Album Review: Lost Isles

Ocean Ate Alaska

Lost Isles, the new album.

In the latest album from Ocean Ate Alaska, it is quite apparent that the music from the band has evolved a lot since the beginning of their career. In their older songs such as “Clocks” or “To Catch a Flame,” compared to a newer song like “Blood Brother” or “Linger,” the difference between the lyrics as they put meaning into the songs is very apparent: “If you fell down we would fall together/ Like a sinking ship in stormy weather/ You’re the bones to our flesh and skin/ But now that you’re gone/ It’s time to rethink without you.” But even coupled with such lyrics, the music doesn’t get any softer; it actually gets heavier with additional tones to the song.

Even though the band has been working on the album for two years, they finally made it and finished satisfied saying, “We hit so many brick walls during the process of creating this album, however to now hear it start to finish we literally couldn’t be any more proud.” My favorite songs from them were the ones I discussed from before (Clocks, To Catch a Flame, Blood Brothers, Linger).

In my opinion, I think it is a better album just because it’s a little heavier and that’s kind of the type of music I like personally prefer. For a newer type of band, I think Ocean Ate Alaska are going in a good direction and will hopefully expand their fan base throughout the years.

Comic Review: Saga (#1)

WARNING: NOT FOR YOUNG CHILDREN (Violence, Nudity, Colorful Language)


Saga, Chapter One

The comic series Saga seems to be a great series that I may get into. After reading the first issue, the abnormality of the theme took me by surprise. Unlike most comics, the narrator wasn’t some some disembodied voice; she was an actual character involved in the plot-line speaking about the past. She was the child of a foot soldier from the planet “Cleave,” a man with ram’s horns, and a woman with wings on her back who was assigned as a guard in the prison where he was being kept. They escaped together and had a baby: the narrator, whose name had not been decided yet.

The first aspect to look at is the story. The circumstances in which the reader begins reading are intense; there’s been a heated war going on for a long time, and a couple who have just had a child and two runaway soldiers from opposite sides in the war are trying to escape. The scene opens at a warehouse in where the woman is giving birth to a child. After the child is born and a few touching words are exchanged between the couple, robot soldiers come bursting through the door. There’s shooting, smoke, and deaths, but the couple and child survive. A dying (speaking) ape, whom the couple seems to have known from somewhere, was the one who reported their location to the monarchy of robots. Now apologetic about his decision, he gives the couple and child a map to a rocket, so they can use it to escape Cleave. At the end of the first issue, the couple discovers the bridge marked on the map. As the robots hunt them down, and they wander through the night, trying to avoid the horrors of the dark (vicious creatures known for killing wanderers in the night) without picking up a blade, they find hope that they can escape for the sake of each other and their brand new child.

The overall tone of the comics is very mature. With graphic illustrations and some nudity that isn’t really relevant to the story, the series isn’t for the immature or young. It’s obvious that these comics are for adults; the vocabulary, themes, and plot would be hard for children or people with no knowledge of comics to understand, so this isn’t a good series for someone who’s not familiar with comic books.

All in all, if you’re looking for a good series to get into, Saga has my endorsement.

B4.DA.$$ Review

By Ben Varughese

Joey Bad's Latest Project

Joey Bad’s Latest Project

The Badmon himself has managed to further the Pro Era vibe he has worked so hard to build up with the drop of his album B4.DA.$$. Dropped January 20th, he manages to combine his thoughts and his story with a good number of hard-hitting tracks. Some argue that Joey gets repetitive, saying his style never changes. But personally I believe his consistency is what makes his game so solid. Tracks like Belly of the Beast (feat. Chronixx) go into depth about life in Brooklyn, and just his point of view in general, as exemplified in Hazeus View. He also upholds the 95 till Infinity hustle in tracks like Big Dusty and Christ Conscious, stating he won’t stop spitting hot until he reaches Christ Conscious. He also

Big Poppa Swank Been At It

Big Poppa Swank Been At It

outlines some of his more personal aches and pains in tracks like O.C.B., where he expresses the loneliness of being an only child, hence Only Child Blues. Arguments have been made that the Beast Coast rapper’s most recent project fails to reach the same heights as his former mixtapes. I will not lie, tracks like #LongLiveSteelo off of Summer Knights will always make me feel a type of way. However, I personally believe that Joey Bada$$ continues to make solid growth, and being only 20 years old, not even in his prime, he is no doubt destined to continue to be successful and identify with Classic hard-hitting vibe New York rap has always personified.

Movie Review: Haunted House 2

By Peter Leonardo

Haunted House 2In this film, the main character is Malcolm Who, played by Marlon Wayans. The first film saw Wayans’ exorcising the demons of his ex-girlfriend, and in this movie, he starts out fresh with his new girlfriend and her two children. After moving into their dream home, Malcolm is once again plagued by bizarre paranormal events.

I give this movie 4/5 stars.  It was HILARIOUS and had the right punch lines, the right jokes and two of my favorite comedians, Marlon Wayans and Gabriel Iglesias. If you’re a fan of Marlon Wayans And Gabriel Iglesias’s humor and comedy, you should definitely see this movie.

In it’s opening weekend, Haunted House 2 didn’t make nearly as much as its original did, but it still was in the ‘top 5’.

Film Review: Non-Stop

By Peter Leonardo

Non stop photoIn this film the main character, Bill Marks, played by Liam Neeson, is a U.S Air Marshall who’s going on a flight from New York City to London.

In the beginning, he is shown to be an alcoholic and in the movie, that’s how he relieves stress. When the plane gets to a cruising altitude, that’s when Marks starts getting these text messages demanding to instruct the Airline to transfer 150 million dollars into an account.For every twenty minutes the money isn’t transferred, someone will die.

If you are a fan of Liam Neeson and action thrillers, I say it’s a must see movie.

Review: NYSC in Great Neck

By Jacob Tal

NYSC is a quality gym with lots of options.

NYSC is a quality gym with lots of options.

The gym I go to is New York Sports Club.They have a lot of equipment and because a lot of people use the treadmill and elliptical machine, many of the machines and weights are free to use. I’ve found that the best time to go to the gym is after school because the weights and other machines are empty and it only gets crowded later in the night. A lot of the adults work out in the morning, probably because they have to go work later on. When I joined, the membership for a student was $20.00 with gym time limited from the time it opened through 4 pm. Unfortunately, that deal is no longer being offered. As of now, a membership costs $60.00 a month. The start up fee is $115. As for the locker room, it’s a safe place to leave your stuff, but the staff made a new rule which states that a lock can’t be left on overnight, so long term storage isn’t possible. There is no pool at the gym, but they do have a sauna.  Group classes like yoga and boxing  are also offered, at no additional charge. Overall, NYSC is a good fit for me and will meet most people’s needs.

Teen Titans Go! : A Bit Too Cute

By Jared Gomberg

Cartoon Network's, Teen Titans Go!

Cartoon Network’s, Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go! is a continuation of the original 2003 TV show, Teen Titans. Though Cartoon Network has considered continuing the original cartoon (and it’s still possible), Teen Titans Go! has a completely different style than the original show.

The first thing I noticed about the show is its new “chibi” style, an anime style of drawing characters, often with oversized heads, giving the characters a cute or humorous feel.  While the chibi style of the show is cute and at some points enjoyable, I just couldn’t appreciate it very much. I felt like I couldn’t take the show seriously as I could with Teen Titans.

The next thing I noticed was that the show is a comedy. Yes, it’s more oriented for children, but there are so many comedy shows on Cartoon Network, that it’s awfully repetitive by now. The original cartoon was a serious show with superheroes, action-packed battles, and scenes that drew its viewers into the plot as they watched.  Now, I just can’t take the show seriously.

Due to the comedy aspect of the show, they portray the characters nothing like themselves. The prime example of this is Robin, the leader of the Titans. In the original show and comics, Robin is the smart and skilled fighter, trained in martial arts, and can do anything with his never say die attitude, but most importantly, he’s a serious team leader. He captains the Titans with his smart tactics and leadership qualities. In Teen Titans Go!, Robin is depicted as, well, an idiot. In one episode, he’s seen swinging his weapon around in the supermarket, showing off his staff. In another episode, he’s shown as a bad driver, and says he’s just a bad test-taker (the show then goes to a scene of him failing an eye test, then walking into a wall).

The other characters are also portrayed incorrectly. Cyborg, the powerful, smart, half-human half-robot, Titan, is shown as a complete idiot, too. Raven, the dark, spawn of Trigon (demon conqueror of worlds, again portrayed incorrectly in the show), is seen watching children’s pony shows. In fact, Beast Boy and Starfire are probably the only Titans shown even closely to how they actually are supposed to be.

Fashion Review: Neckbeards

Both neckbeards and fedoras, respectively, have skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years. Walk down any street within the vicinity of trendy hipster towns from Williamsburg to Venice Beach, and both looks were in full bloom.

However, a community of grown men, known for watching the television show, “My Little Pony” and the like, have adopted both trends, morphing them into one.

Since this overtaking, the fedora and neckbeard have become a symbol for a kind of atheists who are stereotypically known for their persistence in making others aware of their beliefs. They are known for paying little attention to personal hygiene, hence the neckbeard.

This group,not so cleverly nicknamed, “neckbeards” or “fedoras”, has become so associated with the hat, that even those who are not part of the group can be mistaken for members simply because are seen wearing the upturned brimmed headgear.

Due to this association, fedoras are no longer a viable option for fashionability and, sadly, neither is the neckbeard. While many a hipster may look good in a fedora or with a mess of un-groomed neck hair, it is probably best to avoid association with this dangerous group of gamers, atheists, and Cheeto munchers: the Neckbeards.

Action Packed

Photo 2013-05-09 13.57.30By Gabriel Cohen

One action packed movie that came out recently was G.I. Joe: Retaliation. I was able to see it over the weekend with my girlfriend. I have to admit that it was really good.

The whole premise of the movie was about revenge and the idea of taking over the world. In this second installment of the  G.I. Joe  franchise, the Cobra Commander escaped from the maximum security prison where he was being held, and the president was really Zartan, “the master of disguise”. The cobra commander used Zartan to kill off the G.I. Joes and create some weapons that were more powerful, and use them to take over the world. Some of the Joes had survived, like the Rock, but known in the movie as RoadBlock. Well he and the other two survivors had teamed up with the old general of the Joes to take down Cobra before it became too late. General Joe Colton had teamed up  with the Joes even though he was forced to retire. During a peace summit,  Cobra had tried to take control over the world, but the Joes made a daring but successful attempt to stop Cobra.

Besides the general of the idea of the movie, I give it four out of five stars. The movie is totally action packed, including the actors it stars. Bruce Willis, known for being in action packed movies, he starred in this G.I. Joe movie taking the role of Joe Colton who created the Joes. Another great actor is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; playing the role of ‘RoadBlock’. Well another famous person in the movie is Rza from The Wu-Tang Clan. The movie was suspenseful and most scenes had a lot of action in it. Well you’ll be hooked from the beginning, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Movie Review: “Warm Bodies”


image via

by Amanda Long
The concept in zombie movies is usually the same: rotten corpses rise from the dead and prey on human flesh.  For instance, “Dawn of the Dead”, is about a group of human survivors fighting against zombies; in “Resident Evil” the film’s heroine fights against zombies who prey on humans. “Land of The Dead” is about fighting zombies. “Night of The Living Dead” is about zombies..zombies..and more zombies. Well, you get the point. Now, in theaters near you, “Warm Bodies” has risen from the dead.However, “Warm Bodies” is not your average zombie movie. It’s a triple twist of romance, comedy and horror. In the film, a disease spreads throughout the world and wipes out most of the human race. Those who were affected turned into zombies. One zombie, “R”, stood out from the rest. He has thoughts, we hear his inner monologue, he enjoys music, and seems to have just a bit of humanity left in him. One day, while attacking a group of humans, “R” sees Julie, a thin blonde teenager, and feels compelled to rescue her.  Slowly, he begins to experience human emotions such as happiness, sadness and love for Julie. These feelings are the catalyst for his transformation back into a human.

His influence spreads to other zombies and the revival of humanity among the zombies begins. There are, however, many obstacles that get in the way: the disapproving father,  bonies (skeletons who prey on anything with a heartbeat) and, of course, the complication of forbidden love.  All in all, I recommend this movie for couples, but not for zombie -flick lovers. “Warm Bodies” is more of a romantic comedy then a zombie horror. I give this film  a 7/10, but hey, that’s just me. Go see it and tell me what you think!

You can check out the trailer here: