Review: NYSC in Great Neck

By Jacob Tal

NYSC is a quality gym with lots of options.

NYSC is a quality gym with lots of options.

The gym I go to is New York Sports Club.They have a lot of equipment and because a lot of people use the treadmill and elliptical machine, many of the machines and weights are free to use. I’ve found that the best time to go to the gym is after school because the weights and other machines are empty and it only gets crowded later in the night. A lot of the adults work out in the morning, probably because they have to go work later on. When I joined, the membership for a student was $20.00 with gym time limited from the time it opened through 4 pm. Unfortunately, that deal is no longer being offered. As of now, a membership costs $60.00 a month. The start up fee is $115. As for the locker room, it’s a safe place to leave your stuff, but the staff made a new rule which states that a lock can’t be left on overnight, so long term storage isn’t possible. There is no pool at the gym, but they do have a sauna. ¬†Group classes like yoga and boxing ¬†are also offered, at no additional charge. Overall, NYSC is a good fit for me and will meet most people’s needs.

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