Meteor Crashes in Russia- Injures 1,100


By Elliot Esterman



Russian Vehicle Dashboards Capture Meteor Crashing


On Friday, February 15 2013, a 50 foot-11 ton meteor hit Chelyabinsk, Russia. This is not the same asteroid that NASA predicted would miss earth by 17,000 feet, that is the 190,000 ton Asteroid that passed us on the same day, so the meteorite that hit us isn’t part of that huge meteor. According to NASA, almost 1,100 people were injured after the crash from glass, falling buildings.  Amazingly, no one died as NASA reported that the shock wave was as powerful as the Hiroshima atomic bomb, which killed 80,000 people in an instant.

But how is this possible? How was there no death toll? As it turns out, the meteorite crashed in an unpopulated area, only sending a shockwave with shattered glass and cracked the foundations of buildings. The last meteorite that hit near Russia was in Siberia 15 years ago, in the middle of nowhere. While the meteorite was falling,  amateur videos taken cell phones and by dashboard cameras showed the entire meteor fall from the sky. The video shows the meteor leaving a huge streak behind it; as it was getting closer, the light became more blinding until it crashed behind a forest.  Beyond that, there is no other footage of the actual impact, but the shockwave was heard and felt.

People that live in this part of Russia are now are living through the cold Russian winter without windows in their homes, waiting on the relief effort.
Since the impact, there have been countless new predictions about “end of the world”.  Doomsday-ers say that because there have been many close possible hits by huge meteors, all signals point to the end of the world coming soon.


Movie Review: “Warm Bodies”


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by Amanda Long
The concept in zombie movies is usually the same: rotten corpses rise from the dead and prey on human flesh.  For instance, “Dawn of the Dead”, is about a group of human survivors fighting against zombies; in “Resident Evil” the film’s heroine fights against zombies who prey on humans. “Land of The Dead” is about fighting zombies. “Night of The Living Dead” is about zombies..zombies..and more zombies. Well, you get the point. Now, in theaters near you, “Warm Bodies” has risen from the dead.However, “Warm Bodies” is not your average zombie movie. It’s a triple twist of romance, comedy and horror. In the film, a disease spreads throughout the world and wipes out most of the human race. Those who were affected turned into zombies. One zombie, “R”, stood out from the rest. He has thoughts, we hear his inner monologue, he enjoys music, and seems to have just a bit of humanity left in him. One day, while attacking a group of humans, “R” sees Julie, a thin blonde teenager, and feels compelled to rescue her.  Slowly, he begins to experience human emotions such as happiness, sadness and love for Julie. These feelings are the catalyst for his transformation back into a human.

His influence spreads to other zombies and the revival of humanity among the zombies begins. There are, however, many obstacles that get in the way: the disapproving father,  bonies (skeletons who prey on anything with a heartbeat) and, of course, the complication of forbidden love.  All in all, I recommend this movie for couples, but not for zombie -flick lovers. “Warm Bodies” is more of a romantic comedy then a zombie horror. I give this film  a 7/10, but hey, that’s just me. Go see it and tell me what you think!

You can check out the trailer here:

Spring Training

Yankees second baseman, Robinson Cano, at Spring Training 2011

Yankees second baseman, Robinson Cano, at Spring Training camp 2011

By Eric Miller
So, with 2013 MLB Spring Training starting, I’ve looked at all of the player transactions that have happened this offseason. The Los Angeles Angels acquired a terrific outfielder named Josh Hamilton. Hamilton previously played for the Texas Rangers. He is a decent fielder but a terrific hitter. This will help improve the Angels for 2013. The Toronto Blue Jays made a big trade with the New York Mets. The Mets traded their best pitcher, R.A. Dickey, who came off of an amazing season, winning the ‘Cy Young Award’. Toronto also traded some young players for players like Jose Reyes and Josh Johnson. In conclusion, there are many reasons why I think the 2013 season will be terrific. That’s just my opinion. What’s yours?
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Who we are

Village SchoolBy Solomon C. Shapiro

Welcome to Village School! Our school is a place where each student’s academic and social needs are met. This allows each student to realize his or her full potential. Throughout the years the faculty and students have made Village School a place where everyone is able to be who they are, and achieve academic excellence. When students don’t feel the need to censor their true selves the results are amazing, they speak freely, participate avidly, and most importantly are comfortable with being who they truly are. Since we are a small school, the teachers and students are able to build better relationships that one might not see in a typical school setting. Through the amazing support given by our teachers, the many different needs and learning styles of our students can be met. Our school values are even reflected in the grading system. We are assessed not only on our academic work, but also on our attitudes and actions, and our contributions to the community. The Village School may as well be called the Village Community, because that’s what it really is. We are all different, but our differences are what makes us all the more connected. At the Village School, one of the most valuable qualities for a Village student to have is the ability to be the best scholar and community member that he or she can be.




A Valentine’s Day Film

image via imbd

image via imbd

By Gaddiel Interiano

February is a time for romance, which means you and your “special someone” need romantic and fun activities to do. These things can be riding bikes to going to the park, getting dinner, or just spending quality time somewhere special. But why would you do all that when you could also just go see a movie? There are a couple of great selections currently playing,  but the one I’d suggest is an award winning, fun, laugh out loud movie called “Silver Linings Playbook”.

In “Silver Linings Playbook” Bradley Cooper plays Patrick Solanto a man who’s recently come out of jail after being imprisoned for assault and going through therapy comes back home to his football obsessed family. At home he’s reunited with him father played by Robert DeNiro and his mother played by Jackie Weaver. The moment he gets home he tries to think of a way of reuniting with his wife that has divorced him and put a restraining order on him. As he thinks of ways to do this, he seeks help from a friend and winds up meeting Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence. Later, they bump into each other again and a friendship begins to develop — helping them find the silver linings in their  lives.

This film has been nominated for several awards and already won some (SAG and Golden Globes to name a couple). In my opinion, this movie was very good and critics and audiences give it an 8/10, so I think this Valentine’s Day you should go take that special someone and see “Silver Linings Playbook”.



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By Elliot Estermann

It all began in 1946. World war II was over and the 13 Swedish  aircraft engineers that were left in the SAAB: [(Svenska Aeroplan AB (aktiebolaget)] were out of commission, since there was no longer any use for war jets. The 13 engineers decided to make cars. Their first invention was the revolutionary SAAB 92 or URSaab (“original Saab” in English). The car was extremely aerodynamic. Every SAAB car that was ever made was named after SAAB’s many aircrafts. Many years later in 1997, the Saab 9-5 was introduced after discontinuing the 100% GM made Saab 9000. (GM bought SAAB in 1990 and blocked other companies from having the opportunity to buy the brand, which decreased the value of the SAAB brand and completely ruined the company. When GM acquired SAAB in 1990, it has been steadily losing money.)

In 1997 when the 9-5 was released, the Saab was named the safest car in the world. It had extremely advanced safety features. In 2006, the “Dame Edna” Saab 9-5 body style was released. The headlights were supposed to resemble the eyeglasses of comedian Dame Edna. The 2007 through 2009 versions used the same Dame Edna body style.

My family has owned over 10 different SAABs so far, and the SAAB brand has become a sort of tradition in my family. When I turned 16, I was given a 2009 Saab 9-5 Aero. The  versions of the Saab 9-5 comes in both sedan and wagon form with the same specifications. They come in stock with a 260hp inline 4 turbocharged engines with a front wheel drive transmission. There are two versions of the car– the 2.3T (2.3 liter high pressure turbo), and the Aero. The Aero version comes with an upgraded sport tuned suspension.

Once the best in class turbo kicks in (Saab has been using turbochargers in all their cars since 1970) the 9-5 overtakes and outperforms the Porsche 911 turbo.  All SAAB’s come with a button called Sport mode. This button increases the performance of the engine and suspension, with shorter gear times for outstanding performance by a significant amount.  The interior in this car comes stock with leather cooled and heated seats in the front and rear, and heated and cooled leather steering wheel with alcantara and suede accents. This is extremely rare for a base model car.

The first time I drove this, I fell in love. So much power in a car that doesn’t look very fast. Although 260hp does not sound like a lot, the computer that tunes the maximizes the performance in the car makes it feel like you are driving a high end sports car.
A few months after I bought the car, I modified the car a bit. I bought a car computer tuner which unlocks 475HP, includes a bigger turbo, aftermarket cold air intake and a Borla exhaust.
In 2010, a new GM made 9-5 was introduced that it was a complete failure, which eventually led to inevitable– SAAB went bankrupt, and ended all car production in 2012. In the beginning of 2013, the Chinese company, the Modern Energy Holdings, bought Saab. Today all us Saab fans can do is hope for the best.

Laugh at my Pain

A Column by Eli Cohen

“Soup Story”

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My grandparents on my mothers side divorced when my mom was 10. Today, my grandmother remarried and lives here in Great Neck. She is currently retired and lives nearby to me. I see her at least once a week.I love her to death. My grandfather lives in a bachelor pad in Miami and works for Donald Trump. I don’t see him much unless we visit him , or when he comes to New York for business. He wants me to only become a lawyer, even though that’s not the career I want to pursue. He is quite the character. I remember he was quite the storyteller as well, but they were all chock full of BS.

He told me once that as a kid growing up in Russia, when he was bored he would grab fish from the river and see if he could drown them in a bucket filled with water from another river. He also told me his parents had to take him everywhere they went when going out because they couldn’t leave him home with a sitter, he would always impregnate them. He also told me how he once robbed a bank and discovered an unseen village in the Himalayas consisting of Jewish Buddhist monks who prayed to a Buddha wearing a Yamaka; they wore monk robes and Yamakas as well. He called them…the Bewz (pronounced booze).

He also told me how in Russia there lives a species of mink that furriers like to capture in traps. When captured, it is instinctive for these minks to gnaw through their wrists and kill themselves in order to avoid a more painful death. This upset him and made him feel like that this may lead to their extinction. So he created the Suitsidal’nyye Organizastii Zhivotnykh ( Suicidal Animals Organization) to help depressed animals. He says when I’m older, I can become vice president of the company. Keep in mind this is the same man who can’t count to 20 without skipping numbers 16-19. But I’m getting off topic, let’s get back to the story.

For years, my grandfather always wanted me to come visit him in Miami alone, so we could bond together without the family. I never could due to school or financial problems, and in all honesty,I didnt want to be with him just the two of us. I thought things would get really annoying. Finally one February break a few years ago, my parents told me they bought me a plane ticket to go see my grandfather. At first I thought “I’m gonna have to cross off having fun on my list of things to do this week.” but eventually I got over it and decided that after I go visit him, he’ll never bother me about not doing so again.

My parents forgot to tell me one important detail until two days before my flight. I wasn’t going to Miami, I was going to New Mexico because that’s where my grandfather was going to be during the vacation for a business trip he was on. I was going to Albuquerque. What the hell is there to do in New Mexico! It’s where dirt meets foreign dirt (later I learned that New Mexico doesn’t border Mexico at all but in fact Texas….I was super ethnocentric back then.) I somehow was able to convince myself that things could always be worse, though I never expected it to happen. My flight was at four in the morning, and so due to airport policies I had to get up at two. The flight was nearly four hours long but felt like a lifetime. I couldn’t get any sleep because I was sitting next to a non English speaking five year old kid, who made it his mission to repeatedly tap me on the top of my head every time his father went to the bathroom. His father drank whiskey the whole flight and if he wasn’t drinking it, he was “releasing” it. Now that i think about it, i would drink a lot too if I had this kid.
When the plane landed, words could not describe how exhausted I was. After getting off the plane, I went to baggage claim and got my suitcase. After that, I went to this large cafe, people sat there ordering food from different eateries and waited for express trains to take them to other terminals. I called up my grandfather and he told me that there was a train coming in a half hour that goes to terminal B3, where he’ll be waiting for me there to take me to the hotel. Since I had time, I decided to go get some soup to eat and help me refresh myself. I ordered chicken noodle soup. After getting my soup I sat down at a table and began to eat some of it. I was the only one in the cafe. I then realized that I didn’t know where to go when waiting for the train.
I had to go find an airport map. I put my suitcase down and left my soup. I walked down the hall and found a map, then returned to my table for a surprise. There was a guy at my table eating my chicken noodle soup! He was a man who looked like he was in his late forties. He had torn jeans and a green snow cap with its top torn off. He had a long gray beard that almost touched the rim of the bowl. He looked like he was homeless. He must’ve thought that somebody didn’t finish their soup and didn’t throw out the rest. At the sight of this, I got really mad. I didn’t want to scream at him though, so I just walked up and sat across from him.
I cleared my throat and ” Ahemed ” and had a angered look on my face. The man just looked up at me with a frown, he didn’t Say a word. As I watched him eat my soup that rightfully belonged to me, I couldn’t help but notice how his arm shook when he brought the spoon up to his face to sip his soup. His knuckles were bruised bad. What has this guy been through? I mean yeah he’s homeless, but that might be his fault. Maybe he got kicked out of the house when he was sixteen and couldn’t go to school so he just lived on the streets. Maybe he was one of those war vets that the government just screwed over. He must be begging for some spare change everyday. He must not even make enough to buy a bowl of soup at minimum. It was only five dollars.
But no,everyone just keep passing him by. Judging because of his appearance and profession (or lack of profession rather.) I felt bad, I should let him share the soup with me. I looked around to see if anyone else was in the cafe, so they wouldn’t call security on the homeless man, or worse…judge me. No one around, just the two of us. I looked at the man again and made gestures showing that I would let him share the soup. He kept sipping away after a few sips, I slowly moved my hand to the bowl and slid it to my side of the table. I took a few sips and slid it back to the man.
I let him take a few sips and then I made gestures saying I want some, so he slid it back to me. This went on until the bowl was empty. When it was, I looked at the man. He got up and looked at me with a sad face that read ” Thank you for not shooing me off. I just wish there were more people out there like you. ” I smiled at him, and then he walked away. I never saw him again. I got up to put the bowl in the recycling bin, smiling the whole way there. I felt like I did a blessing of some sort,b that I let that man who was less fortunate than me share my meal. After a long flight of being treated like crap by people I didn’t know, I was happy that i could do a nice deed for someone no matter what they might have done to me. I felt a warm happy feeling inside of me. Something that I would feel every time I thought about this day, something I would cherish forever.
In reality, I cherished it for about 30 seconds. That is how long it took for me to notice a table with a bowl of delicious soup on it, and my suitcase resting besides it. After putting the pieces together, I flipped out. I realized that i just ate a homeless man’s food! Who knows how long it took him to make up the money to buy this soup. I wasn’t helping him out by sharing this soup, I just showed him how much more his life sucks! Showing how people can just walk all over him and take anything they want from him because he’s homeless.
No one has ever experienced the epitome of disgust, when realizing the soup they just ate was chicken noodle, but had the after taste of french onion in your mouth. Lucky for me, there was a toilet on the train, in which i proceeded to vomit my kidney’s out. After meeting up with my grandfather I couldn’t help but think that none of this would have happened if I didn’t come to New Mexico and spent time. I should have waited until he was back in Miami. Regardless I will admit, my grandfather was able to find time for me and I had a great experience. All ended well, but every now and then I get nightmares of this same homeless man vowing to get revenge, chasing me down, and punching me in my testicles. It scares me so much that I wake up in the morning, and find that I’ve wet the bed, It was hot as soup.

A Village Valentine’s Day

By Amanda Long

As February 14th approaches, the question always arises– what to get your sweetheart for the most romantic day of the year?


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Valentine’s Day is coming up and   stress is filling the air– what to get for your boyfriend, girlfriend or crush? Flowers? Chocolates? Jewelry? Well, the best thing to give your special someone Valentine’s Day should be from your heart (not literally). Express yourself deeply. If you recently started dating, don’t come off too strong, a small teddy bear or chocolates would be appropriate. Jewelry should be given only if you have been together for some time now. Remember, Valentines Day isn’t just about giving red and pink gifts, it’s about love, so unleash your inner -romantic!. If you and your partner have been dating for months, then the best thing to do is get them something worthy of all the things she or he has done for you.

Luckily for you, the Village School Student Government is selling candy-grams for only 50 cents– it’s a simple and sweet gesture– I know I’m buying some. The candy -grams will be delivered during first period on Valentine’s Day. If you are single this Valentine’s Day, it’s still perfectly fine to indulge in a little chocolate. After all, even though it’s nice to love someone, it’s always best to love yourself.