PUBG Sues Fortnite



“PUBG,” a multi-player, “battle royale”-style online video game, is suing “Fortnite Battle Royale,” for copyright infringement. PUBG is built by an engine (engine: software to develop the game) that Epic Games created called, “Unreal Engine,” which was developed back in 1998.  “Fornite Battle Royale” also uses this software engine, as do many video games. 

Fortnite and PUBG came out within four months of each other– PUBG coming out first. 

In my opinion, I think PUBG is just mad that Fortnite is doing better then their game by beating the world record of players playing at once by 0.1 million.


Texas School Shooting

The shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtizis

On May 24th, 2018 in Santa Fe, Texas, a 17 year old named Dimitrios Pagourtzis decided to take the lives of 10 people- 2 teachers and 8 students at Santa Fe High School. Pagourtzis’s father thinks his attack was due to bullying. Two days later, students protested by lying down in front of the mayor’s house

Students protesting

with signs that spoke to banning guns where they live.

Man Threatens to Call ICE in Restaurant Where People Were Speaking Spanish

Recently, a man in New York yelled at an employees and a regular customer for speaking Spanish to each other. He told them to speak English in America and threatened to call ICE (U.S. immigration police force) and was screaming at the top of his lungs, being very rude saying things like, “If they have the balls to come here and live off my money, I pay for their welfare. I pay for their ability to be here. The least they can do … is speak English!”  

Iran Nuclear Deal

President Donald J. Trump fulfilled a campaign promise by exiting the US from the Iran Nuclear Deal. 

On May 7th it was announced to the public that he US was pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. Why? Because Donald Trump is displeased with Iran’s actions; he believes Iran is not following the rules set up as part of the deal.

But in doing so, he’s going against the other countries who are a part of the deal: United Kingdom, Russia, France, China and Germany. They disagree that Iran is doing anything out of line, and therefore wanted the US to stay a part of the deal.

Rings of Saturn: The Best Deathcore Band

The members of Rings of Saturn

Rings of Saturn is a Deathcore band that formed in 2009 and didn’t gain too much popularity until the 2010 album, “Ultu Ulla.”  I enjoy Rings of Saturn, but in most Deathcore or Heavy Metal, I don’t like it when electronic music is added. I like straight forward drums, guitar, and vocals. But this band has managed to combine the two and make it sound great. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite bands and I highly recommend giving them a listen. 

Ultu Ullu album cover

Mark Zuckerberg Gives Testimony

Mark Zuckerburg gives his testimony. 

Mark Zuckerberg gave testimony during congressional hearings regarding user data and privacy rights because there is a significant concern about Facebook’s role in the shaping of our democracy. 

Facebook’s ongoing Cambridge Analytica data-privacy scandal, and how Facebook has failed to guard against other abuses is the reason Zuckerburg was asked to appear. 

To make a point about the importance of privacy, one senator asked whether Zuckerburg, “would be comfortable sharing aloud the name of the hotel where he stayed on Monday night, or whether he would be comfortable sharing the names of the people he has messaged this week.”  Uncomfortable, Zuckerberg replied, “No. I would probably not choose to do that publicly here.”  

Mark Zuckerburg answering questions. 




Fortnite Battle Royale: An Intro and Review


A typical battle scene from Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite Battle Royale is made by Epic Games and is a online multiplayer game with 100 players fighting to the death. The map on Fortnite is 3 x 3km. In the game, players go to different spots of the map armed only with a pickaxe that breaks through walls. The pickaxe helps collect resources such as wood, brick, and metal. Players run around the map collecting weapons from pistols to rocket launchers, as well as resources to help win the game. There is also an eye of a storm that slowly shrinks in and kills players stuck  in it for to long. The goal is the be the last player standing– this can be achieved by killing off the other players.  This doesn’t have to happen through violence– a player can hoard resources, leaving other players without, which leads to their demise.

The logo and title screen.

My opinion, Fortnite is an ‘okay’ game– it’s not the most fun and action- packed game I had hoped for. Each match is around an hour long. Depending on where a player lands, he or she could just spend 30 minutes on  collecting resources and weapons or running from the storm until getting into a fight. A player may or may not win the fight, and afterwards his or her health may be low, so when she runs into another fight, she’s done for. But if the player is lucky, she may win the next one, she better have a med kit!

So, overall, while I find Fortnite pretty boring, I can’t deny that it’s addictive.

Two Teens Take Home Gold in Winter Olympics


Image result for red gerard

Red Gerard, gold medalist in the snowboarding slopestyle event.

USA athletes Chloe Kim and Red Gerard, both 17 years old, won gold medallions in the 2018 Pyeong Chang, South Korea Olympic Games. Gerard won the medal in the slope-style event on February 11th, and Kim won on February 13th in the half-pipe event.  Kim is the first female to complete a 1080 on the halfpipe. 

Chloe Kim, of the United States, reacts to her score during the women’s halfpipe finals.


When asked about her win, Kim said “it really hasn’t sunk in yet.”