a piece called “Who Am I / Who Am I?”. This piece involved acrylic paints. Lin also gave a description of her work. She stated, “a painted relief of my face and lively eyes placed over an American flag and a Taiwanese flag, the colors of the flag drip down onto my face, representing personal identities.” This painting will be on display at Suozzi’s office in Queens for the next year. 

Sarah Tang’s painting was called “Sunset in G-String,” which also used acrylic paint. Tang said that her work was about “a sunset sweeping over the music room at school – pink, blue, and warm yellow hues modify the natural colors of each surface.” Tang says that the music room in her school was the inspiration for this painting.

Sarah Tang standing with her painting, “Sunset in G-String.”

Tang said, “I chose the music room because I thought there was something really beautiful about how messy and energized it was,” Tang said. “I was really inspired by my school’s after school orchestra program, which sometimes runs late, and I’ve noticed the sun always sets really nicely in the music room, and that was the inspiration for my color scheme.”

She also wanted to thank both her art teacher, Joseph Giacalone, and her music teacher, Joseph Rutowski, who she credited for helping her in both subjects throughout her journey in high school.

Tang’s work will we displayed in Suozzi’s district office, which is in Huntington.  

Class Spotlight: Lab / Garden

At Village School, we have a lot of different and interesting electives. One in particular is Megan’s sixth period class, “Lab and Garden.” Lab and Garden serves as the required lab period for students in Common Core Biology and also offers science elective credit for students not in the CC Bio. Though this class has gained reputation for being one of the loudest classes in the school (!), the class has does some excellent work. Gardening is caring for plants is an interest of mine– plants can’t run away and you don’t need to take them to the vet annually. It’s a win-win situation – the plant stays happy and healthy, while it’s caregiver only has to water it once or twice a day!

This is one of the mushrooms that the Lab / Garden class grew.

A student enrolled in the class, Lucas, gave me some insight as to what the class is all about, “We go outside for half the period and tend to the crops and then the class comes back in to work [on corresponding labs]” says Lucas. Another student, Brian, says that the class is currently growing cucumbers, watermelon, broccoli, and corn. It’s great to give students a very good opportunity to be able to grow fruits and vegetables in the school’s backyard so they can learn about different types of foods and maybe become inspired to grow some of their own.

One type of labs the class does are dissection labs. This is Margaret dissecting an organism.

I went in to see the class in action this past week. Students were learning about bear adaptations, and how environments can affect how organism live. For example, Megan taught about peppered verses non-peppered moths. Another example she discussed was green versus brown grasshoppers and how a green grasshopper is better for a spring environment.

Megan seamlessly wove traditional Bio topics with information that is relvant to gardening. She continued to explain that there many types of adaptations, such as camouflage and mimicry. For example, a tiger benefits from camouflage as the tiger can capture prey much easier. Megan also showed videos to reinforce concepts. One video showed an adaptation that zebras have, which is herding. The zebras run together in a herd so that it is much harder for a predator to catch them. I also learned something new as well– countershading.

This is an example of an organism that countershades.

Countershading is when an organism has protective coloration in parts where there are shadows or light. The areas exposed to light are lighter than the areas exposed to shadow.

The following day, I visited again as the class heading out to garden. On this particular day, they were cleaning the pergola.After a long winter, there was a lot of work to do! Fio and Bella were cleaning the dirt out from the corners and Natanel did some tasks requiring heavy lifting such as moving the the peat moss.  Bella and Natanel worked together to move a heavy board and clear out more areas for gardening tools and supplies. 

After speaking to members of the Lab/Garden class, I wanted to find out if the different foods harvested from this class is used by our Cooking class. This semester, the Cooking class has been experimenting with recipes using all vegetarian ingredients, and according to students, they have thus far used herbs and mushrooms from the Gardening class, and as spring continues, they plan to use more.

It’s great to see two classes working together to create awesome things!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up and it’s a tradition to get your mother gifts on this day. However, it can be a hard and tricky decision about what to get her. The goal is to get her a gift she’ll love that also shows how thankful you are for her. We all know being a mother isn’t the easiest job in the world, no matter how old the kids get! Sunday, May 13, is the day to remind her that she is appreciated for what she does. Also, it’s not necessary to break the bank. The following gifts are affordable with a little saving and/or with all the siblings pitching in.

This is the “One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book,” which is available on sites like

Say that mom likes to write and likes to keep track of her days. There is a book called One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book that costs eleven dollars. Mom can write down all of the memories she makes in this fun book. Someday, she and her family can look back at all the memories- the good, the bad, and the ugly- that made up the last five years, 

To stick with the writing theme, family members could translate loving sentiments into a poem or a letter for mom and then decorate it with things like stickers or glitter glue.  This is a sentimental gift with a lot of heart and low cost. 

For thirteen dollars on, there are stackable, stamped name rings. The rings come in a variety of metals, including brass, bronze, copper, and sterling silver. The options allow for tons of different ring combinations! This is a fashionable way to show off the names of the children she loves so much. 

These are some of the stackable name rings available on

Since being a mom is a tough job, maybe consider getting her a “Lush” gift set. One set comes with two bath bombs and a cheerful citrus bubble bar.The bath bombs are supposed to make mom’s skin smooth and are avocado and lemongrass scented.  This specific gift set comes wrapped in happy-face wrapping paper.

Lush gift set



If the forecast suggests that the weather on Mother’s Day is supposed to be nice, a nice option could be to plan a picnic. Buy items from the grocery store, such as deli foods and fruits, and pack a picnic basket. Enjoy it with the family in the park or a field and spend some quality time with Mom! The cost varies depending on how much the food costs. If weather does not permit, making her brunch or breakfast in bed might be a nice and relaxing treat.

This is the African violet flower.

Then there is the old stand-by– a beautiful plant! A recommendation is the African Violet, which is a very pretty purple flower. It’s said that a purple violet symbolizes thoughts that are loving. This plant has a long life span. Another good choice is the Petite Purple Speckled Orchid, which represents royalty, admiration, respect, and dignity. Of course, there are other very pretty flowers and plants to choose from. There are many places to get plants such as Amazon’s online plant store or your local flower shop.

If all else fails, spend a nice day with Mom. Make her feel special and lucky to have such wonderful children who appreciate her. You can take her shopping and out for a nice lunch, and bonus points if the kids pay for it –or at least most of it!

The Truth About ‘Truth Or Dare’

Truth or Dare came out on April 13, 2018, and is about a very vicious game of truth or dare. The director is Jeff Waldow, who has directed many movies in this genre. The company that produced the film is Blumhouse Productions, who also produced Get Out (2017) and Insidious: The Last Key (2018). The producers are Couper Samuelson and Jason Blum. The screenplay was written by Michael Reisz, Jillian Jacobs, and Jeff Waldow. It had a budget of $3.5 million.

This is the ‘Truth Or Dare’ movie poster.

Perhaps movie fans would’ve thought that a film with a budget of $3.5 million, and produced by people who have expertise in making horror movies, could produce another good movie. However, they struck out with this one. This was not a horror movie, it was just labeled as a “horror movie”. It was not in any way original, like Happy Death Day (also produced by Blumhouse, 2017).  The film follows a group of friends going to Mexico for spring break. While they are there, they play a game of truth or dare. Unfortunately, this releases a demon who turns this game into a deadly one.

That is incredibly unrealistic. Horror movies must play on psychological fears in order to scare people. They have to be based off realistic or logical reasoning. The game of truth or dare in Mexico is realistic and could happen. Sure, they characters could play a game of truth or dare in Mexico. Strangely, they played it in an abandoned church, where the demon was trapped. The first part is not as realistic. Why would they be playing truth or dare in an abandoned church? How did they get in, why did they want to, and isn’t that breaking and entering?

The story goes on, and the man, Carter, who brought the main characters into the church explains the rules to a main character, Olivia. Once a player are asked “truth or dare”, she’s in the game. If the player choses dare and then refuses to do the dare, she dies. If the two people before her choose truth, you she must choose a dare. If the player doesn’t choose either truth or dare, the consequence is still the same- death. These death scenes involved no gore, no jump scares, and barely any blood.

In scene one of the movie, it shows a girl who is dared to burn another person in a store. It would’ve been much more scary if they focused in on the body burning, but instead they dropped the subject really quickly. The writers could’ve played some ominous music, or let the viewers watch the body burn. They really could’ve used this scene to their advantage. I don’t think that the writers handled suspense as well as they could have. Another example of the misuse of suspense is when the characters did not complete dares, they died on the spot. I think that the writers could’ve made the characters die slowly instead of killing them on the spot.

I also did not like when the characters were asked ‘truth or dare?’  They were asked when they were either all alone or when they were in a vulnerable position. It was interesting at first, but eventually I found a pattern. The movie only showed them alone and vulnerable when they were being asked, but not at any other time. If the movie showed the characters vulnerable at other points besides when they were being asked, I think it would have made a pattern less visible.

I think that the idea of truth or dare as the basis for a horror movie is interesting, but too broad. I think that the directors could’ve played with this idea a lot more than they did and would’ve made it the film more entertaining.

The Festival of the Arts – A Very Fun Day At Village

On the last day of classes before spring break, Village School had its annual Festival of the Arts. Festival of the Arts is special because students get to showcase their talents and interests for peers and teachers. The day is organized by students and made possible by student enthusiasm and participation. 

The day was divided up into 25-45 minutes sessions for workshops and performances, with two- three different workshops running per session; students had a choice as to  which workshop they wanted to attend. For performances, the entire school would join together; no other sessions went on during a performance. 

Two teachers, Lauren and Megan, attempting- and failing- at origami!

One workshop was an  introduction to origami, led by Margaret. In this workshop, the students were taught how to fold an origami rose. They were given the choice of what color they wanted their roses to be as Margaret brought in a large variety of colors. Although some projects didn’t turn out as well as others, the students in this workshop enjoyed and introduction to the precision needed for origami folds. 

David demonstrates a drill as Adrien, Fen, and Nathan look on.

Another workshop was a soccer workshop held on the front lawn. David taught different soccer drills to students including learning the proper way to dribble and pass the ball. The students in this workshop also did different stretches and warmups before doing any drills. David could not teach shooting drills, as the space on the front lawn did not permit. Despite this, the Village School students in this workshop had fun and got in a quick workout!

The adorable Cogsworth.

A third workshop was a presentation by Rose. Rose brought in Cogsworth, a rat from her animal care program at BOCES. Her presentation was full of interesting facts about rats and was very detailed. The students in this workshop learned things about rats that they never knew before. Some of these facts included the lifespans rats, the maximum weight rats can weigh, and how to properly care for an adult rat. Rose’s goal was to debunk fears and myths people have about rats and in the end, she seemed to do just that with many students lining up to meet and pet Cogsworth after her presentation. 

A fourth workshop was cooking, led by Alexia and Ronni. The students made pizza in the kitchen during this workshop. It took teamwork to cook the pizza and was an excellent experience. While a student blended the tomatoes to make sauce, other students floured and stretched the dough. Then some students poured on the sauce while others put cheese on the dough. Then it was spread out in pans and baked in the oven. The pizza came out delicious and everyone at Village was invited to try it.

Kayleigh with her Paper Marbling project in Megan’s room.

Other workshops included paper marbling in Megan’s room, board games with Emma and Danielle, and beading with Margaret later in the day, both in Ronni’s room. Ryan gave two presentations entitled, “Intro to Documentary Theory,” and “Art Movements in Film.”

There were also some student performances in the gym. Amanda sang “Creep,” and was accompanied by Max on the guitar.  Kayleigh then sang “Landslide,” and then paired with Max in a performance of “December, 1963.” Afterwards, Matt performed “Chasing Cars.” Later on in the day, the author of this article, Britt, played guitar and sang an original song. 

Max and Kayleigh performing “The Four Seasons” classic.

Festival of the Arts was a really fun day at Village and everyone is already looking forward to what’s in store next year!

Can’t Sleep? Information About Treating Insomnia

The definition of insomnia, as provided by the dictionary.

What is Insomnia?

The dictionary defines insomnia as the inability to sleep and habitual sleeplessness. It’s common for individuals to have difficulty falling asleep at night; an estimated 3 million people have this condition. For most people, insomnia is a result of anxiety, little to no exercise, depression, bad sleep habits, a more serious illness, or specific medications. Google suggests that insomnia is usually self-diagnosable because the symptoms are easy to spot. A first symptom is feeling excessively tired in the morning. Another symptom is having a very difficult time falling asleep. A person may also experience problems focusing on tasks during the day, doing tasks very slowly, feeling irritable, and headaches.

Different Types of Insomnia

  1. There are a few different types of insomnia. For example, one type is acute insomnia. Acute insomnia is a brief and short difficulty when trying to fall asleep. It is usually caused by a stressful life change, such as a challenging new job, traveling, or getting bad news from a loved one or friend. Typically, acute insomnia is solved without treatment involved.
  2. There is also a more major type of insomnia – chronic insomnia. Chronic insomnia is only when a person’s insomnia persists for at least 3 nights a week during a 3 month period.
  3. A third type of insomnia is comorbid insomnia. This is defined as insomnia that is occurring with another problem or condition. Conditions like anxiety and depression can cause sleep issues. Certain medical issues might make it more uncomfortable to sleep, like back pain or arthritis.  
  4. Another type is onset insomnia, which is defined as when a person has difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night.
  5. Maintenance insomnia is having issues staying asleep.

The effects that sleep deprivation have on your body.

Treating Insomnia

WebMD offers up options to stop insomnia from affecting people. It could be helpful to make a few lifestyle or behavioral changes. Things like relaxation methods can help people fall asleep faster. Some options can be meditation, using guided imagery, doing breathing exercises, or doing Progressive Muscle Relaxation.


Using Guided Imagery

Using guided imagery is a popular method that can be used to calm down and relax. Guided imagery can help the individual feel like he or she is is a peaceful setting when really, she’s just imagining it. This can help because of the connection between the body and the mind. The person will involve all of her senses when doing guided imagery. There are certain steps the person will have to take to do guided imagery. The person must close her eyes and find a place to lie down. Then, it’s recommended that the person start taking deep breaths to calm down. Next, the person should picture herself in a setting that’s both peaceful and calm. The individual might then want to add some detail after that and think about what she would feel in this setting. For example, if the person is imaging herself on a beach, she might think about how the breeze feels on her skin and how the sand feels underneath their toes. It is said that it helps to add a path to the scene. If the individual is imagining a meadow or valley, she could think about a path that will lead to the other side of the meadow. When the person is immersed into this scene, she should then should take a few more deep breaths. Lastly, the person should think of a simple word that will help her return to this place in the future. Lastly, she should slowly bring themselves back to the present.

Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation is another method used to help relax people. When a person is stressed or anxious, the body could respond with muscle tension. Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation is one way to relieve a person of this muscle tension. To do this, the person would tense a few muscles while breathing in and then relax them as they breathe out. She should work on relaxing their muscles in a specific order. This works because, when the body is relaxed, it’s harder for a person to feel stressed or anxious. It may be useful to learn the different muscle groups before doing exercises like this.

Other Treatments 

Lifestyle changes can also be made to help treat insomnia. Lifestyle changes are defined as easy things a person can change in her life that may improve how she sleeps. For example, some aspects to change could be being more active and watching what is being consumed. It is also helpful to set a regular bedtime to follow seven days a week. This will help the body get into the habit of falling asleep by a certain time. Also, try to avoid napping during the day.

For short-term problems falling asleep, a doctor may prescribe a person sleeping pills. Lifestyle changes will help for long-term sleeping issues. It is not typical for a doctor to treat chronic insomnia with sleeping pills. This is because becoming dependent on any form of pills, medication, or drugs is potentially harmful to the body. There are many different sleeping pills a doctor could possibly prescribe to a patient. However, people should only take sleeping pills with a doctor’s prescription.

There are also many home treatments to try. It might help to limit or avoid nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol late in the day and during the night. Trying not to watch TV or use her phone as a she tries to fall asleep can also help improve sleeping quality. Create a bedtime routine to follow each night before bed. This will get the body in the habit of settling down at a certain time. The room should be dark, quiet, and cool as the person tries to sleep. If the individual takes any medications, it might be a smart move to to ask a doctor if any of the medications are affecting the quality of her sleep. 

If the person still cannot sleep, she could try getting out of bed and doing a relaxing task before trying to sleep again. This will help her brain not make a connection between bed and not being able to fall asleep.

Hicksville Middle School Students Face Possibility of Consequences After Walk Out

It does not seem that the Hicksville Public School District is very supportive of the nation-wide walk out that took place on March 14th. For example, there was an event that went on in Hicksville Middle School.

Students nation-wide walked out in protest of gun violence.

Because of the tragic events that ocurred in Parkland, Florida, on March 14th, students across the country walked walked out of their schools at 10 am and spent 17 minutes memorializing the lives lost in Parkland.

Here on Long Island, this included students at Hicksville Middle School, who walked in protest of what is considered a nation-wide epidemic. The students had seemingly good intentions; they were however prevented from going outside by their assistant principals. It was said that both assistant principals Barbara Morzik and Todd Wallace were pulling them by their clothes.  

Superintendent Carl Bonuso stated,“To [walkout] would not only interrupt the educational program but also miss an opportunity to engage students in lessons about what it means to unify as a school family and effectively communicate our opinions and ideas”.

The proof is in social media videos that students posted. The students recited the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by 17 minutes of silence for each of the 17 victims, and then went back to class. Also captured on video was the assistant principal physically preventing some students from going outside. The 47 students that did walk out and protested are receiving punishments as the school administrator said that they broke school rules. The assistant principal didn’t believe it was right for the students to walk out of their classes.

Sherly Castaneda, a parent in the school district claimed, “My husband received a phone call from the assistant principal, stating that the number of children who did walk out would have to have some kind of consequences because they broke the school rules for walking out.”

According to Gabrielle Drapeylo, a student at the school,“He was pulling all the kids by their shirts and their hoodies and also there was people by the stairwell, like the teachers and the monitors blocking the stairways and blocking all the doors”. Student Anaya Raymond said, “One of the assistant principals stopped me and he said that if I went outside I would get suspended.”

A student named Keylla Torres said, “I have lunch detention on Friday, but she said to me that she’s being generous by not giving me anything more.”

The students had good intentions, as stated by student Julie Castaneda who said, “We wanted to honor their lives because their lives matter- they deserve it.” Castaneda also said, “They said that I was going to be suspended which later changed to in- school suspension and now it’s a detention which is outrageous because I’m here protesting because this is something I believe in.”

John Rodriguez, another parent, thought it was unfair that these students are being punished. He says, “Exercise her right to be heard, exercise her right to protest. She did so and to punish her seems to be teaching a bad lesson.”

On Wednesday night, a public spokesperson said that no students will be facing any sort of consequence for their actions and it was decided that the students who participated will instead be invited to a special lunch to have an open dialogue about social activism. 

Strange Time Period, But Great Characters

When 12-year-old Will goes missing, his mother, Joyce, launches a very unusual investigation to find her son. As Joyce and the local authorities go deeper into this investigation, they start revealing concerning mysterious, including supernatural forces, classified government experiments, and an atypical girl.

It stars Winona Ryder playing Joyce, David Harbour playing Chief Hopper, Finn Wolfhard playing Mike, and Millie Bobby Brown playing Eleven. The Duffy Brothers created this show. The genre is Fantasy / Science Fiction. It is a Netflix Original, rated TV-14, and has two seasons. 

This is a picture of the main Stranger Things characters. On the far left is Lucas and next to him is Will. In the middle stands Eleven. Next to her is Mike, and next to Mike is Dustin.

The show is set in the 1980s, which has no purpose to the storyline, in my opinion. There is no reason not to have the show set in the twenty-first century. Also, I think that they promote that the show takes place in a small town (Hawkins, Indiana) way too much. I know that the purpose of mentioning that this all takes place in a small town to follow the idea most horror movies try to use. However, early on we do establish that the show takes place in a small town, and I think that the concept is pushed a bit too much.

Although I do have some complaints about this show, I really like one character in this series above all. There is a very interesting girl in the series. Her name is Eleven and

This is Eleven, the unusual girl with special powers. She gets a nosebleed whenever she uses her powers.

she is becomes a strong, powerful character after years of abuse and being experimented on in a lab. Eleven is my favorite character in this series, as she is simply just an amazing character capable of many things. She is capable of choosing who lives or dies as her powers can allow her to harm a person. I think that this makes her even more of an amazing girl. Throughout the series, she consistently uses her power to defend the other main characters.

I want to find out what the Duffy Brothers aimed for when creating the character of Eleven. I’m curious if her character was a metaphor for how people can choose how moral they want to be. Throughout the series, Eleven could have easily turned against the other protagonists and started hurting them, but never did. I think it was interesting that she never did.

I always thought that Eleven would turn on the other characters, stop helping Jane find her son, and hurt Mike, but it never happened. I always thought that out of all the other characters, Eleven would hurt Mike first because the way Mike always showed affection for Eleven was suspicious to me. Mike and his friends first find Eleven out in a rainstorm one day and Mike let’s Eleven sleep in his basement. I don’t know if I would feel safe in some stranger’s basement in the dark, especially when his mother didn’t know that there was a person sleeping down there. However, I do understand that Eleven was homeless, stuck in a rainstorm, and desperately needed help, so I don’t criticize her for letting Mike help her.

I also found it weird that in Season 1, Will and Eleven were never in the same dimension. While Will was stuck in a place called “The Upside Down”, Eleven was in the normal world. However, when Eleven went back to The Upside Down with the Demogorgon, Will came back shortly after. I wonder if the Duffy Brothers did that on

This is the initial monster that is after Will and every other resident in Hawkins, Indiana.

purpose to make us think that Eleven was actually a demogorgon. It definitely left me in suspense and until Eleven and Will were in the same house at the same time, I really was convinced that Eleven was actually a demogorgon. Although that theory was never confirmed, I thought I was correct until Season 2 Episode 9. I do note, however, that is the final episode of Stranger Things, so to me, it seems that this could’ve been done on purpose.

This is the rebellious, bold, tomboy named Max.

Also, I did not like Max’s character at all. Max is more of a secondary character and is introduced in Season 2 Episode 1. This is after Eleven goes back to The Upside Down. Max was a cool girl – she was a tomboy who rode a skateboard, and was also outspoken, rebellious, and bold. However, I don’t think she had any actual contributions to the plot. She didn’t help get the monster out from inside Will, didn’t help close a portal to The Upside Down, and was just a girl the group became friends with after Eleven disappeared. I feel that Max might have been used to replace Eleven’s character, both were strong girls coming from broken families who were becoming very bold women. Even though Max and Eleven are drastically different from each other as Eleven does have special powers and Max does not, it almost seems like Max was a replacement.

Moving on from Eleven, I found it interesting that the writers related it to a Dungeons- and-Dragons-like game. That factor definitely made me keep watching as I am a fan of the game Dungeons and Dragons. I think this was excellent foreshadowing on the writers’ parts. In the first episode, Will places the demogorgon on the board himself as he says, “No, that noise came from something else…The demogorgon!” It was almost as if a notion that the demogorgon was coming to capture someone. His other friends were arguing as to whether he should “fireball” the demogorgon or cast the spell of protection, almost as if Will might have to choose between fight or flight sometime later on.

This is the logo for Stranger Things.

Stranger Things is a show I really like a lot. Though are there some unnecessary parts and some episodes may leave you with some questions, Stranger Things is, in my opinion, is a compelling and interesting show to watch. I do highly recommend the show to all.


Teacher Walk-Out In West Virginia Over Pay Raise and Insurance Benefits

As of today, teachers in West Virginia are continuing their strike, making it nine days since school has been opened.  In response, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has proposed a bill that would give a 5% pay raise to state teachers, school staff and police.

Signs such as “Will Teach For Insurance” were seen during the protest in West Virginia.

After talking to a sixth grader named Gideon Titus-Glover about the issue, Justice says he changed his opinion on this issue. Reporters were told that Justice spoke to both the House and the Senate. The governor is “‘very, very hopeful’” that a bill would be passed soon to replace the small raise that will formulate over time.

The governor said that the issue of insurance will take both a task force and time. This upset the teachers that there was no immediate fix, and visibly the ones at the state Capitol. After being told to go back to school on Thursday and with the potential of another upcoming strike, the teachers were chanting phrases like “Fix it now!” and “Back to the table!” 

Teachers in West Virginia taking to the streets during the ongoing protest.

As of the writing of this article, there is no agreement In order to defend his role, Justice stated “I’m trying. What else can I do?” He also says, “I’m not king. I’m doing what all I can possibly do, ” in regards to his attempt to resolve the strike.

Senator Mitch Carmichael says in response to the governor’s opinion, “We cannot continue to spend money we do not have or write checks we cannot cash.”

**UPDATE: After the writing of this article, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed a bill that gives a 5% pay raise to state teachers, school staff and police.**