Suns Out Guns Out: Carbohydrates Myth Buster

People often say that any type of bread, pasta, or any carbs for that matter, will add fat to your body. This is an untrue statement or myth, I would rather say. People should not fear carbs! They do not add fat to your body!

Chemical compound for carbohydrates

The Science Behind Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates break down into glucose, or sugar, which the body uses for energy. The body doesn’t store carbs well, so they are used first when the body is looking for a source of energy. So, carbs themselves don’t equal fat and weight gain. However, continuous consumption of carbs that aren’t being burned off will lead to excess sugars in the body that then are stored as fat, which leads to weight gain. 

How to Burn off Carbs: Don’t worry, you can make these extra sugars go away either by doing simple exercises or by reducing your overall carb intake, so that your body will will take the stored sugar and use it to make energy.

The key is balance.  Carbs are not evil!  If eaten in moderation and paired with light exercise, carbs will not be stored as fat in your body, and will serve to energize you as you go about your day!

Suns Out Guns Out: Dieting

There are many diets in our society that people use for weight loss or for increased health.  Many of these diets are some that are hard to maintain, but others that are easier to maintain and the answer to optimal health has maybe been in front of us the whole time.  

Eating unprocessed whole foods is the cornerstone of the paleo diet. 

Back in the paleolithic age, also known as the stone age, our ancestors who were cave men were hunters and  gatherers. This means the men would hunt for meat and the women would gather fruits and vegetables. According to scientists, these early humans were taller and more physically fit than we are today. Today, we call their diet a ‘paleolithic diet.’ This diet is very regimented and it has helped people all over the world lose weigh and improve overall health. The ‘paleo’ diet focuses on lean meats and other protein foods such as eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

This useful chart displays the types of food that make up the paleo diet.

Followers of the paleo diet also must not consume salt, oil, or processed carbs such as white bread and cereal (sugars, essentially).  Whole grains are okay. This diet is a very popular one used by many people. The amount of weight one can lose in this diet depends on the dedication to it. Sticking to the diet and eliminating processed foods- especially fast food- from one’s diet should give good results- within a year of sticking to the diet and pairing it with consistent exercise, individuals should see the best results. 

A man that has been on the paleo diet for a year.

Suns Out Guns Out: Intro to Weightlifting

The master, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Weightlifting or Bodybuilding is a term most people have heard of.  Weightlifters obviously lift weights to achieve a goal such as toned muscle or strength. Some people go light in workouts and others like to go heavy, depending on their goals.

Weightlifters like to balance their workouts.  For example, a weightlifter will work on his arms one day, his legs the next day, his back the day after that, and so on.  Weightlifters need rest days so the fibers in their muscles can regenerate and grow back healthier and bigger. Weightlifters also need a balanced diet. For example, if a weightlifter is doing intense workouts every day of the week, on different muscle groups, then he needs to consume a lot of calories and nutrients since his body is using all of them just to heal and gain muscle mass.

The average man consumes 2500 calories per day and the average woman needs to consume 2000 calories per day, unless he or she is trying to lose weight. Eating is the biggest part of the equation when it comes to weightlifting and bodybuilding. Also, when picking up or lifting heavy weights, a weightlifter needs proper form or she’s putting herself at risk for an injury. Weightlifters can suffer broken bones, torn muscles, strains, and cramps due to either overworking the muscle or having bad form. Some weightlifters often take substances such as steroids, growth hormones, and synthol, all which are illegal, unless taken with a prescription from a doctor.  These substances will cause an individual to grow a lot of muscle mass, but also may affect other body functions and organs in dangerous ways. These substances can cause heart failure, acne, difficulty sleeping, easy bruising, high blood pressure, increased appetite, increased growth in hair, and much more.

Many weightlifters rely on protein and vitamin supplements to aid their training. 

Weightlifters should only be taking the nutrients that suit their bodies. If a weightlifter isn’t getting enough protein in his or her body, then she can resort to protein powder or protein shakes. Protein powder is a supplement which you put in milk since it mainly comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors and you stir it well then you drink up. Some powders can be up to 60 grams of protein which technically a full meal, but other most powders are only 20 grams of protein per serving. Protein powder is mostly for helping regenerate muscle fibers and it can also be used for daily consumption in case you need extra protein intake. Protein shakes are drinks with protein already are basically ‘ready to go meals.’

Protein powder mainly contains protein but protein shakes can also contain vitamins and minerals. People always ask how they get that protein into the powder but it’s a simple answer: they use plant- based extract or water-soluble milk. Bodybuilders and weightlifters also take pre-workout supplements which help give them a boost in their workouts. Don’t forget that when trying to build muscle mass, it’s not about instant results– it takes a little while to show results– usually about maybe a year or so of consistent effort, and a clean, protein-packed diet will help speed up the results.  Usually bodybuilders and weightlifters might have bulging veins all throughout their arms and legs and maybe their chests too that’s due to a low percentage of body fat.

Low percentage of body fat and bulging veins

Some people are able to get their body fat down to as low as one percent, which means every muscle they have and their exact shapes and layout can be seen through their skin. Although one percent of body fat is hard to accomplish it is also very hard to maintain and can also be unhealthy, so it’s not necessarily a goal to work toward, except for competitions.

Honoring Third Generation Gaming

Nintendo Entertainment System

8-bit is a measure of computer information during the 1980s generally used to refer to hardware and software in an era where computers were only able to store and process a maximum of 8 bits per data block. This limitation was mainly due to the existing processor technology at the time, which with which software had to conform. This resulted in blocky graphics and slow compute times.

At present, when 8-bit is mentioned, it is generally associated with slow computers, low-resolution graphics, and simplistic sound.  I’m pretty sure most people who grew up in the 80s and 90s have heard of 8-bit video game which include classics like Mega Man, Super Mario Bros 3, Popeye, Pacman, Sonic, Ms. Pacman, Pokemon. The 8-bit gaming universe is my personal favorite because it is filled with fun puzzles and real challenges.

Mario from Super Mario Bros

People are way too spoiled with the games they have today and they forget about the old days of 8-bit gaming. But if it wasn’t for 8-bit, we wouldn’t have these realistic games today.  Everyone remembers the old 8-bit Mario tune- who hasn’t heard it? A lot of these games have been played on an old gaming system called the Nintendo Entertainment System and when you hear the name, “Sega,” – that’s old!  The Nintendo Entertainment System is pretty much one of the basic gaming system for 8-bit games back then.

Link from the Legend of Zelda

Today, it’s called a ‘third generation console.’ Even if it did just have a joystick, it was still entertaining with all the puzzles and activities in the games. I say we should still remember the old video games that kept us entertained as children and might still keep us entertained as adults.

Staff Spotlight: Halina

Halina is the office administrator at Great Neck Village School. She makes sure that everything is organized and ready to go. She has been working here for four years to support of the teachers and students. Other than her being a staff member at Great Neck Village School, she is a great vocalist and a musician outside of school. She has a masters degree in music education. She did her undergraduate degree at NYU and studied abroad Florence, Italy.


She then attended Hunter College for her masters degree. Outside of school, she is a piano teacher and enjoys spending time with her twin brother; they go out to restaurants and also cook together.

Halina does a lot for us students here at Village.  When we don’t feel well she is there to give us band-aids and alcohol pads and ice packs if we need it. She really takes care of students and talks to us if they we having trouble with something in our personal lives or in school- she’ll even give advice when it comes to math homework.

If she is ever having a bad day, she has other teachers to talk to and to cheer her up, but I hope she knows she has us too!

Great Neck North High School’s Wrestling Competes in Qualifiers and Nassau Counties Tournaments

Leon Taryan

Saturday February 3, Great Neck North High Boys Wrestling team competed against other Nassau County Division 1 schools such as Great Neck South, Wantagh, North Shore, Mephem, Plainview, and Bethpage. The qualifiers tournament is what determines if a wrestler gets ranked among his or her weight class. If he is a wrestler in a certain weight

Johnathan Rismany

class, then he would have to rank first to third place in the Qualifiers tournament to move on to Counties, which is the next ranked tournament. After that, the wrestler would then move onto the States tournament.

Ariel Arabian

Four boys, Jonathan Rizmany-152; Ariel Arabian-160; Leon Taryan-285; Roy Livian-145, from Great Neck North High ranked in Qualifiers and moved onto the Counties tournament which was held during the weekend of February 10-11th at Hofstra University.  None of North High Schools contestants made it beyond Nassau Counties.