There were many memorable moments during this year’s 87th Academy Award Oscar award. It was dubbed the #feministoscars on Twitter because of all the attributes to female empowerment. Best Supporting Actress, Patricia Arquette, who won for her role in Boyhood gave an unforgettable acceptance speech about unjust treatment of women in America, citing the need for equal pay. “To every woman who gave birth to every tax payer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America.” Arquette’s speech resulted in a resounding round of applause from the audience, especially from Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez, who showed their gratitude by cheering and rooting her on.

In recent years, the most important question at the Oscars seems to have always been which designer a female celebrity was wearing, rather than the work she had done; the #AskHerMore challenges this norm. The campaign was first created by Amy Poelher at the Golden Globes in January but received tons of support at the Oscars last week. Actresses decided they would like to be questioned about more than just their wardrobe choices.

#HeForShe cuff links were worn by Steve Carell at the Oscars. These cuff links promoted UN gender equality, which is Emma Watson’s feminist campaign. Steve Carell was later thanked by Emma Watson on Facebook and Instagram for supporting her campaign and gender equality.

Check out Patricia Arquette’s acceptance speech below:

The Eric Andre Show

Have you ever been flipping through channels in the dead of night, trying to kill time by watching something even mildly entertaining? This would explain how most stumble upon the insanity that is the Eric André show. Adult

"George Clooney" makes a cameo during an interview with Wiz Khalifa

“George Clooney” makes a cameo during an interview with Wiz Khalifa

Swim has just renewed Eric André’s loose cannon late night talk show for its third season. The show, which first aired on May 20, 2012, has seen multiple guests and although it only runs eleven minutes per episodes, André manages to fill this interval with his insane, twisted sense of humor alongside co-host Hannibal Buress. I will not front, after watching multiple episodes consecutively, I had trouble convincing myself that I wasn’t on shrooms. Episodes like “Bird Up” had me reevaluating my whole life. André has also openly admitted with a wide smile in multiple interviews, that he does acid, LSD, and shrooms. Honestly, such information is not very surprising to fans. It almost becomes

As you can see, Eric is cool, calm, and collected

As you can see, Eric is cool, calm, and collected

painful to watch the show at times, as Eric and Hannibal manage to make it so awkward for guests, the absurdity often leaves them speechless. However, this has never affected the influx of guests they have. Features include Seth Rogen, Wiz Khalifa, Aubrey Peebles, Lauren Conrad, Jimmy Kimmel, and Nick Cannon. Just the intro of every episode perfectly sets the mood for the chaos about to take place. I highly recommend the Eric André Show to anyone searching for something where you need to expect the unexpected.

Game of Thrones Season 5: A Preview

By Jared Gomberg

Game of Thrones Season Five on the Horizon

Game of Thrones Season Five on the Horizon

Season 5 of HBO’s popular fantasy drama Game of Thrones is scheduled to premiere on TV April 5, 2015. The season will contain material from the two most recent books of the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

The producers of the show have made statements about the upcoming season and what it will include. It will include flashbacks from the past, though nobody has said how far back the flashbacks will go. Many are hoping that Robert Baratheon’s rebellion will be featured, wherein Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon take the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms from Aerys Targaryen, the Mad King. Viewers may also see the childhood of Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen, being forced from King’s Landing to Dragonstone, then Dragonstone to the Free Cities across the Narrow Sea.

Missandei and Daario Naharis, two minor characters from the show, are to become series regulars. Bran Stark and Hodor will not be included in this season due to their story lines actually being way ahead of the rest of the characters’ in the show.  In fact, Bran and Hogar’s story takes them through the conclusion of A Dance with Dragons, the most recent book in the series.

Filming of the fifth season began in July 2014 in Belfast and ended in December 2014. Locations in Northern Ireland included the edge of Binevenagh Mountain. Some of the scenes that take place in the principality of Dorne were filmed in Spain.

B4.DA.$$ Review

By Ben Varughese

Joey Bad's Latest Project

Joey Bad’s Latest Project

The Badmon himself has managed to further the Pro Era vibe he has worked so hard to build up with the drop of his album B4.DA.$$. Dropped January 20th, he manages to combine his thoughts and his story with a good number of hard-hitting tracks. Some argue that Joey gets repetitive, saying his style never changes. But personally I believe his consistency is what makes his game so solid. Tracks like Belly of the Beast (feat. Chronixx) go into depth about life in Brooklyn, and just his point of view in general, as exemplified in Hazeus View. He also upholds the 95 till Infinity hustle in tracks like Big Dusty and Christ Conscious, stating he won’t stop spitting hot until he reaches Christ Conscious. He also

Big Poppa Swank Been At It

Big Poppa Swank Been At It

outlines some of his more personal aches and pains in tracks like O.C.B., where he expresses the loneliness of being an only child, hence Only Child Blues. Arguments have been made that the Beast Coast rapper’s most recent project fails to reach the same heights as his former mixtapes. I will not lie, tracks like #LongLiveSteelo off of Summer Knights will always make me feel a type of way. However, I personally believe that Joey Bada$$ continues to make solid growth, and being only 20 years old, not even in his prime, he is no doubt destined to continue to be successful and identify with Classic hard-hitting vibe New York rap has always personified.

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

By Mhaya Polacco

Village School's 2014 Starry Night Dance

Village School’s 2014 Starry Night Dance

I hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on, Village School, because our second annual dance is right around the corner! For those of you who didn’t attend our dance last year, here are a few things to look forward to. This year, there will be a 1920’s ‘Great Gatsby’ theme, and we will provide everything from food to music to a photo booth and so much more!

We hope you will be able to swing your way over to our extravaganza. Remember your bow ties, boys and girls, make sure to wow us with your shimmery flapper dresses! It’s sure to be the talk of the town.


Introducing Spot: A New Breed of Robot Dog

By Tyler Plakstis

Spot and his brother climbing a hill.

Spot and his brother climbing a hill.

Do you want a dog but don’t want the responsibility of feeding it or cleaning up dog poop?  Well, meet Spot. He is the first all electric powered piston driven dog robot machine. He weighs in at 160 lbs or 73 kg, and weighing that much, Spot is no lap dog. Spot was created by the people at Boston Dynamics who also created “Big Dog”, the company’s 240- pound gas powered robot dog, and “ls3”, who can throw cinder blocks. Spot can have civilian and military uses such as helping the blind or carrying equipment for troops. Spot can happily tackle steep slopes, steps, and rough terrain, and even recover after a hard kick to the ribs.