Interview by Dustin Schwartz

Sports serve as a great jumping off point for the study of physics.
Science teacher, Tobias Hatten, is teaching Physics through the lens of sports.

For this week’s Class Spotlight, I sat down with Toby to speak to him about his new class, Sports Physics, a new science elective he is teaching this semester.

D: What inspired you to teach this class?

T: I wanted to make physics really interesting and in engaging. I think a lot of people watch sports whether it’s the main four, or different sports. They’ve all seen sports and kind of take what they know already and use it to show them how they can apply it towards physics and expand their basic knowledge from physics as they go to college.

D: What kind of activities do you plan on doing with your class?

T: Oh! I definitely want to start with races, then we’ll go into hopefully shooting some basketballs [to demonstrate] projectile motion. We may get into momentum with a pool. That would be pretty fun.

D: Are you planning any big projects or field trips?

T: I am planning big projects and that’s going to definitely come towards video analysis using the tools we have towards recording some sort of sports movement and trying to break it down from a physics stand point. Trips, I’m not sure if we’ll be doing any trips. We’ll be doing trips around [the Village campus] but I’m not sure about trips outside of here.

D: How is your class going so far?

T: So far, it’s going really well. I think that the students are taking to the math problem solving and hopefully giving them a taste of [a typical] first semester college course, when they get to college and take physics.

D: Thank you for your time.

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