According to the CBC, Canada’s liberal government will announce legislation this month that will nationally legalize marijuana by next summer. Provinces will have the right to decide how the marijuana is distributed and sold, what prices are appropriate and what age to sell to. College age voters are the most important in this upcoming vote to nationally legalize cannabis use in Canada. The University of Michigan reports that more than 38 percent of college students used marijuana in 2015 and since then the use of alcohol, tobacco and narcotics has declined. There are already 25 states that have legalized medicinal marijuana, against federal law, to treat a large number of illnesses from insomnia to epilepsy and even to help prevent opioid overdose. On a larger scale, government taxation on marijuana could provide new funds for the economy, with Colorado showing a increase of about $2.4 billion in 2015 alone. The legalization of marijuana would also greatly reduce the US’s incarceration rate. With 8.2 million arrests in the last 10 years for marijuana, and 88 percent of those arrests being just for possession, trying to uphold marijuana regulation costs states over $3 billion, money that would be of much better use for public interests. If there are already a large number of young people invested in the industry, then the public and government officials better start listening because otherwise The United States might just go up in smoke. Not to mention that the marijuana industry is the fastest growing industry in The United States. If it continues to grow at the same rate, as the federal prohibition is lifted, then the amount of taxes that could be collected from the industry would help the nation’s economy significantly.

Harmless Flowering Plant
Harmless Flowering Plant

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  1. There is A LOT of money to be made with legalization of marijuana. Unfortunately, long time growers and small businesses already have been- or will be- left out as/when things expand. Like everything else.

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