The Soviet Sniper

The beautiful and deadly, Roza Shanina.

The beautiful and deadly, Roza Shanina.

There are a lot of people that you may know who were around in 1941 such as Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra, and Walt Disney.  But here is someone you might not know.
Her name was Roza Shanina and she was a college- educated kindergarten teacher during World War II. In 1941, her first brother was killed on the front line, so Roza decided to enlist. Initially, she was turned away because of how hot it was in the front.

But after loosing two more siblings in 1942, she finally succeeded in joining the Soviet Army as a female sniper. Roza made it through Central Female Sniper Academy with no problem.The Soviet military believed that women made good snipers because of their greater flexibility, patience, and ability to endure combat hardships better than their male counterparts.

In April 1944,  Roza killed her first Nazi soldier and within a month she killed about 17 more. One brisk day, when Roza was under heavy artillery fire and her commanders told her to withdrawal but she ignored the orders and continued to support the advancing infantry. Roza was a fighter and that’s where she felt at home. She excelled at shooting doublets, which means hitting two targets in rapid succession. Her bravery earned her military commendations and wide renown among her countrymen.

Before she died, Roza had killed 59 people in a 8 month span when stacked up with other great snipers, she had the most kills in the least amount of time. In comparison, Carlos Hathcock who was a American fighting in the Vietnam war killed 96 people in a 2 year period and Chris Kyle who fought in Fallujah and Ramadi, killed 255 people in 10 years.

Rosa’s short tour of duty finally came to an end On January 27, 1945 when she was severely injured while shielding a wounded artillery officer. She was found by two soldiers disemboweled, with her chest torn open by a shell fragment.

And that is the story of the young, beautiful and extremely deadly Roza Shanina.


imageA 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal near the capital of Kathmandu. More than 4,000 people were killed and 2,000 remain to be in serious conditions. Thousands of people are shaken from the event, forced to sleep in the open due to the fact that their homes have been destroyed. Others are afraid to stay in buildings that may be vulnerable to aftershocks. Aid groups have not been able to reach remote areas near the quake’s epicenter, which could in fact may be among the places most severely hit. There are many ways you are able to help relieve and prevent future occurrences in Nepal.

  • To donate to Nepal Earthquake’s Children’s Relief fund, click here.
  • To donate to Global Giving Nepal Earthquake Relief fund, click here.
  • To donate to Lutheran World Relief organization, click here.
  • Doctors without borders have sent eight teams to Nepal to assist those in need, including a highly-skilled surgical team that will set up mobile clinics in the hopes of reaching people in remote areas. If you want to donate, click here.
  • Clean water is also a very important thing at a time like this. People in Nepal need significant help accessing clean water. To send clean water, click here.

Other options that do not require monetary donations include spreading awareness to others through social media. The people of Nepal need our help.

The Biggest Scam In the Galaxy?

imageI’ve already reported about the Mars One Mission Company, but is it possibly all a scam? So far, only one finalist has spoken out about this problem, but we can’t help but wonder if it is. The contestant says that the media had been telling the wrong story.

Joseph Roche, the contestant in question, claims that there was never 200,000 applicants, but 2,761. As well as not having insuffiecient psychological/ psychometric testing, the “ranks” that either brough a contestant up or down the list, were earned by how much money was donated. Roche also brings up a point system, (which ironically is pointless). The way you earn points, is buying merchandise from the company… Although he was chosen to be in the final 100, he had never met anyone from Mars One face to face. The galactical experiment was supposedly going to become a reality tv show as well, but the production company pulled out of the contract that was supposed to make $6 billion. Coincedential? Gerard Hooft, a former adviser for Mars One had mentioned that the actual launch date was 100 years away, instead of 10 years away. But Mars One CEO, Bas Lansdorp, (it’s a Dutch company) denies all of these statements. Some speculators have been saying, instead of going through the trouble of trying to create a livable space on Mars, why don’t we just fix up Earth? Opinions have been circulating and we’re waiting for updates on that…

Drowsy Critic

Sleeplessness is a drug that a growing number of people continue to get hooked on. As the world gets more busy, sleep becomes a lot more difficult to follow up on, so many just supplement with caffeine. I’m here to bring to your attention a more than decent list of films that you should probably watch while you’re twiddling your thumbs on the edge of your bed, waiting for the clock’s hands to swing around. All of these titles are sure to keep you awake and reevaluating your life for a good couple days.

Now, I’m not going to front on you and act like these are just suggestions. No, these are the commandments of the Drowsy Critic, so you should probably listen.

  1. The Machinist – Dark and twisted, step into the sleepless mania of a man who doesn’t understand what’s happening to him.

    Nightmare Time

    Nightmare Time

  1. Se7en  – Two Investigators follow the case of a serial killer still at large who justifies his slaughtering of human life with the seven deadly sins. Brace yourself for the end though, it’s a killer.
  1. American Psycho – This film is a lot more enjoyable when it is treated and watched like a comedy. Although the plot is nothing to laugh at, if you take it too seriously, you might feel disgusted with the film by the end.
  1. Requiem For a Dream – Beautiful piece of work depicting the uncontrollable spiral that a couple of New York drug pushers fall into. A tragedy, the film will not fail to leave its mark on you.
  1. Oh you wanted to sleep tonight?

    Oh you wanted to sleep tonight?

    Shutter Island – The lost mind of a marshal visiting a facility for the criminally insane. Probably will mess with your mind on a level deeper than you wanted it to, so be prepared for that.

  1. Silence of the Lambs – Thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Detective employs the help of an incarcerated murderer to help her solve an ongoing investigation. The ending is very satisfying and you fall in love with Hannibal (murderer) by the conclusion, almost forgetting his animalistic tendencies.

* I am not responsible for any permanent trauma.  Juicy won’t be sorry son.

The Baltimore Uprising

imageOnce again, another unarmed black man was killed by police, although this time may have been an accident, or indirect murder. A 25 year old man named Freddie Gray was arrested for selling illegal substances this Friday on April 12th. Prior to arrest, proven by video footage, Freddie was heard asking for assistance while being tackled, dragged, and thrown into the police van by police officers.

Only 50 minutes after arrest, the police officers were reported to have been driving sporadically. Mr. Gray suffered a spinal cord injury which the officers withheld from the emergency responders; he then died on the spot with no immediate medical services.

“Medical attention should’ve been given much sooner…”
– Police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts

Police brutality over years and years led up to this violent moment, to a riot arising in Baltimore. Ironically, rival gangs join forces for a common cause: Police brutality. Looting, fires, and assault has occurred. Many black men took this killing personally, while others gave police the benefit of the doubt and protected them as seen on the attached video clip. Starting Tuesday, April 28th, guards will be stationed to protect citizens as cleanup and repair ensues.

‘The Wall’ by Chad Long

I recently bought a downloadable trick called “The Wall” made by Chad Long. Downloadable tricks are tutorials to patented tricks made by professional magicians, and should be purchased out of respect for the magicians and their ideas. The Wall is a trick where the magician creates the illusion that he’s pulling a playing card out of a wall or any other flat surface.

The trick is performed by back-palming a card (having a card behind the hand) and curling the hand forward where it looks like half the card is out, then pulling the card with the thumb and pushing the moving card into the wall with the middle finger to make it look like the card is coming straight out of the wall.

Overall, I’d say this is a good trick, and a wonderful illusion to master. You only need one card to do it, so you can just keep a card in your wallet for an impromptu trick. It can be useful, effective, and it’s absolutely delicious to see people’s reactions when you just pull a card out of a wall at a random time.

Soundcloud: The End of an Era


Soundcloud used to be a place where independent music creators could harmlessly share their music without any financial gain.  But now, it is in favor of boosting revenue and helping those with record labels.

With its new agreements with Warner and zefr, Soundcloud is basically trying to push the independent artists out.

Soundcloud has had an agreement with Warner for a while and the whole objective with Warner was to gain revenue for Soundcloud and protect Warner’s artists on Soundcloud.

In order to do that, they called in zefr to totally eradicate the independents from Soundcloud by removing anything with even a little bit of copyright infringement.

This means no sampling or remixes from songs releasing on any major record labels by independents.

Not to mention warner could not reimburse their one year contract Soundcloud and leave it with nothing but the independents who decided to stay, possibly even begging for them back.

I, for one, would be happy and excited to move my music elsewhere.  The layout of SoundCloud sucks anyway regardless of what’s going on with these deals.

We all just have to move somewhere else.

The question is where we are going.

#Hillary2016 is Official

Hillary Clinton in her “Getting Started” campaign video

Finally emerging after two years of rumors and speculation, Hillary Clinton announced last Sunday that she would be running in the 2016 presidential race, marking her second attempt in becoming the first woman president of the United States. She introduced her goals and focus for her second run in her campaign video “Getting Started” that garnered much attention and feedback after it was released just after 3 PM.

A multitude of diverse people and their current life are highlighted in the video, which reflects Clinton’s sentiments of wanting to become the champion of “everyday Americans.” From a stay-at-home mom returning to the workplace after many years, to a pair of expectant parents, a job-seeking college student, and a same sex couple on the verge of marriage, Clinton promises to these people that she wants to run “so you can do more than just get by — you can get ahead and stay ahead.” Even on her Twitter account, she shoutouts this particular group of people. “Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion,” she says. This specification calls attention to one of the key objectives in her campaign: to fight for those who have been just getting by during the States’ economic recovery.

However, regardless of her pledges, she still has a ways to go in terms of swaying public opinion and showing the warm, fun side of Hillary Clinton. It is both a blessing and a curse that she’s starting with such experience, having been a First Lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State. Her image is that much more difficult to reinvent, but she’s also gained a substantial amount of supporters due to her time in the political spotlight. The Republican National a Committee Chairman, Reince Priebus, talked about “Clinton’s air of ‘inevitability'” when speaking about her candidacy on CBS News’ Face the Nation, saying that she gives off an impression that she intends to “waltz into the White House.” That image is very much something Clinton and her team are definitely working to transform during her presidential candidacy, and it’s apparent what she says during her campaign video. Instead of going the “starting a conversation” route that she took in 2008, she tells voters that she’s “hitting the road to ear [their] votes.” In pursuing this goal of evoking a feeling of familiarity between the voters and Clinton, her advisers say her second presidential run is going to look less like her first but rather her run for the Senate seat from New York in 2000 where a listening tour took place and she even spent a few nights in supporters’ homes.

Her campaign reports to be planning to spend the next six to eight weeks hiring staff and reaching out to volunteers, before starting her first rally sometime in May. With an all-new campaign message and a renewed team, it’s time to see if perhaps second’s a charm for Clinton.