Adieu, News


Dear Village Community,

As the school year comes to an end, a page of Village School history is turned. Last year, the idea for an online school newspaper was brought up to the student body with the goal of bettering Village School’s ‘image’ among other teachers and students in the district and the Great Neck community. The Newspaper started as a club, but had little support from students and we struggled to find time to meet during the school day.

This year, the paper started again, this time with tighter deadlines and a solid group of committed students. Towards the end of the semester though, there was still not enough productivity and commitment to continue the club, so something had to change. Rumors arouse about the idea of a mixed Newspaper/Yearbook class for the second semester. To me, this showed just how much the faculty supported the paper and believed it could thrive under proper supervision and with proper guidance.

Through the leadership of Ms. Lauren Gengo, our English teacher, almost every member of the class has been able to produce a thoughtful and insightful article every week throughout this semester. The articles submitted have not just been your typical hard news stories, but have ranged from a movie review on a zombie chick-flick, to a personal piece on a not- too- fun experience with a dog. In this way, students were given a means of speaking their minds on topics they might not be so quick to discuss with others. The students of the class know that every word they type is not just earning them credit in the class, but that their hard work is putting the Village School one step closer towards a “clean slate”, which for us, means a better image of the school in the community.

It has been a pleasure working with this news team and Ms. Gengo throughout this semester, and I hope that next year, there will be just as much, if not more, support and drive to continue The Villager, and to further better our image, while allowing the students a creative outlet to express themselves to the world.

Until next year,

Solomon Shapiro, Student Editor- in- Chief


A Phantom Dream

By Gabriel Cohen

images-1Like many high school students, I often think about cars I’d love to own. For me, my future dream car is The Rolls Royce Phantom EWB (Extended Wheel Base) (series II).  The Rolls Royce is one of the most expensive sedans in the world, and prestige; the Rolls Royce will give you the sense of royalty. Charles Stewart Rolls and sir Frederick Henry Royce founded Rolls Royce Motor Cars. 1906 the company was created, it was known as Rolls Royce, later the name was changed in 1973 to Rolls Royce Limited after the jet engine production failure. During the 1990’s the name was changed to Rolls Royce Motor cars. Rolls Royce is still an English car manufacture except BMW owns the rights to the company. Since 2000, V-12 BMW engines were used in the cars, and later on BMW bought the company out. There are many different Rolls Royce’s that have been created and produced. The Rolls Royce Shadow had the biggest production out put to this date. But the one car that I love and want is the Phantom Rolls Royce. Today there are two Rolls Royce “Families”, the Ghost and Phantom, well now the limited edition Wraith, which was brought back into production. The Phantom family is the larger of the two families. Four series II models in the Phantom family compared to the Ghost. The Phantom is bigger than the Ghost and the now limited edition, Wraith. Well, I can sit all day just talking about the different cars and the history behind it, but what I really would love to own is the Phantom EWB.

When speaking to one of the dealers of Rolls Royce of Long Island, he answered some important questions about the car. Here on Long Island, there is a large number of people who lease and buy Rolls Royce cars. One car that is purchased is the Ghost, but the Phantom Drop Head Coupe is in highest demand. When speaking to the dealer, he mentioned the different possibilities of what one can do to enhance the car. A customer can purchase a basic model with only the mandatory instruments and enhance it all the way up to the ridiculous, such as adding 24k gold finishings inside the car.

In dealing with third party companies such as Mansory, a company that takes the car and replaces the inside and outside with their own kits,  Rolls Royce, while they recognize companies like Mansory, Rolls Royce only deals with Rolls Royce.  Those seeking services offered by companies like Mansory must purchase the car and then work with Mansory independently.

But let’s get back to the amazing features of this dream car. On the exterior, the car features a black paint job with a chrome finish on the grill and rims of the car, and 5% tint on all six windows, a  retractable hood ornament and sleek LED headlights give the car a futuristic but modern look. There’s not much that I would customize on the exterior of the car, but the interior is a different story.

The Phantom EWB’s chassis uses 500 different parts, which are welded precisely, welded together and checked by laser-guided machinery. Rolls Royce is one of the few cars in the world were you can sit in an authorized dealership and customize the car before buying it and putting it into production. It boasts a V-12 BMW engine that can take the car from 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds. Inside the cabin, I’d chose black Italian leather seats with black stitching. The dashboard and doors would have The car would have mahogany wood and a silver lining would throughout the entire car. In the rear, of there would be an entertainment system with a state of the art sound system.

Even though this is a dream car, it is possible. Remember, if there’s a will there’s a way.

Special thanks to Rolls-Royce of Long Island

Speacial thanks to Seth from Rolls-Royce of Long Island

Thanks to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars